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Letters to The Editor

João de Deus of Brazil
June 12, 2004

Subject: They come in their thousands. The sick, the lame, the 'incurable'
From: "Donna S." <>
Date: Sat, June 12, 2004 4:53 pm
To: (more)


João Teixeira da Faria, commonly referred to as John of God or João de Deus, is arguably the most powerful unconscious medium alive today and is possibly the best-known healer of the past 2000 years. It is estimated that he has treated, either directly or indirectly, in the order of 15 million people
during the past 40 years. João provides free treatment from his small hospital-style sanctuary in the town of Abadiania, Goias, Brazil - 130km from the capital Brasilia. The centre, known as Casa de Dom Inacio, is open three days each week; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.




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