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"Kids in America Don't Care"
November 7, 2010

"Kids in America Don't Care" (Nov. 7, 2010)

Subject: Kids in america dont care
From: Dan
Date: Sun, November 7, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

The kids are even giving up now. I try to show my sons the injustices happening all over the world and they say to me 'yeah its messed up' but just go along as long as they can text their pals or girlfriends and play ps3 and fantasy football.

Its like I am talking to cancer patient that says *its ok i know i am going to die and like it* Kids these days are like 'yeah we know its screwed up but we dont care and as long as we got toys to play with then you can all go to hell'.

I feel like im walking around daily with brainwashed monkeys that tell me its ok and all this is natural!!!

Dan in Milwaukee


Hi Dan,

You can't assign adult responsibilities and concerns upon the shoulders of children. They aren't ready to handle that sort of thing and they don't really have the capacity to do anything about it anyway. It's far more important to set a daily example of being kind and caring towards others, and especially so to them.

Let a kid have his childhood. There's plenty of time for hand wringing and miesery down the road. A sapling needs time to grow before it can withstand the force of powerful gales.

Concentrate mainly on instilling a sense of morality, justice and humanity in them. Everything else will work out on its own.

Kind Regards, Ken

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