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Jennifer Lake Sounds the Alarm on the Colloidal Silver Genocide Plot
(Hopefully in the Nick of Time)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 20, 2012

Jennifer Lake Sounds the Alarm on the Colloidal Silver Genocide Plot (August 20, 2012)

Subject: Jennifer Lake Trying to Discredit You and Silver
From: Rick
Date: Mon, August 20, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


I wrote about this to you last week, and I would really appreciate a response if you haven't already, as pretty much everyone I know has read this and thinks your entire site is now discredited (I am not in that boat with them, I've learned more from your site than quite possibly any on the web, along with

Thanks, Rick

"Before you consider any advice from the "Educate Yourself" website, be apprised that Mr. Ken Adachi is pushing the idea that "negative aliens" from outer space are behind the New World Order. He has "Insights on Zeta Reticulans"? to help you sort out the good aliens from the bad ones so that you?ll know who your enemies are when the galactic space war comes to your hometown.

This is not unlike many colloidal marketers who advertize that their silver products target only the bad bacteria, which makes about as much sense as bullets that kill only bad guys and pass through the good guys without harm.

Mr. Adachi has been required to remove his health claims about CS from his website, and he has apparently also removed ready-to-use CS products, but, although no longer engaging in direct marketing, ?for a donation? equivalent to the purchase price and shipping cost, he offers a "premium gift" of a CS home generator:

[Educate Yourself webpage below]

We are not engaged in commerce."


Hi Rick,

I appreciate your supportive comments. Yes, I did intend to reply to you. . I wrote an initial reply the other day, but I decided to read Jennifer's site in greater depth and follow her links. I then decided to write a much longer reply than what I had originally penned.

If you read through Jennifer's colloidal silver article, which was mainly intended to defame me, you can see that Jennifer took offense to my calling her a pharmaceutical shill for her absurd and untrue statements about the "dangers" of colloidal silver in the 2009 Dr Joseph Mercola article which I debunked in September of 2009:


I won't go into a rebuttal here about her colloidal silver statements because it requires much more room, however, consider what she writes at the very beginning of her article to see just how bent her thinking can be:

1."There is no longer any doubt in my mind that Colloidal Silver ingestion is an insidious plot against American patriots who are being set up to die: and by their own hands! Use of pandemic fear and the many fakeries of ‘alternative health’ which front for large multi-national corporate interests are actively engaged in the illusion of ‘health freedom’ to peddle this poison to the ‘informed" .

2. She also says that drinking colloidal silver will adversely affect a man's ability to sire children. Quote:

" If you’re a young man, drinking colloidal silver may impair your ability to have healthy children, or any children."

3. In other places on her blog she says that viruses are actually friendly allies who help the body get rid of disease and that they are not responsible for, nor a cause of disease. Quote:

" Viruses don’t cause’ these diseases but are an adaptive healing mechanism to help the body rid itself of damage and adjust to a changing environment. " (

4. Somewhere else she says that the human body is 90% composed of micro-organisms and that killing micro-organisms is the equivalent of killing the body.

Do these statements strike you as reasonable or credible?

I doubt if any of your friends who were quick to condemn me actually read the journal articles that Jennifer referenced and urged people to read before they consider doing something as "dangerous" as ingesting colloidal silver.

The first one: "If you drink colloidal silver, please read this:"

And the second one:

Both articles are specious and slanted, undoubtedly to match the wishes of those who put up the funding.

When I read the second report, I wasn't surprised to find the "study" biased, and inundated with prejudicial comments about silver colloids, repeatedly referring to silver compounds as the equivalent of "snake oil" in almost every paragraph of the report. I found it really odd that the so called author of this highly slanted article about silver (from the University of Illinois) should call himself "Simon Silver." Somehow, I'm not buying that one.

I'll address the content of these contrived journal articles, their authors, their sponsors, their publishers, and their funding underwriters in a separate paper. Naturally, they're Put Up jobs by the Medical/Pharmaceutical industry to create the pretext for getting silver colloids under FDA regulation (note the adoption of the term "nano particles" that is now being applied to silver colloids, which of course, is characterized as a "hazardous threat" in one of these specious reports). Nothing would make the pharmaceuticals happier than to have the FDA control the availability of silver colloids. You can read the same desire for FDA regulation of silver colloids being urged by Ms Lake herself. Funny coincidence, huh?

I'll have more to say in a later article. Stay tuned.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Jennifer Lake Trying to Discredit You and Silver
From: Rick
Date: Mon, August 20, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Wow Ken, your response confirms exactly what I suspected. I look forward to your paper/essay for your site. I check the news/latest article section daily, can't wait to see it.

Thanks again, Rick

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