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Slyphs & Chemtrails, Kim Hits a Homerun!
April 15, 2005

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From: Kim Olson
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: Slyphs & Chemtrails

Hi--I happened on to your page because of a link from RMN. I had never heard of Sylphs before, but strongly believe in the Elementals.

About a year ago--I was looking up at a heavy laying down of Chemtrails--I live in So. Oregon and I was just sad and started to cry. At that moment I heard (in my head) the thought--we can help you, but you have to ask--free-will we can't interfere. So I asked for this presence's help in clearing the sky of Chemtrails. Then I heard the voice say--we can help you (meaning all human "you") clear the chemtrails.

Although serious self doubt set in (and still does a year later even though it's confirmed time and time again) I tried what the voice suggested. I asked for guidance and help from The Mother/Father God/Goddess, Elementals and all Light Beings (or whatever it is a person believes in). I asked that the trails be broken up and cleared and that the negative biologicals and energy be transmuted and dissipated.

I've since made up a little poem--a dumb one, but it works for me--"No more Chemtrails, not today. Make the Chemtrails go away. They will not stick, they will not stay. This will be a blue sky day." I then got the thought to physically reach up on yank a piece out and when I did it--it worked--a piece came instantly out of the chemtrail and the whole thing started to dissipate. When new trails were laid down they dissipated almost instantly.

Not sure why but this only seems to work for a about a 24 hour period. I've never seen a Sylph--but your site explains a lot and this just makes sense. Since then I've modified my "poem." I began noticing that after the CT dissipated, the days were clear and blue--unfortunately--we need rain and snow too. So I began asking for the CT to be removed and dissipated--but for whatever weather Earth and our locale needed was what should be.

I keep telling people about my experience hoping that they will try it too. A few have, but most just look at me like I need to be locked up. You may feel the same way, and that it okay, but I would sincerely hope that you at least try it before you knock it.

Thank you for your time and your work. Thank you to the Sylphs and all the Elementals.


Kim Ann Olson

[Editor's Note: I arranged Kim's poem below into conventional cadence and layout. This would be a great jingle for young kids to memorize and teach to all of their friends at preschool and early elementary grades. Then when the parents and teachers inevitably ask:"What are chemtrails?", .the kids can tell them all about it-and Sylphs too. Diidn't Christ say that out of the 'mouth of babes' would come the truth of light?..Ken]

"No more Chemtrails,.. not today
Make the Chemtrails,.. go away
They will not stick, they will not stay
This will be a blue sky day."

by Kim Ann Olson


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From: Kim Olson
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 8:35 PM
Subject: Re: Slyphs & Chemtrails

Hi Ken,

Sorry if you get this twice--I think I deleted the last one before it reached the ethers?

Thank you again. That was a quick response. Actually--can you leave my email out--not sure why. Have you heard of others doing what I described?

Thanks again for all you--Kimo


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From:"Kim Olson
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 8:20 PM
Subject: Re: Slyphs & Chemtrails

Thank you! I could hug you back until your eyeballs pop!! Most people look at me like I'm stupid or nuts. Part of me got really nervous about you posting my name and email address, but then I got another thought in my head--if we don't stop being afraid of sharing and reaching out and talking--we're in trouble! So even though I'm still nervous--I guess my answer is "yes." Part of my would like to know if anybody else would try it and what their outcome is. I'd love to see us start pro-actively creating the reality I know in my heart we all want.

God bless you!! --Kimo

P.S. Please let me know when you try it what happens.

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From: Editor
To: Kim Olson
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 6:29 AM
Subject: Re: Slyphs & Chemtrails

Hi Kim,

Yes, others have said something along the same lines as you. Another man sent a e-mail which I posted that talked of clearing chemtrails with his mind. I'll paste it in below.

Zeph Daniel told me that the first time he recognized Sylphs was last Summer and he was able to telepathically communicate with them. He said that they were repeating a mantra of praise to Yahweh (God) over and over.

If you take the time to read the essays of ZS Livingstone on Sylphs, you will gain many more insights, The Sylphs have been communicating with him for quite some time. He usually has to go into a meditation or sleep to communicate with them, but it's remarkable what he gets.

I love the little poem you composed because it acts as a mantra. By repeating it, you give the words manifesting power, as well as FOCUSED INTENT (thank you Walter Woods) which is important.

This is how creation works. Focused intention (focused thoughts) leads to reality. Most people don't realize that we create our reality with our thoughts. A large percentage of people have been brain washed by religious dogma to scoff at the idea of humans being able to create ANYTHING. We are taught that only God or Jesus can create things, but a spark (or piece) of God is within every living being; otherwise they could not be alive (even the Dark Ones have the spark of God within).

