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The Dark Side of the KP Yohannan & Gospel for Asia, Inc.

[Editor's Note: I received this e mail from a person living in India. I changed the named to a pseudonym. I get a fair amount of mail from other victims of electronic torture/harassment from around the world and the details are nearly identical. This person is not a native English speaker and the grammar is fractured, but you can recognize the familiar story line of what began as a naive involvement with a typical Illuminati mind control cult operation, in this case a 'non denominational Bible college' in Kerala, India that turns into an unending nightmare of microwave electronic torture and 'street theater' harassment for those who leave the fold and must be "punished" by their former mentors. The writer of this letter is referring to the conduct of the daughter of KP Yohannan. The writer does not fully comprehend the capabilities of Psychotronics (mind control, "voices" in the head, and bodily manipulation using microwaves) when the writer inquires about the inability to use the voice or get up from a seat on a bus after spotting Yohannan's daughter near the writer's home.

The writer of this letter is looking for relief from the electronic torture. I've listed some suggestions on my Mind Control page under the heading of "Countermeasures". Based on feedback from other victims of psychotronics, I believe that flooding your immediate environment (home, car, office, and local neighborhood) with lots of orgone generators and 'gifting' all cell phone towers within a 2 mile radius of your home with Tower Busters will help to mitigate the intensity and severity of psychotronic attacks. Wearing a Harmonic Protector around the clock and keeping a Succor Punch crystal or Powerwand pulsing in your immediate vicinity will also help. This is not an exact science and there are no guarantees, but these devices do seem to make a difference. You can also block microwave brain entrainment by immersing yourself within a field of white noise radiation. You can even produce the sound of random static from an AM radio (use headphones) set to an 'empty' or non-broadcasting station and get some relief that way (you probably have to turn up the volume fairly high to stop the entrainment). Patrick Flanagan also offers a personal use device called the Neurophone GRS series that may do the job (see the Countermeasures section for the links). ..Ken]
September 26, 2004

The Dark Side of the KP Yohannan & Gospel for Asia, Inc. (Sep. 26, 2004)

----- Original Message -----
From: Sarah
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004
Subject: from a non denominational biblical college , kerala-

To Mr. Ken Adachi:


i happended to know your site. This is my story still going on in the name of getting married, and sincere love.

Actually its now four years and she is with some lover, they pose as if they are with out sleep and communicate to me, and use touch sensations.

What actually is that being the daughter of kp yohannan, the president of gospel for asia, it can't be just love, when she knows my home and me. She torments me with pulses, and waves, and there is complete control and she poses mainly manipulating the mind and memory.

I still hears my mind as i write this letter, and the only makes fun. I am not bothered of their making fun, or that they can never be caught but that the invisible pulse cause pain and heat sensation, headache to torment me often. I left the college because of the doubt of some virtual reality phenomenon, but everything can't be accounted to faith, and god has given some common sense to man.

The technology which this mission organization posses has great strengths, compete control of memory, insertion of thought, if fact she was learning to use this, me as a scapegoat, but for these years i had time to take note and learn many things, which i am ready to share with.

They also use street dramas, human resource built ups, etc. as if she is soon going to come to me, when she is with some one, and this street drama continues for two years from now.

In fact i saw her near my street at home, while i was on the bus, but i coudn't get up when i wanted to and my mouth was shut. What is this, and this can't be mere fun.

I work as a typist now, leavig my studies and career, etc, but she torment with pulse and invisible beams.

How can i be helped out. Please give me a suggestion. They say that they are teaching me a lesson, because i left their campus.

Actually no one will believe this and for them its only fun and i am just one amoung their experiental play mate. In the begining it was so good showing laser shows, halograms, etc, and talking good love talk when one day she suddenly she came with a boy friend and their love making and saying that everything is a fun.

I do not write to put her to shame but some people are like that in this world, but i can't bear to be tormented with headache, pain at pody parts, etc. especially when i work.

How can you help me and sugges some answers, i have written to the college, her father, etc with only no response, and this can't be a fun, and i there are games behind this.

Please do write and suggest ways.




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