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Laura Discovers Chemtrails
October 16, 2004

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From: Laura
Sent: Saturday, October 16, 2004 5:27 PM
Subject: Chemtrails

Hi Ken:

So glad I found your web site. I arrived in the Coachella Valley 6 months ago [I'm a travel nurse] expecting the same desert and azure skies that I saw in the Middle East. But what's this! I went out one morning to see the beautiful blue sky covered in criss-crossing vapor trails...only they couldn't be con-trails because there was no evaporation. In fact, as I watched the trails were slowly expanding, creating a cloud cover that was effectively diminishing the summer sunshine to a noticable degree.

Located 110 miles due east of LAX and seeing the trails from jets I wasn't too concerned, thinking this could be an exercise of some sort. But then I noticed the trails would stop abruptly and then start up again. Could this be some sort of 'sky-writing'? Then I vaguely remembered something I had heard about 'chemtrails'...time to Google.

My search reassured me that the good news is whatever the project is it is phasing out. And then this morning I looked west to 10,800 ft, Mt San Jacinto that rises straight up from Palm Springs where I live and noticed a strange haze - everywhere.

Looking east there they were, the criss-crossing expanding chemtrails and even more numerous than I'd seen before with planes doing their stop-start dashes. There must have been 5 or 6 jets. And that haze. We are being sprayed with something.

They're not phasing out of the Coachella Valley and I expect the ultimate fall-out is over Phoenix. What is going on here? I've just renewed my hospital assignment for another 6 months and I'm feeling very nervous.

Can you please enlighten me? Many thanks.


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From: Editor
To: Laura
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: Chemtrails

Hi Laura,

You've just come to recognize a phenomena that's been taking place in America for over six years now. You should read my Chemtrails index page to get a better overview of the chemtrail aerosol operation. It began in 1998 when the phenomena of these stange looking "contrails" were first noticed by a number of people:

The chemtrail page will answer most of your questions about who and why. The detailed articles are listed under "recent articles about chemtrails"

You will be initially dismayed when you understand the purpose of chemtrails is to compromise the immune system, introduce disease into the general population, and to limit the expansion of consciousness. In a nutshell, it's a genocide operation to reduce the world's population by about 85%. The good news is that a method has been discovered to change the polarity of orgone energy in the atmosphere of your immediate vicinity and cause those chemtrails to be destroyed. All the details can be read on my Chemtrail index page with links to the articles about Sylphs. You really won't understand one word of this until you take the time to read my Chemtrail page and the articles posted there. Then these comments will make more sense to you.

Keep me posted on your progress.

Regards, Ken


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