Jesus said that " You can do all these things that I have done and even more" That's what He was talking about. We can create ourselves because we have a part of God (the Creator) within each of us. Of course, this notion is in direct opposition to church dogma that tells us that

1. Jesus is the ONLY son of God (a part of God is a part of Jesus)

2. We are only SINNERS, who are separate and apart from God. God is out there, and we, the huddled sinners, are over here. BUT, Jesus said that THE KINGDOM of God is WITHIN. What do you think He meant when He said that? He was telling people that God in within us, and NOT OUTSIDE of us.

In a long conversation with Cisco Wheeler (former Illuminati mind control programmer-see my Mind Control page) last November, she told me that the reason the Illuminati uses movies, etc to reveal their plans is that large numbers of people must be inculcating (dwelling upon) these THOUGHTS in order for their plans to manifest into REALITY. She said that the movie, The Passion of Christ, was a huge MOCKERY of Jesus and was in reality a satanically inspired peon to the Anti-Christ! She said there were so many allusions and symbolisms directed to Satan (and the Illuminati) in that movie, that she couldn't understand why the names Beelzebub or Mephistopheles didn't show up when they rolled the credits.

This is a VERY IMPORTANT to point to grasp: As long as ENOUGH people BELIEVE in the Doom and Gloom scenario, it will MANIFEST, BUT conversely, if ENOUGH people dwell on an optimistic and IMPROVING scenario (chemtrails disperse and become neutralized, the bio plagues DON'T work (like SARS didn't work), antiwar protests grow and force the government to pull out of Iraq, more congress people get some courage and challenge the NWO takeover of America, legal groups begin to mount court challenges to basic constitutional violations of Homeland Security, Patriot Acts,,etc., force politicians to vote AGAINST a new draft, etc., then that is what will manifest!

Interesting prospect huh?

Regards, Ken


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From: "edward west" <>
To: "Editor" <>
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: Very Good Article

Dear Ken,

...I am not insane just very, very sensitive. I have been able to sense EM fields for years. I think maybe my migraines of the past were partially due to them. I have now, adjusted my internal "pressure", ears pop often at sea level, and can handle a great deal of EM interferrance. I have had military black helicopters fly over my house rather often as well.

I have a theory (not mine alone) that humans can generate orgone/or chi as well as orgonite devices. Not that I am against orgonite at all, it's just that I've noticed since I've really put my "back" to it, my whole area clears chemtrails faster than it did, when I just sat there and complained about it.

As well as a pinched nerve healing rather strangly. My Kundalini practice has grown so strongly that sometimes I come darn well near to passing out.

I used to smoke cannibis to rid myself of the migraines, but I feel no interest in doing it anymore, nor any addictive feelings whatsoever, at all.

I feel, well, natural and whole, throwing away the damn conditioning of years, that I am flawed and need someone or something to make me right. I feel free.Thank you for your wonderful site.



Reader Feedback

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From: Martino, John
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2005 11:59 PM
Subject: Additional CT mantras

Hi Ken,

Along the lines of Kim Olson's discovery:

Something I've found to work in CT dispersal is to look at the Sky and sing out loud averse of:

"Blue Sky, Nothin' but Blue Sky…
Nothin' but Blue Sky do I see."

Also, George Harrison's : "Here Comes The Sun" works quite well.

Not only do we live in a Holographic Universe; Our Minds (filled with Love) are more Powerful than 'alleged' Matter.

Best regards,

John M.

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From: Martino, John
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 8:14 AM
Subject: RE: Additional CT mantras

You're welcome, Ken!

Without your article on 'Trevor Constable's 'Visual Ray' I never would have 'stumbled' across this phenomenon.


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From: Don Croft <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: I think you'll like this one

Thanks, Ken--you bet I'll support you there. It's been a long haul to get this far due to all the Chicken Littles out there ;-)

When this new awareness reaches mainstream awareness, the **** will really hit the fan but it will all be good because we've been consolidating every step along the way.

Your site remains the main beacon for this grassroots movement, by the way.



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From: Cleo
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 4:19 PM
Subject: chemtrail experience on Long Island, NY

Dear Ken,

First of all I'd like to thank you for your very informative site. I have popped in every so often and read through many of the various articles you have posted.

I do have to admit that I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content and subject matter. I am very fascinated by the discussions on chemtrails and sylphs. I live on Long Island, New York and worked for the airline industry for the better part of my adult life.

About a month ago while driving North on the Meadowbrook parkway I noticed what appeared to be chemtrails as described on many of your links. There were about 5 or 6 trails crossing over each other. They probably were over Queens New York in my estimation.

This however is not what prompted me to write to you. I logged into your site today and read the note from Kim Olsen about her poem and causing a chemtrail to disappear.

It just happens to be a lovely day here and I was in the garden about 2 hours ago just looking up into the sky which appeared mostly clear. I was wondering if I would even recognize a sylph if I saw one. Then an aircraft came into view overhead at an extremely high altitude (certainly not air traffic from the NY region). It had what I believe to be chemtrail behind it.

