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UK Engineer Urges Joe Cell 'Warning' or "better still remove it altogether"

[Editor's Note: I wrote an article a few years ago describing the amazing action of a simple invention called the "Joe Cell" which included only three different materials: A) a stainless steel or plastic container which contained approximately one quart of water, B) four or five stainless steel cylinders (6-8 inches long) which are nested one within the other, and C) small rubber spacers to isolate the steel cylinders and hold them together. That's it!

When properly assembled (and paying very close attention to the absence of magnetism of the stainless steel, to the 'quality' of the water used, and the specific type of rubber used for the spacers) and made to "seed" by the TEMPORARY and short term application of 12 volts DC from a car battery, this cell is capable of 'breeding' orgone energy captured from the surrounding Ether. "Joe", the inventor of this cell, channeled the output of the cell into the carburetor of an older model car that used a (pre-computer era) distributor with ignition points and an ignition coil (Tesla coil) and was able to get the car to run on a form of energy dispersal called "implosion". After the engine had sufficient time to 'acclimate' to this new type of "fuel", Joe was able to disconnect the gasoline feed line entirely and run the car exclusively on the orgone energy being produced by the Joe Cell. Implosion energy, discussed at great length in the writings of Viktor Schauberger, operates in a manner that is opposite-in all regards- to the usual 'explosive' form of energy expansion that we are familiar with.

Orgone energy is real and implosion is real. Wilhelm Reich wrote two books and many papers about orgone energy in the 1930's and 1940's. Trevor James Constable tried to re-awaken interest in Reich's incredible discoveries in his 1975 book, The Cosmic Pulse of Life. Trevor referred to Reich's work as the "new knowledge" .Today, it's more commonly called "ether physics." Unfortunately, we are still straddled with an educational system-worldwide- that DENIES the reality of the Ether or of ether physics. Since the evidence of ether physics is almost always OPPOSITE of that which is observed with conventional physics, graduates of an orthodox education in physics will usually deny (or scoff at) evidence that is plainly visible and instead, steadfastly cling to inculcated dogma. Perhaps you may recall the story of the high church officials who refused to peer into Galileo's telescope because "everyone knew" that the earth was at the center of the solar system. Are things much different today?...Ken Adachi]
September 25, 2005

Re: (Explanation of the "Joe Cell", a water orgone accumulator)

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From: Mike
To: (Ken Adachi)
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 1:49 AM
Subject: A SAFETY RECOMENDATION, RE "JOES CELL" - please be aware innocent enthusiasts could BLOW THEMSELVES UP

Good Morning Ken

I have just come across your interesting site. May I just offer


I read the Joes' Cell page with interest and, as a professional engineer of 40 years with a Physics background, I can see what is really going on there, and would draw your attention to it - as innocent enthusiasts, building it without an understanding of what's occurring, could risk SERIOUS InJURY. The cell as described, will certainly do something interesting and I am not at all surprised it generates a useable fuel, if built carefully and plumbed into a carbuettor - I'd guess it would alter engine performance quite a bit.

What's really happening (I'm sorry to pour cold water on the 'Orgone energy' idea) is the "Joe Cell" is a perfectly good, but ordinary, Electrolysis Tank. That's all - when you connect it to the battery (either way round in fact) it will electrolyse the water fairly fiercely, yes producing brown sludge (a goo of iron salts, from the steel) and creating a perfectly good fuel.

Unfortunately - that "fuel" IS the 2:1 mix of Hydrogen and Oxygen, which pours off the two plates (H at the Cathode and O at the Anode - the same as in any school phusics lab). THE IMPORTANT PART is that the two gases are allowed to remix. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.

Normally, electrolysis systems carefully separate the anode and cathode gas and collect the Hydrogen and Oxygen separately - for safety reasons. In Joes' cell, the two simply remix in the top of the pot, and by description, are drawn off in a single tube. Hydrogen and Oxygen mixed together IS AN EXTREMELY EXPLOSIVE MIXTURE. (It is what fuelled the Saturn V first stage). ONE SPARK COULD IGNITE THE GAS INSIDE THE METAL TANK EXPLOSIVELY, AND THE TANK MAY EXPLODE AND FRAGMENT LIKE A HAND GRENADE. Stainless steel is hard, and sharp.

You mention that "Joe usually mounts the tank in the passenger footwell.." -this is an extrenely dangerous place for a potentially explosive steel can to be - if the tank does blow apart, it could maim or blind someone or possibly even blow a foot off.


I would ask you to put a warning of explove risk on the Joe's Cell page, better still remove it altogether.

By the way nothing is acheived by the cell overall - the 'Orgone' thing is wishful thinking - in truth more energy is consumed in the electrolysis, than can be stored in the released gases, so even though they will burn in the engine, overall in you cannot make enough fuel from the electricity from the motor's generator output to fuel the engine alone - that would be perpetual motion, energy for free, and that really doesn't happen in this universe. Honestly.

