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Mary-Sue Responds to John Kaminski's Article
April 5, 2005

Re: Corporate Devolution and the End of Humanity By John Kaminski (Apr. 4, 2005)

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From: Mary-Sue
To: Editor Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 4:59 PM
Subject: John Kaminski's circumcision allegation

First, a bit of a glitch in the essay. Is this what it appears to say?

"The story of the "American dream" is over. Assassinations of Martin Luther King, of John Lennon and other numerous people who fought for the human world – have clearly demonstrated that the notion of "a better society" represented the greatest threat to the ruling capitalist groups for it provided a possibility for development of a political platform that could direct the growing discontent of the oppressed toward creation of a new (righteous) world. The major goal of the capitalist propaganda machinery is to kill the people's hope that the future is possible and that fighting for it does make sense."

If hope is truly killed, fighting for a future hope would then be seen as futile. From the context this would appear to be the intended meaning. As stated above, it's illogical.

"... and that fighting for it does not make sense" would then be the expected reading, as to shut down and weaken resistance would be the intention of the ruling elite.

I have noticed several of these apparent logical glitches in articles on the internet, but rarely bother to point them out.

Now to the real "meat" of this essay.

I am dubious about this assertion that circumcision causes a shut-down of all higher chakras. Kaminski appears to be making it from a philosophical stance, and some kind of psycho-sexual mysticism appears to be operating behind the concept. But is it the truth? If it's at all valid, there ought to be corresponding, measurable effects. Wouldn't one need to do some large-scale data collection and analysis to compare the behaviour and beliefs of all these males, to that of the control group who are not circumcised?

What are the odds that the percentage of men with closed-off higher consciousness is similar in both groups, as well as the percentage of those who are able to perceive and act toward a higher good?

Isn't it true that most baby boys -- including non-Jews -- have all been circumcised in "developed" nations in the past century? How many circumcised men, Jewish or not, are actually involved in seeking and finding some form of enlightenment and/or teaching this?

Why not begin a survey with readers of this website? How about it guys? Do you who are "gifting" with orgonite and questioning 911 or refusing to murder civilians ALL have intact foreskins? If even one of you doesn't, that indicates that Kaminski's theory is on shaky ground, if not outright indefensible.

As for "Christians" who pray and then shoot prisoners in cold blood, and as for Jews who bulldoze homes with Palestinian children sleeping in them and shoot in the foot those who try to escape, and as for Muslims who go into crowded restaurants, buses or theatres and set off bombs -- they're ALL programmed -- all by the same little cabal of programmers if any of the stuff on this website is at all valid. I agree with that much. But I don't agree that it's because they are believers.

Atheists can equally well be programmed to do equally evil deeds.

It's because of the deception and bullying and manipulation that the mass media and corrupt politicians, media moguls and the financial elite have imposed on everyone.

In the past, Christians have gone to prison themselves rather than reveal where they hid Jewish refugees or resistance operatives or escaped prisoners. (e.g. Corrie Ten Boom, an evangelical in Holland, I believe, in WWII who barely escaped the gas chamber herself)

But acts of conscience are rewarded only by God, not by bonuses and promotions to higher rank. There's either a disconnect between the believer and the demands of an evil world, or the disconnect occurs between the believer and the demands of being true to a faith which brings only the reward in the next life as a consequence of giving up all in this one. Either way, the much desired philosophical one-ness of all things is a bit hard to perceive. A disconnect between higher philosophy and brass-tacks reality as people are experiencing it.

That's the choice confronting all of us. It's easy to be an armchair critic. When the crunch comes, and we find ourselves standing alone in a circle of mind-controlled fanatics, and one's immediate physical survival depends on following orders, the pressure to comply is going to be very strong.
How many of us have the courage to refuse to do evil?

I remember discussion in schoolrooms back in the fifties and sixties. It was commonplace to find fault with the German population at large for not resisting Hitler. But we were at that time quite prosperous and not aware of being manipulated into evil. We had no idea of the pressures placed on those people. We're only becoming aware of parallels now, as explained in "They Thought They Were Free" by Milton Meyer. (currently in print)

It's up to each of us to seek out the best in whatever belief system we have, try to get prepared to take a stand, and not to accept generalized assumptions that lock us into stereotypes of evil hopelessness. Where's the freedom of thought in that?



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