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Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett, Alfred Webre, & Eric Jon Phelps
December 2, 2012

Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett, Alfred Webre, & Eric Jon Phelps (Dec. 2, 2012)

Subject: Eric jon Phelps
From: Heather M
Date: Sun, December 2, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Mr. Adachi,

I am a writer of a blog entitled Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped which you can read at I have recently come across a video where Kevin appears in an interview on Freedom Central with Mel Ve who recently hosted Kevin in Holland last month. I have reason to believe that Kevin is some sort of agent, but cannot prove this yet. I have learned that Kevin is (and has been since at least 2010) working with Alfred Webre who Phelps has labelled a Knight of Malta. I find it curious that Phelps hates Webre and yet supports Kevin Annett. It is a relationship that I am trying to fit the pieces together on. I also have questions about why Annett is so protected by the RCMP here in Canada and by our government as I have made complainst about him to various officials to no avail. I hope to learn a lot from being a member of the forum where I can ask questions. I appreciate any help you can give me and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Heather M


Hi Heather,

I didn't re-post articles which Henry Makow put up about Kevin because I don't buy his whole, over-the-top Crusader Rabbit schtick. I've been somewhat wary of Canadian attorney Alfred Webre from the beginning, but especially so when he endorsed and promoted Leuren Moret and her phony, contrived Fukushima Radiation Rocky Horror Show.

If the RCMP gives Kevin a pass, then you can be sure he has friends in high places.

I can't say I put a lot of stock in the accusations of Eric Jon Phelps because he labels everyone he doesn't like as some sort of Jesuit sponsored "agent," including me. He comes out of the woodwork about 10 or 12 years ago with an 1100 page CD called "Vatican Assassins", which he gives away free, that's supposedly a scathing indictment of the evil machinations of the Catholic church hierarchy, and especially the arch evil enemy of all mankind, the dastardly Jesuits. The only problem is, he provides no proof, documentation, or legitimate historical substantiation to back up any of his dire claims, which shouldn't surprise you too much since he has no academic background or credentials in ecclesiology (someone told me he made a living as a stone mason, but I also read that Eric has Rabbi friends in Israel with whom he has some sort of involvement in the diamond trade, but I have no proof of either). He is, however, a proud member of a white supremacist, Protestant sect of Calvinists who simply groove on Catholic bashing and expressing their hatred towards the Pope and Jesuits. so whatever Eric claims about anything or anybody doesn't really hold a lot of water for me.

What are your chief complaints against Kevin?

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Eric jon Phelps
From:"Heather M
Date: Mon, December 3, 2012
To: KenAdachi

Dear Ken,

Funny you should mention Makow, I wrote him recently to ask him why he posted information from Kevin given his outwardly 'conservative' leanings (far right wing I'd say) to which he replied that he only reposted what Kevin had written in his 'action alerts' and had no opinion either way about the man. I found this strange as Makow is ALL about opinions and makes no bones about making them known.... I found both him and Chomsky strangely non-verbose on the issue.

When you ask me about my chief complaints, I guess I should give a bit of a history of how I got to write the blog in the first place. Last June I had put together a small film festival here in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and had heard of Kevin's film and so I contacted him. I'd never seen it, but from the website I thought the information being presented would fit well with what we had in mind. I made up the poster, the schedule and set up the venue and contacted Kevin to ask about if we could support him by selling his book and video at a small table outside the theatre. I had wanted this to be a fundraiser of sorts where our group and the film makers themselves (mostly Canadian) would reap the benefit.

When I gave a sneak peek into what we were showing on our FB page, one of my friends contacted me and said that he thought I should do my research into Kevin, that he was a con artist and had slandered some First Nations people who were working for the Circle of Justice. He sent me a link to the letter they wrote to Kevin and I was quite concerned about showing a film with people whose testimonies were being used without their permission, so I confronted Kevin about it. He told me that these people were state-paid agents and were involved in a highly sophisticated smear campaign against him. I said I wanted to investigate this before the showing because Saskatoon has a huge population of First Nations and Metis people and I didn't want to do harm to real individuals living in my community.

I found MANY inconsistencies and troublesome statements which I asked him about and he soon became hostile towards me. I had asked him why his was the only name on the ITCCS website and where the address was for the Brussels office and he told me that Brussels was a 'virtual' office and that he had a group of Elders whose identities he was protecting. I found it all to convenient. However, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assured him I'd do my due dilligence and let him know what we were going to do. Sadly, the more I dug deeper, the less I liked what this man was doing. So my problem with him came when I discovered the Circle of Justice letter and read his response to it. Then I read his article about how the government and health canada were engaged in genocide by injecting First Nations with (as he called it) "Tamiflu Vaccine". As a vaccine researcher, I knew this wasn't right. As I'm sure even you know, Tamiflu and the vaccine are two separate drugs... I wondered how Kevin could not have known that himself. In that article he grossly exaggerated the intentions of the government and stirred up fear based on absolutely no factual evidence at all. This was a modus operandi I came to learn Kevin uses all the time.

I then started looking at Kevin's other claims, about his heritage, about the dead children buried in mass graves at the residential schools in Canada and things really began to heat up for me when Kevin and I (and others) appeared on a blogtalkradio show. The show went fine until the host started asking questions about the bones he excavated at the Mush-Hole (as it's called). That is where I heard Kevin say that he'd sent the bones to the Smithsonian for examination. This was the first I'd ever heard of it, but before I could come on and ask him about it he hung up. So I did some digging into this claim and found nothing in any of his previous interviews, on his own radio shows, nor on his websites about this claim. So I contacted the chief Forensics Anthropologist in charge of that department and asked him about it. He and five other staff under him stated that they didn't know who Kevin was and they never received any human remains. In fact they said that that is just not how it's done.

Kevin told me on two separate occasions that there was no formal report given to him, that the results of the testing were inconclusive and that the samples of the bones were so small that larger samples would be needed for testing. Yet, when you look at a YouTube video dated in November where Kevin appears at an Occupy Toronto meeting, Kevin clearly states that he is holding in his hands "the bones of two dead children". These bones are quite large and easy to see despite the crappy video quality. Kevin has recently stated that he now has e-mails from the person at Smithsonian which he will gladly show to anyone who wants them.... and that the person he dealt with at Smithsonian is a Dr. Don J. Ortner. Would it suprise you that Dr. Ortner is deceased? Hmmmm, not me either.

So I think that this snippet of what I have learned about the man sheds some light on my problems with him. I guess if it was a matter that he lied every time he opened his mouth and didn't affect innocent people, I wouldn't care less. However, I have come in contact with several women (and a few men) who have been conned by him (taken in as a 'friend' and then whispered about behind their back and often publically slandered). Most are First Nations people who have done nothing wrong except put their trust in this NWO shill.

I've been trying to figure out what his purpose is... and I think it's to discredit anyone who earnestly tries to hold pedophile priests and governments accountable for their actions. I think that he shames First Nations activists so that their voices can no longer be heard. I think that he serves darker forces while claiming to be the light. It is for these reasons that I oppose him. His connection to Webre concerns me as does his connection with Phelps. And what I know to be true is that anyone who alligns themselves with Annett either becomes part of his con or gets destroyed (and usually the latter happens eventually anyways).

Anyhow, please forgive my longwinded-ness and I hope I have answered your questions.

Have a great day,



Hi Heather,

Wow, thanks for filling in the details. I think you'll be getting a lot more traffic to your web site now in the wake of these emails. I also think you may be the thread that unravels the fabric of Kevin Annett.

I'm so grateful for people who take the time to think and check things out independently.

Best Regards, Ken


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