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LA Marzulli: Doom & Gloom British Israel Propagandist of the Steve Quayle Blowhard School

From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 30, 2011

LA Marzulli: Doom & Gloom British Israel Propagandist of the Steve Quayle Blowhard School (Oct. 30, 2011)

I've been listening to Coast to Coast radio with John Wells over the weekend while doing my work late at night. Wells has a great radio voice. It's a deep and reverberant basso profundo. Unfortunely, his intellect is of a much lighter weight and timbre. Wells interviews a "practicing satanist" a night or two ago and refers to him as a "cool" guy. Then he has L.A. Marzulli, a full blown British Israel propagandist of the Steve Quayle School of Doom & Gloom Lunacy, rant on and on about how bad the soon-to-arrive "Tribulations" are going to be while simultaneously decrying the infiltration of satanists and satanism in America. And Wells is agreeing with Marzulli's screed against satanic ritual abuse as much as he agreed and concured with everything the "practicing satanist" had to say!

How infuriating both of these guys are!

Wells has no rudder and will simply PANDER to whoever he has as a guest.

Marzulli will mix fact with fiction and half truths to sell his sensationalist, pro-Israeli, British Israel story line. The Nefelim are the "Fallen Angels" (don't you know) who mated with human women of Biblical, Old Testament lore, and are coming back in droves and about to --ONCE AGAIN-- take over planet Earth and turn it into a New World Order Hell hole. Naturally, Israel is composed of heroes who will stem the tide of the viscious onslaught of Arab hordes who are determined to take over and install fundamentalist Sharia law in place of the high minded, just, and statesmen-like stability that his courageous Heroes of Zion have bought to the Middle East.


If ONLY, I could be seated in the front row of a studio with an overflowing bushel basket of large, rotten tomatoes while watching these two annoying cretins engage in this infuriating Doom & Gloom propaganda fest.

Oh, I can only dream of the satisfaction.

(And I feel sorry for any pathetic boob in the 16 million plus listeners which Well claims his show enjoys, who actually believed or bought into one iota of Mazulli's unbridled horse manure)

Ken Adachi


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Subject: Doom & gloom
From: John (Netherlands)
Date: Mon, October 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

Here is another doom , ELENIN is a code word to anyone who is adressed, Extreme Large Event Next in November.

So nothing will happen probably. There is always something interfering with these doom's.

greetings, John

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