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Jewish Involvement in NWO
September 26, 2011

Jewish Involvement in NWO (Sep. 26, 2011)

Subject: Jewish Involvement in NWO
From: Roger
Date: Mon, September 26, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Ken Adachi

I am trying to clear up an issue my partner and I were discussing, regarding Jewish role in the NWO conspiracies. Are there some factions of Jews that hate Christians? Many of Obamas Czars are Jewish, is this a co-incidence?

How to make sense of where Jews fit in to the scheme....they seem to play a huge role but we are confused as to what that is...? Can you clarify?

I operate the freedom connector group called ' United States Patriot Alliance' and am creating a non profit web site with the same name. The goal is to further get the word out about the NWO.

Can you also tell me how to properly use quotes from your much of an article piece is allowed to be used, and to what link do I give credit?

I commend you for the excellent work you do.


Roger M


Hello Roger,

I've never assigned blame to Jews for orchestrating the NWO takeover theme because there are too many people who call themselves Jews that play no role whatsoever in the NWO takeover plan, either by design or intent.

The planners and orchestrates of the British Israel, One World government conspiracy are properly called Zionists, and I've always maintain the distinction. While Zionists have traditionally laid claim to being Jewish, they are in reality Satanists, who emerged from (Jewish) Satanic cults called Sabbateans and Frankists.

The state of Israel, its intelligence apparatus and military, are under the full domination and control of Zionists. The current government of Israel defines the Zionist state, but that is not to say that all the people who call themselves Israelis are participants in Zionist goals. In fact, many Israeli citizens oppose Zionist goals and wish to live in peace with Arab neighbors and have no desire to take over Palestinian lands or crush the Palestinian people in any way. as is clearly the intent of the Israeli government.

Those people who call themselves Jews and follow the precepts and doctrines outlined in the Talmud (Talmudists) can certainly be called enemies of Christianity as the Talmud is simply full of curses and despicable, derogatory comments directed towards the name of Jesus Christ.

The greatest group of ignoramuses on the face of earth are those who identify themselves as 'Christian Zionists', like the followers of the Zionist Pied Piper, John Hagee, because the goal of Zionists and Talmudists are the same:

1) They intend to establish a one world government with the seat of worldwide financial power being Jerusalem, with behavior being regulated by Talmudic Rabbis according to so-called "Noahide Laws" and

2) to completely eliminate any vestige of Christianity; to the point of executing any person who will not renounce Christianity and Christ.

Those in the (fraudulent) Obama administration which you mention as Jews are mostly Zionists who hold DUAL US and Israeli citizenship, which is simply an OUTRAGE to every thinking American citizen. We must eject the current crop of traitors and blackmailed sellouts in congress and replace them with representatives who will pass a law making it impossible for anyone with dual citizenship to hold any public office, whether on the national, state, or local level.

I was just sent the following Youtube video which was uploaded on Sep. 22, 2011. It's a a fairly accurate assessment of the Zionist takeover manipulations and represents, via a spoken series of 'demands", a nice wish list that we'd all like to see take place in order to wind down the NWO takeover game plan. Simply ventilating these ideas is the way that ideas are transformed into reality, so my hat's off to whoever put this together. By talking about this stuff and define who the bad guys are, action will inevitably follow.

The Zionists, it seems, are losing ground fast these days. The US politicians are still in their pocket, of course, but popular opinion is rapidly swelling against the Rothchild crowd and their US cohorts, the Rockefellers and other Illuminated families. I've been given first hand information that their upper hierarchy is being dismembered and their Demonic underpinning is being wiped out from beneath them. We might see some really remarkable and positive things in the coming months, rather than all of the dark stuff that was so long in the planning. .


Uploaded by Snordelhans on Sep 22, 2011

Heretic Productions present Visible's "A World Declaration of Liberation from Criminal Israel.

"Peoples of the world, I have reviewed your petition and I find the following to be righteous and true that a criminal banking and extortion empire was created in a land, formerly known as Palestine and now, illegally known as Israel. I have studied all of the documents and briefs pertaining to the historical record of actions, events and incidents that led to the illegal and immoral founding of this parasite, crime syndicate upon the previously named territory of Palestine. I find all arguments for legitimacy and continuance of the illegal state of Israel to be untenable and declare all of them null and void. I declare on this date, September 22, 2011, the recognition of the state of Palestine on all lands occupied by those so named and defined as Palestinians, as they existed prior to the First World War. I command that all usurpers going by the designation of Israelis be immediately expelled from all of the territories so named and relocated to any country that will have them and failing that to a secure, walled facility where they can be quarantined for the public safety and good.


Kind Regards, Ken

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