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Jim Stone & James Farganne
September 19, 2012

Jim Stone & James Farganne (Sep. 19, 2012)

Subject: James Stone
From: Mike
Date: Tue, September 18, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

A few days ago I came across an article by you (I'm pretty sure) where you investigated the origin of James Stone's website and found it was originally begun by someone named James Smith in Saudi Arabia among other things. I can't find that article again. If possible, can you tell me how I can locate it? I've googled everything I can think of with no success.

Thanks, Mike


Hi Mike,

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: James Stone
From: Mike
Date: Wed, September 19, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


Thank you very much. This is the one. I couldn't for the life of me remember what I googled to find this article the first time. Basically this guy plagiarized your work to gain credibility for his disinformation web-site. Good job checking him out. I'll hang on to this.

Again, I appreciate your help.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your note.

My complaint with Jim Stone is that he wanted to leave the impression with Henry Makow and others that he was the first person to come out with the Japan sabotage story at the Daiichi nuclear power station when the fact remains that all major elements of the Japan attack/sabotage story were broken at on March 12, 2011, almost 2.5 months before anyone even heard of "Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist."

I don't claim that Jim plagiarized my writing, and I give him credit for coming out with the photos showing the dismantled condition of at least one Daiichi reactor in his Fukushima article (that supposedly had experienced a "meltdown," according to radiation hysteria propagandists like Leuren Moret, Christopher Busby, and Arnie Gundersen), but Jim Stone and his Korea-based admirer/publicity agent, "James Farganne," posting their articles on Henry Makow's web site, were attempting to create the drama-laden impression that Stone was running for his life and had fled to Mexico because he "broke" the Daiichi sabotage story (which supposedly infuriated TPTB) when I already came out with the story 2.5 months earlier on my web site (which gets 4 million hits per month from 168 countries; compared to Jim Stone's web site which was getting zero traffic at the time he posted his Fukushima article on May 28, 2011).

ZS Livingstone told me on March 12, 2011 that it was most likely a small tactical nuclear device had caused the explosion at the Daiichi power station and not hydrogen gas, as reported in the news. I stated that in my March 12, 2011 article on the Japan attack. Two days later ZSL came out with his own article stating that no "meltdowns" had occurred at Daiichi and reiterated that a small nuclear device caused the explosion shown on TV. That's what I call breaking THE story of the SABOTAGE which occurred at the Daiichi power station on March 11, 2011.

Jim Stone said in his May 28, 2011 article ( that it was Israeli agents who had concealed the nuclear device inside a large, cylinder-shaped camera in the Daiichi containment buildings and that Israel was responsible for hooking up their Stuxnet virus into the computer control and monitoring systems at Daiichi in order to cause confusion and inaccurate readings on the day of the attack. IF that claim is true, then Jim Stone deserves full credit for ADDING that important dimension to the Daiichi sabotage story, but the sabotage story itself originated--exclusively-- at on March 12, 2011.

Jim Stone was eager to tell Kerry Cassidy in his March 2012 Project Camelot interview that he had recently added the Joe Vialls 2005 article (Part 1 and Part 2) of the 2004 Boxer Day Sumatra undersea "earthquake" and tsunami to his "report" to support and buttress HIS Fukushima sabotage expose that undersea planted nuclear devices caused both the 2004 Sumatra tsunami and the 3/11 Japan tsunami. Jim talked about the late Joe Vialls as if he were a colleague and peer investigative reporter in the fight against the evil doings of the US Navy. However, I had ALREADY included the corroborative Joe Vialls 2005 Sumatra tsunami article in my March 12, 2011 Japan sabotage article (again, before anyone heard of Jim Stone):

Japan's 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production? (Mar. 12, 2011)

So why does Jim Stone attempt to portray himself as originating these discoveries and corroborations when I had already made the connections and exposed the story a year earlier? This is what I was questioning in my March 3, 2012 critique of Jim Stone and James Farganne (

I can't say that I view the articles at Jim Stone's web site as disinformation, necessarily. Most of what I read there seems to be on target (except his July 22, 2012 assertion that no one was killed at the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie massacre, which was contrary to the many interviews posted on Youtube of people who were in the theater when the shooting started ). However, Jim's sudden rise from total obscurity with his May 28, 2011 Fukushima "report" and his dramatic fleeing to Mexico to supposedly avoid being killed by government assassins is just a bit too much for me to swallow . Of course, it's possible that Jim Stone was in genuine danger and felt he had to flee, but it's not because he had "exposed" the Fukushima sabotage story - since I had already done that 78 days earlier (and the government knows where to find me here in California). No, if there was danger, then something else is going on that we aren't being told about, or, more likely, it was a PUBLICITY STUNT to gain credibility and readers for ex-NSA employee, Jim Stone. By the way, if Kerry Cassidy can contact and conduct a live video interview with Jim Stone from an internet cafe in Mexico City, couldn't the TPTB, the NSA, or the CIA, or the military, or Mossad, or whoever is supposedly "after" him, find him too?

