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The Joe Cell and Hydrogen Gas
September 12, 2004

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From: Marcel Dignard
Sent: Sunday, September 12, 2004 5:35 PM
Subject: Joe Cell / Hydrogen Gas

I have read your article on the Joe cell Orgone accumulator where you describe the three different gases.The third gas, the one that burns with the loudest explosion may be nascent hydrogen aka as monatomic hydrogen H1. Monatomic hydrogen was used for high temperature welding until the 1930's when it was replaced by acetylene gas. The high temperatures obtained by hydrogen welding was not due to normal combustion but by taking H2 gas and converting it to H1. an electrical spark in a current of pure H2 converts it to H1 gas which is then reconverted into H2 as it leaves the welding nozzle.

It is believed that the energy required to convert H2 into H1 is much lower than the energy released when H1 recombines into H2. A good explanation of that process see Occult Ether Physics by William Lynne.

This little book gives an interesting overview of Tesla's ether theories and the suppression of technology that taps into the ZPE.

It is possible that orgone energy (which I believe shares some similarity with electricity) turns H2 into H1 and when ignited releases a tremendous "implosion" (as H1 occupies more room than H2).






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