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'Jim Phelps' Fan Delivers Tongue Lashing to Agent Adachi
April 23, 2007

re: 'Jim Phelps' and His 'Chemtrails Overview' (April 15, 2005)

Subject: ken a-what-i?
From: <>
Date: Mon, April 23, 2007 5:00 pm
To: Editor

I happen to KNOW you're incorrect in every single one of your asinine, narrow-minded assumptions re: Jim Phelps (, and suggest you consider, first, a re-examination of the gentleman's information, and then retracting the puerile scurrilities posted on your website, such as the folllowing:

"But definitely within the grasp of those who have their head buried deep within their rectum." This kind of assertion, sir, displays YOUR ignorance, and suggests more than that very little about YOURSELF (indeed, the latter half of it describes you well)-- you clearly possess no grasp whatsoever of the world's realities, or else (for aught I know, and as it appears to me) you are a disinformation specialist and possible/ probable Zionist agent yourself-- who would do well to heed the message found in your own site's title (the ONLY thing I can expect to find worthy in it, now I know you're an arrant jackass). If I happen to be wrong about you-- and suspicion of people/information is a wise, wise thing-- IF its handled and expressed prudently, cautiously, responsibly (that is, correctly)--

I hope you might amend.

Steve Crisp,
Coos Bay, Or.

p.s. here's something else might help you, since you obviously are too intelligent to peruse his actual site:

Subject: ken a-what-i? addendum
Date: Mon, April 23, 2007 5:05 pm
To: Editor

btw, 'CIA'? that suggestion itself shows how unlearned and unenlightened you truly are, in my otherwise humble opinion. and so farewell.


Hi Steve,

I'll publish your profound comments. Maybe someone will resonate with them and you can then exchange e-mails on my hidden role as a Zionist agent.

Your glowing estimation of the rank disinformation produced by "Jim Phelps" says a great deal about your 'grasp' of the world (and its players) as well.

By the way, did you really mean "arrant" or were you thinking of "errant"? On second thouhgt, cancel that inquiry. It doesn't really matter.

So long, Ken

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