What one needs to keep in mind with Jim Stone is his former employment with the NSA. The NSA is the most secretive, ultra security minded organization on the planet. It's more security conscious and clandestine than the CIA (and that's saying something). You don't become a member of the NSA "club" without first having come from a "special" family background. And I have the strongest suspicion that Jim Stone, whatever his real name is, does indeed come from such a special family, with known loyalties and a track record of dependability. Like the CIA, there's no such thing as getting "out" of the NSA. Once you join and work for them, you are a lifetime member of that club, whether you know it or not. So I continue to hold the suspicion that "Jim Stone" (and possibly his ardent admirer, James Farganne, whatever his real name may be) could be a set up.

The bucket loads of horse manure that I uncovered in my March 3, 2012 article about Jim Stone's non-existent career as a "journalist" ( with a zero history of published articles, and James Farganne's absurd attempt to elevate him into some sort of celebrity-class investigative reporter who had single handedly convinced the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, to rebuke the 2009 Swine flu vaccination juggernaut and denounce the Swine vaccine as dangerous (thanks to the fearless efforts of Jim Stone and his "wife", 'Dr. Sarah Stone') because of a SINGLE, TWO page article posted to internet blogs, should make it clear to the wary reader that extreme hyperbole and fabrication of the facts are not something foreign to either James Farganne or Jim Stone when it comes to promoting themselves, and one should be cautious in blindly accepting anything they write as accurate, or honest.

James Farganne's Sep. 15, 2012 article, posted at Henry Makow's web site, once again frames his hero, Jim Stone, as some sort of amazing sleuth investigator whose July 22 assertion that NO ONE was shot at the Batman movie theater in Colorado, has now morphed into a revised version by publicist Farganne, in which he admits that a FEW people may have been shot (but they were all actors anyway, so it doesn't really matter), should tell the intelligent reader that James Farganne is a loose canon and a sensationalist-prone individual whose exaggerated statements and opinions bear scrutiny. Farganne is once again trying to cast Jim Stone as the Superman investigator who broke the Aurora theater shooting story wide open as a staged event in which James Holmes was used as the patsy (in much the same way that Farganne tried to claim that Jim Stone broke the Fukushima sabotage story). However, Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Alex Thomas, myself, and many others said the Aurora shooting was a staged event within a day or two of the shooting. And Grace Power's definitive July 28, 2012 Why, How, and Who expose about the Batman shooting ( trumps any exclusivity pretense that Farganne or Stone may pretend regarding the Aurora shootings, or James Holmes as patsy, etc.

Henry Makow has invested way too much credibility in James Farganne and Jim Stone in my opinion. I wrote a lengthy one page rebuttal commentary to Henry regarding James Farganne's Sep. 2, 2012 article posted at Henry's site in which Farganne takes credit for intimidating and berating teenage boys in Korean subway trains for dressing in a way that's too effeminate to suit Farganne. James Farganne actually thinks it's okay to accost young teenage boys in the subway and hassle them about the way they are dressed. I told Henry that somebody of Farganne's size and weight needs to put their fist through his face to let him know that such bullying conduct is unacceptable, especially when you're a guest in a foreign country living there as a resident alien (or on a visa), and even when done by a self anointed, chastising crusader like Farganne with his Bible Belt, Christian fundamentalist mentality and manners firmly sewn to his sleeve. Not unexpectedly, Henry only posted two sentences from my commentary letter, but I'll likely post the whole thing on my web site when I write a longer article focusing on Crusader Farganne. I'll also post the two insulting e-mails which I received recently from James Farganne that shows you just how upset he is, I'm happy to report, that I called out him and his hero, Jim Stone

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: James Stone
From: Mike
Date: Thu, September 20, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Thanks for a thoughtful reply. Here's my two cents for what it's worth.