I'm sure you'd agree t would be a terrible shame if anyone were injured, when they could have been warned: please add a warning for the unfamiliar.

Thanks for an interesting website, and good luck.

London, England

----- Original Message -----
From: (Ken Adachi)
To: Mike
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 1:06 PM
Subject: Re: A SAFETY RECOMENDATION, RE "JOES CELL" - please be aware innocent enthusiasts could BLOW THEMSELVES UP

Hi Mike,

I appreciate your input and your sincerity in writing me. However, your conclusions about the action of the Joe Cell are based entirely on armchair musings and they have no relation to reality whatsoever. Unfortunately, that's the problem with being a "professional" engineer: you are stuck in the quagmire of orthodox physics-and that's the surest route, it seems, to losing any spark of open mindedness or creative insight when it comes to real science-and not the "approved" version of science with which you are most familiar.

When you have it pounded into your head for all the years that you might have attended school that you can't violate this "Law" or that "law" of physics, then you limit your horizons gravely and can only arrive at 'conclusions' that fit within the accepted "laws' that you are now convinced cannot be breeched. You dismiss the entire phenomenon of orgone energy completely and replace it with a child's explanation of simple electrolysis. Wow, have you missed the boat!

Let's review a few things:

1. You have not read my paper carefully. I am not describing ordinary electrolysis. It is IMPOSSIBLE to produce the results I have described concerning the action of the Joe cell in the shop or, more importantly, the action of the cell in powering a car with ordinary electrolysis. Impossible. You don't appreciate what I'm describing because you haven't seen the 5.5 hours of visual data on the two Joe cell video tapes in which you can see Joe perform these experiments in his shop and on the road (of course, obtaining the video tapes and examining the evidence first hand is completely out of the question, I'm sure, considering your 'professional' armchair command position).

2. I explained in my paper that Joe describes THREE different types of gaseous outputs that can be produced by the Joe cell depending on how much CARE was exerted in setting up the cell to function. Two of those gaseous outputs have a low yield, and a moderate yield EXPLOSIVE effect when ignited by a flame. The THIRD gaseous output has an IMPLOSIVE effect when ignited by a flame. It's this THIRD type of gas that is dominated by orgone energy and it is this type of "gas" that is powering the car-not hydrogen or oxygen. The action taking place inside the car's engine is one of IMPLOSION, not explosion as with ordinary gasoline (petrol to you). I had devoted perhaps 1/3 of that paper to explaining many of the unusual phenomenon that is observed here as a result of IMPLOSIVE action and YOU'VE MISSED IT COMPLETELY, being blinded by your "professional", orthodox physics education.

3. When installed in the car, the 12 volt battery is NOT left connected to the cell. There is NO application of DC voltage to the cell after it begins "seeding" and producing the orgone output. The cell is operating FREE of any connection to the battery. The only time a SMALL DC voltage-the voltage of a 1.5 Volt AA battery- is applied to the cell is when using the cell in your car after dark. After the sun goes down, the orgone atmospheric envelope surrounding the car lowers and the cell might not continue to "seed" when it's 2 or 3 AM in the early morning, but beyond that, there is no battery connection in place as the cell functions.

4. Carburetors were designed in the 1930's that used ordinary electrolysis of water and did a fair job of powering a car (the Pogue [sp?} carburetor comes to mind), but that's not what I'm describing here-not by a country mile.

I'm describing an engine that is running on ORGONE energy. The orgone energy is extracted from the surrounding ETHER (yes, I know; the Ether does not exist either, but amuse a doddering fool for another moment or two) and there is NO BREAKDOWN of water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. I stated in my article that the ONLY water loss was slight and that was due to EVAPORATION, not from electrolysis. Joe drove his car-powered exclusively with the Joe cell ( and no gasoline)- from one city in Australia to another city in Australia which covered a distance greater that 400 MILES using a single cell that contained about a quart of water. He did NOT have to replenish any of the water in the cell during that trip. The Joe Cell DOES NOT CONSUME the water. The water acts as an attractor, condenser, and transducing medium for the orgone energy which is contained in the surrounding ether.

I could go on and on about this, but I won't. It's just too annoying. If you want to take off your blinders and start over again and really look into this carefully, fine; if not, that's fine too. It doesn't matter to me whether you become enlightened on this subject or not. It only affects you, not me.

If you can't even take the time to read -and DIGEST properly- the information I've presented in my paper, then you're not much of a "professional" anything. You're just another closed minded, orthodox "professional" bump on the log skeptic who is doing nothing to aid or move humanity forward. And believe me, you've got plenty of company!

So long and GOOD LUCK to you as well.

Regards, Ken


The Joe Cell and Hydrogen Gas (Sep. 12, 2004)

Joe Cell Skeptic Encounters Donkey-in Mirror! (Mar. 18, 2004)


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