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Re. Joe Cell: "Hydrogen can kill" hydrogen21aug10.shtml
August 21, 2010

Re. Joe Cell: "Hydrogen can kill" (Aug. 21, 2010)

re: The Joe Energy Cell (

Subject:            Hydrogen can kill
Date:   Sat, August 21, 2010
To:     Ken Adachi

The Joe cell you describe as an alternative to gasoline engines is basically a battery charger that is piping the hydrogen given off by chargine the
battery into the carb.

Hydrogen is extermely explosive and especialy in the form of charging batteries one shouldn't ad hoc any type of system and one should definately not have a bare stainless steel cylinder mounted to his car.  Someone is going to burn their car up doing this and may get hurt.. I"m serious the first time the hot wire shorts out near that battery... BOOM.

Just a heads up people sue for far less lol.


Dear "Andrew" (if that's your name),

No, the Joe cell is not " basically a battery charger that is piping the hydrogen given off by chargine the battery into the carb." You don't understand squat about what was presented in my article.

It would be nice if you followed my stipulation about signing your name so I would know who I'm talking to, but your lack of diligence should not surprise me, as your comments reveal the same lack of precision and care. The issue of WHAT gases are being produced is explained in the body of the article, as well as the HYDROGEN gas component. The revelation that hydrogen is an explosive gas is not news to anyone.

When one writes an article explaining a new scientific phenomena, it is intended for those who appreciate such information and wish to look into the subject, exploring all new avenues of inquiry. It is not intended for half cocked, self satisfied, self-anointed critics who don't know the first thing about Ether physics and instead wish to lecture those with far more knowledge about a basic attribute of hydrogen gas, something which most high school freshmen would have learned in Chemistry 101. if they didn't already learn about it prior to high school.

Hydrogen gas production from water is a legitimate and valid methodology and was taken to a high level of development by Charles Pogue in the 1930s and by other pioneers, but the Joe Cell goes into a different area of investigation. It includes something that Yul Brown and Stanley Meyer hit upon, but it also includes another, more esoteric arena that Wilhelm Reich had hit upon, called an orgone accumulator.

I didn't take the time to write and polish that article in the interest of trying to bring people at your level of ignorance up to speed. It was meant for those with the open mindedness and intelligence to follow the information CAREFULLY and decide for themselves whether they wanted to pursue the subject further.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi

PS. As long as we still have the First Amendemnt to the US Constituion, I don't think I have to worry about being "sued" for explaining a phenomenon being demonstrated on a video recording.


Subject: Re: Hydrogen can kill
From: "Andrew Vogeler" <>
Date: Mon, August 23, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

WOW and you call me half cocked? Your talking about ETHER LOL, yes I"m a physcist and thats exactly what that joe cell is doing I'll bet you right now 10 grand we can set one up in a lab and it will creat hydrogen and you will detect absolutely no ether... not to mention automobiles currently don't know how to tap into this mysterious undetectable ether lol.


To think I was writing in a polite manner to get such a rude reply. Free speech is only needed by people that sell things that DON"T WORK, lol
negative auros dont' affect mechanicaly sound principles my friend.. your promoting nonsense. I gave you my name because I am giving you the truth,
you do not give your name because you are promoting crackpottery and you know it.


Dear Andrew Vogeler,

Hey, a huge improvement! You now , alas, can lay claim to your name (after I had to chastise you for not doing it the first time around). Writing in a polite manner? Are you kidding me? You call that condescending, unsigned, dismissive twaddle a "polite" note?

Your comments represent the core of your mentality. I'll let the reader judge the merits of your asinine, illogical statements. A "physicist" you proudly proclaim. Wonderful! But that doesn't mean squat in my book. Your blind skepticism tells me everything. You're a product of mainstream "science" education, meaning you're brain washed. Your hostility to the word "ether" makes that crystal clear.

You seem so fixated on betting about hydrogen being produced when I never said that hydrogen wasn't produced. I said that I had included the subject of hydrogen production in the original article. It was part of the mix , but it's not the main event. Your arrogant demeanor prevents you from even being able to read what I wrote-accurately.

You can't spell worth a damn Andrew, and your atrocious grammar exposes the sloppiness of your feeble mental processes.Name calling is all you've got pal, because logic, analytical thinking, and a meaningful ability to read escape you entirely.

Sincerely, Ken Adachi


Subject: Have your heard of the Mo-Joe cell?
From: John (UK)
Date: Mon, August 23, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

On reading your post about the Joe-cell this may interest you.

A sphere Joe cell. which is claimed to be more powerful due to sphere plates..

Hope you find it interesting,

Kind regards

John S


Hi John,


Yes, the sphere design makes perfect sense. Maximum surface area exposure and equidistant spacing throughout. Great idea.

I'll post your note.

Best Regards,Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Greg
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2010
Subject: moe joe


I have seen the moe joe cell for a couple of years now in you tube videos and looked up the link you posted. It looks and sounds good in theory until you see that they have yet to get one to run a car.

Funny thing is you see more about this non working cell on the web (that they call the "improved spherical Joe Cell) than you do the real Joe Cell which does work when it is purchased from a quality builder. That makes me wonder about just who is promoting the moe joe and why they are not mentioning all of the "men in black" experiences that the real Joe Cell folks have to deal with daily. The real guys have been successful at not only getting cars to run on their cells but have also been running home electrical systems.

The moe joe guys encourage their customers to "try to get this thing to work and let us know how you did" further muddying the water surrounding the technology. They know it does not work yet they have been selling them for years and promoting them heavily. They know all the right things to say in their website though one wonders why they continue on as by now they should have become aware of the real working models of the Joe Cell that do exist since it would be their business to do so, yet they continue to promote their (sounds good on paper) "sphere" cell borrowing the name of a cell that has been proven to work. Were they not modeling a working cell to begin with? How can their product claim to be an improvement when it has never worked?

These folks, the real Joe Cell guys (and hopefully not the only) give out very little info until you register, and unless they have been taken over in the last year or two by the powers that be, are the real thing. Sure I would rather pay $250.00 for a moe joe than $850.00 for a real Joe Cell if it worked. If you don't belive it will work anyway then why not save some money?



----- Original Message -----
From: Greg
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010
Subject: Re. Joe Cell: "Hydrogen can kill"


Real ignorant there with a scent of stupid.

Also there is no hot wire used with the Joe Cell. The bolt (ground) on the bottom of the cell is the only part touching the car other than the tube going to a blind plug (no gas being released).

Very timely article however. I just stepped in the house from hooking up a homemade hydrogen generator to my pick-up. I made it from a home
water filter, two stainless threaded rods, two wires and a fusible link to hot, water and lye. Plus the hose that does go to the air intake.

And yes it's explosive. That's the point!


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