I think you might be being just a tad charitable with Stone. So he spent a couple of months and 500 hours verifying for himself that what you said in the first place was true and then maybe added a couple of pictures and a point or two in addition. The basic work was yours and claiming that he was the instigator of it without attributing any of it to you is still plagiarism in my book. By the way, based upon my experience with him, you should be wary of any "additions" he makes.

Stone first came to my attention when I saw the original article on Makow's site. I had no idea that the theory was anything but Stone's and it seemed plausible. Since I have absolutely no expertise whatever with nuclear power plants, someone could say something completely wrong about them and I would have no way of detecting it. All I can do with something like this is put it in the category of interesting possibility.

Still, it was intriguing, so I followed the link to Stone's site. This was back in April and there wasn't much on his site yet. I did notice a comment he made in regard to 9-11 about the planes being remote controlled. They were, but not the way he thought. Still, it was a better understanding than most people seemed to have, especially Makow who had fallen for the no planes theory.

So, I wrote him a note briefly explaining what had happened from my perspective as a retired airline captain. He got all excited and asked me to write up a more comprehensive article on the subject which he would post as a guest writer. (It's still there, by the way)

Along the way, as I sent him drafts, he said he wanted to verify all the details, but consistently drifted off the path. I could tell he didn't know squat about airplanes, but patiently corrected his errors until we got to the final one about it being an -800 model, which was nearly impossible at the time. Being such a small point (and he was so proud of the picture he found) I told him he could say whatever he wanted in his part if he would just post my article as is, which he did.

Now, here's what I think is going on with him: Back in the 19th century, they used to have cattle drives where they would take a herd of cattle from Texas all the way to Missouri where the slaughterhouses were. To get a herd of cattle all that way is no simple proposition, but requires much work.

To assist in the task they had dogs which helped. Some dogs would run along the left side of the herd and chase and bark at any cow who tried to drift off from that side. Other dogs performed the same function on the right side. Thus the herd was kept moving in the desired direction.

It works the same way in political affairs. The main stream media controls the general direction of the herd while "dogs" like Rachel Maddow of MSNBC guard the left and "dogs" like Rush Limbaugh guard the right. In order to do this, they first have to gain credibility by establishing themselves as right or left.

Of course, with the alternative media, there are more than just two ways of drifting away from the herd and I believe James Stone is one example of someone being placed to be a control in the alternative media.

I happened to run across him when he was in the establishing credibility phase of his operation. That's why he was so eager to have me write a piece for him. It was credible, but only covered a minor aspect of 9-11 and wouldn't interfere with anything he might want to do later. That would also be the reason he stole your Fukushima material. It also is most likely true and was the major boost to his credibility. I wish I knew enough about nuclear power to be sure, but your hypothesis still seems pretty likely.

After that, not much of real interest took place on his site until he started with the Aurora nonsense. I started by sending him private e-mails (which he got and responded to while at the same time claiming his e-mail was being blocked).

When that didn't work, one Saturday I answered a thread on his forum with all the reasons why his Aurora theory didn't work. At first he claimed that none of the dead people appeared on the Social Security Death Index and therefore they weren't real people. I pointed out that SS waits until they are notified of a death before updating their index and that since the victims were young and not collecting Social Security, there was little incentive to rush and notify them. This process usually takes a month or more and it had only been a few days.

Since he claimed they were not real people, I did an Intelius search and found names, addresses and ages for all the reported dead. He then tried to claim they hacked the Intelius data base and faked the names.

Someone else replied, "What about phonebook of America?" So I did a search of that data base and found most of the same names and addresses and posted it. Phonebook of America white pages only covers land lines, so those with only cell phones would not be found. I called one phone number (Cowden) and got an announcement that his answering machine was full and couldn't accept more messages. I guess he wasn't taking good care of that being shot dead and all.

So then I pointed out the extreme unlikelihood of both data bases being faked and also that he was not addressing the 58 people shot and wounded who were taken to local hospitals and that the local paper, the Aurora Sentinel, had been devoting a special section to the subject ever since it happened (hard to do in a small town with so many returning victims if nothing really happened).

All this took place within a period of about 6 hours that afternoon. Then I guess the accumulation of facts was too much for him for suddenly the entire thread was deleted and I was banned from his forum, which ban is still current to this day.

I pretty much expected this and wasn't surprised, but I did send him an e-mail suggesting that while he was at it, he should also delete my 9-11 post under guest writers. He has never done that, which if he was so upset with me, you would think he would have done. To me, this just reinforces my belief that he needs every little bit of credibility he can get for his web-site. I'm just sorry I'm helping give it to him.