I though of Kim's note and tried an experiment. I started staring up at a spot on the trail and began thinking " Chemtrail, Chemtrail go away, don't come back and ruin my day" I then made a grabbing motion in the air towards the trail. Much to my surprise the very spot I had focused on began to disappear right before my eyes. The trail behind it and in front of it pretty much remained, but the area I had focused on vanished. I tried again to see if more would disappear, but it did not work. I am however quite certain Kim's advice helped. I will certainly be trying this again should another chemtrail appear overhead.

Thank you again for your site.

Best regards,



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From: Kevin Nicholson
Sent: Sunday, April 17, 2005 1:58 PM
Subject: Thanks to Kim Olson


Please forward this to Kim Olson.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you - your poem is working wonders in southern Missouri right now :) I am telling everyone that I can about it. I recited it early this morning when I woke up. Today has been a beautiful clear blue sky day, despite the desperate frantic racing of many many CT jets across our sky. I even saw 4 jets lined up in a tidy little row spewing garbage only to watch it dissipate right behind them. This made me laugh with joy!

You've found a winner Kim! This really works!

Many thanks, Kevin


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From: Guy Williams <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 4:58 PM
Subject: re: Slyphs & Chemtrails, Kim Hits a Homerun!

Hello Ken,

Yes, indeed, Kim did hit a home run.

I took Fred Gunn's remote viewing seminar in January. It was fascinating. I met someone at the course who is able to do the same thing as Kim describes. He just points at the chemtrails and says, "Stop." And they do. And they dissipate. He showed Fred how to do this. It comes naturally, I feel, from working with crystals. You become the crystal, or crystal-like.

But there is more. I removed implants in me through prayer. I was surfing the net researching information on DNA activation and trying to figure out how many strands we have - so I can activate them all. I came across a prayer for removing implants. I thought nothing of it at first because it was not what I was looking for. But I kept coming across it for several weeks so I decided to try it. I closed my eyes and intently asked that all implants be removed from my body. Immediately I felt a surge of energy rush up my spine and I knew in that instant whatever implants I had were removed. I was thinking, "Holy Toledo!" Then in the next several weeks a Grey appeared to me after one of my meditations (I was not calling any) and then days later a Reptilian appeared to me when I was going to sleep. I do not know if they knew I saw them. It would appear that I am a curiosity - at least that's the feeling I get.

What Kim discovered and what others are discovering is our natural potential. We are unlimited beings. This is why there are all sorts of mind control towers, poisons in the food (fluorides, aspartame, etc.), negative news stories: to keep use confused, fearful, and docile. The negative entities feed off of this. They cannot suppress our true potential if we but wake up.

The implications of what Kim discovered, and what others are discovering are staggering. There are no limits. With focused intent we can remove and make harmless all chemtrails with our minds. Chembusters help, too, these being simply an extension of us. We can render harmless dangerous vaccines, genetically engineered foods, implants, depleted uranium. We can transmute these into beneficial, helpful, healthful, loving items. Everything is mind-stuff. We need to make up our minds and choose.

After 9/11 I was following mostly news items I found on the Internet. I discovered that I was getting news from the Internet from various sources anywhere from 1 day to 6 months in advance of the items appearing on American mainstream TV news. After Bush stole this last election (I say this as someone with a degree in Computer Science and a varied and extensive computer background) I decided to turn off the TV news. A matter of integrity. If they cannot tell me they will tell me the truth, why should I listen to lies? I heard the phrases, "Fair and Balanced", "Clear and Balanced", "Local Coverage", etc. But I've never heard any news station say, "We will bring you Truthful, Timely, and Accurate news. And pay you money if you find a mistake." They cannot do it. So I've turned off the TV completely. I do watch movies sometimes and educational stuff.

The reason I write the above is because it is related to what Kim has discovered. We create our reality. There is no scarcity in this universe. So I do not listen to anything negative having to do with scarcity or want. This is an abundant universe with health enough for all, love enough for all, joy enough for all, peace and prosperity enough for all. We can with focused intent stop all wars. We can be absolutely fearless. All of these are choices. And we make them everyday - consciously or unconsciously. We can fill our lives with all sorts of abundant qualities: peace, joy, health, love, life, respect, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, happiness, calmness, gentleness, compassion, etc.

We can make these conscious choices every moment of everyday. We can choose. We can think for ourselves.

I applaud Kim and all those who seek to uplift all. There is so much life around us and so much life we are not aware of that wishes to assist us. It gives other beings joy to assist us. All we need to do is ask. "Ask and you shall receive" so the saying goes. There is nothing that is outside the realm of possibility.

Guy :-)


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From: Nancy&Gerry DuPont
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 4:23 AM
Subject: Kim's CT Poem

Dear Ken,

Instead of complaining about the skies over Salem, MA being filled with CT webs; now I have something positive and wonderful to try.

Great little mantra-affirmation. I plan to use it and I am sure that it will work!

Thanks to Kim and to you Ken.

Nancy DuPont


Can Humans Influence the Dispersion of Chemtrails? (Apr. 16, 2005)

The Power of Thought (April 18, 2005)

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