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"La Jour" on British Israel
May 10, 2007

Subject: British Israel
Date: Thu, May 10, 2007 7:18 pm
To: Editor

"then using Christian fundamentalists to promote the idea that Christ will physically return to Earth and will rule a "Kingdom of God on Earth' for a thousand years (the 'Millennium') from His throne in -you guessed it-Jerusalem."

My comment is that according to scripture in the bible, Jesus will sit on the throne of David and rule the world from Jerusalem. So, these evangelists have it right in that respect. All the prophets testified of this. But, biblically, the establishment of a one world government by an anti-christ who assumes the place of Jesus prior to his second coming, and rules from Jerusalem, just as the real Jesus will, is ALSO biblically correct - "the abomination of desolation" that will "Stand in the holy place". So, first the anti-christ, then the real christ - who will come with the blast of the trumpet of the archangel, raising his dead saints, with an army of angels and ALL of his saints (who have ever lived) to take his kingdom by force from the nation of usurpers. he lands on the mount of olives in jerusalem exactly where he ascended.

the establishmnt of the one world government is foretold in prophecy just as the establismnt of the kingdom of God is foretold -- recall that new jerusalem comes down out of heaven, in revelations. the manner of these two kingdoms is also explained in scripture and is precise in a way that one can know what to look for and will be able to easily tell who is for real.

His kingdom is not of this world -- not yet, and the beings ruling in his kingdom will not have the same flesh and blood bodies we have, but a body like his - he is called the first begotten, but at his second coming he will not be the only begotten any longer. All of the prophets spoke of his coming and his ruling on earth, even his disciples expected it but i wasn't His time to rule as King yet because he was fulfilling his duty as priest and sacrifice. there is no scripture that supports him ruling from Heaven -- that is a myth bourne out of the mixture of paganism with the laws and testament in the bible. Many christians have tried to use the bible to support the "going to heaven" doctrine, but it doesn't stand up to being compared to other scripture - "here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept".

I'd be happy to send scriptural references.

thank you,
La Jour



Am I to believe that your name is "La Jour"? Is that what it says on your birth certificate? La Jour? On your driver's license? On your social security card? "La Jour"?

When you're ready to address me as a normal person, without your pen name or other masks that you prefer to wear, but with your own birth name, then we can have a conversation.

"nuit et jour 3" indeed.

Bonjour, Ken


Subject: Re: British Israel
From: "La Slayere" <>
Date: Sun, May 20, 2007 9:12 pm
To: Editor

And you say your name is Ken but is that the truth? You have much anger and bad karma as seen in your reply email.


Oh La La, Sacre bleu!

Now it's "La Slayere".

What happened to "La Jour"? Did he meet "La Nuit" and morph into "La Slayere" between e-mails?

Tell me, since when does a supposed Christian fundamentalist who has bought into the British Israel scheme, subscribe to a belief in karma?

I haven't noticed many fundamentalist express a belief in any area of Hinduism, least of all karma.

For a guy who claims to be an authority on Christian fundamentalism, you seem rather confused, "La Slayere", to say nothing of your inability to address people with a 'fundamental' concern for manners.

Adieu, Ken Adachi


Subject: Re: British Israel
From: "La Slayere" <>
Date: Sun, May 20, 2007 9:17 pm
To:   Editor

PS - lighten up.

'La Jour'
aka Josephine Summers



Wonderful. Welcome Josephine Summers to the world of grown up adults. It's so nice that you could finally join us.

If you made the effort to read my note plainly posted on the E-mail form, you would have seen that I'm dead serious about letter ettiquette and I have zero interest in corresponding with anonymous individuals or people who try to identify themselves with cutesy e-mail handles.

Save your casual attitude for those who are as unconcerned, as you are, about such things.

Goodbye and Good luck, Ken


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