Within less than a month, six of the victims appeared on the Social Security list, so now he's changed his tune again and says they appeared too soon.

So, why is he blowing his credibility on this nonsense. Since you've seen Grace Power's report, which is pretty much on track except for the motives, then there were two people responsible for the actual shooting who have gotten away. I believe Stone's job here is to protect the shooters, who I would bet anything are Israeli Mossad.

I can't be sure of this, but in my correspondence with Stone and all the clues I have seen on his site, I strongly suspect he is a crypto-Jew and that his real name is Goldberg or something. I believe his anti-Israel statements are just designed to gain him credibility in the Alternative media and are carefully aimed to cause no real harm to Israel. Time will tell on this. If this is true, it will be harder and harder for him to hide this as events proceed.

I also believe he is current NSA, not ex-NSA. In the beginning of his tale of escape, he mentioned being sideswiped at an intersection in Salt Lake. What is his connection with Utah except that the NSA is building its largest data collection center here? Also, for a guy who is supposed to be on the run and operating with a laptop out of internet cafes in Mexico, he seems to get an awful lot of hard-to-obtain pictures and data that would be easily available to a current NSA employee.

Also, I believe his web-site has some purpose beyond its current one of diverting attention from the Aurora shooters. I have only suspicions at this point, but this should become more apparent if it is eventually used for its ultimate purpose. That's assuming his whole site hasn't self destructed with Aurora. I predict his next endeavor will be to do as much as he can to reestablish his credibility, so I expect mostly true things from him until we come to his next project.

That's my take, for what it's worth. Caveat Emptor. Thanks for taking your time to write me. Hope I haven't rambled on too much. Since I've now been banned from Stone's site and Makow's site, I'll probably disappear.

Best Wishes,



[I asked Mike if he had a list of any of the Aurora shooting victims, whether killed or wounded, to send it to me so I can add the names to the story. ]

Subject: Re: James Stone
From: Mike
Date: Sun, September 23, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


This is one of the postings I made to Stone's forum which he deleted. I didn't save the rest.



The Social Security Death Index takes a long time (often months or more) to be updated. Someone has to report the death, which they usually do quickly only to stop payments from being sent which will just have to be returned. In the case of young people not collecting benefits, there is no incentive for anyone to do this promptly.

Here is a quote from the Social Security website:

Record Description

The index is an online searchable database. It only includes the names of deceased individuals whose deaths were reported to Social Security.

Below are the results of a search of for the people identified as victims of Aurora. You can duplicate this seach yourself, if you wish. As you can see, these were all real people living in Aurora or the local area. The idea that these deaths were faked is ridiculous as is the idea that they could also claim that 58 people were wounded but somehow did not show up in the local hospitals with gunshot wounds. You can easily find a list of the several hospital to which the victims were taken.

The people living in the area know this was real, even if they don't know that it was staged.

Rebecca Ann Wingo, Age: 32
3479 S Uravan Way #5-204 Aurora, CO 80013

Alex Matthew Sullivan, Age: 27
4433 S Hannibal Way #494 Aurora, CO 80015

Micayla Carolyn Medek, Age: 23
111 S Joliet Cir #13-308 Aurora, CO 80012

Jessica Nicole Ghawi, Age: 25
2678 N Syracuse Ct #207 Denver, CO 80238

Gordon Ware Cowden, Age: 51
1250 S Blackhawk Way Aurora, CO 80012

Jesse Evan Childress
12744 Elm St Thornton, CO 80241

Alexander Boik
836 E 17th Ave Denver, CO 80218

Jonathan T Blunk , Age: 26
11548 E Highline Pl Aurora, CO 80010


I forgot. I didn't do the Intellius search on the other four. I recall now I figured eight was enough to make the point. He was claiming at the time that these weren't real people. The other victims were:

John T, Larimer, Age 27

Matt McQuinn, Age 27

Veronica Moser Sullivan, Age 6

Alexander Teves,. Age 24


Jim Stone: The 'Groundbreaking' Fukushima Whistleblower is Now "The Fugitive," Running for His Life by Ken Adachi (March 3, 2012)

Letter Sent to Henry Makow from Ken Adachi, posted on Jan. 28, 2012, re. Jim Stone's Fukushima Article & Commentary on Jim Stone's Career as a "Freelance Journalist" (Feb. 22, 2012)

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