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Laura Knight Jadczyk/
May 14,  2007

Subject: Laura Knight Jadczyk/
From: Craig Thomas
Date: Mon, May 14, 2007
To: Editor

I read your article on Laura Knight Jadcyzk and the Cassiopaean site with much interest. I have read the transcripts of the channeled sessions with the Cassiopaeans and most of the material on the web site. Her meticulous details in the articles concerning history and Christianity are refreshing and thought provoking. No where does she say to believe what she says but to find out for yourself those things that are rarely answered or even  discussed in today's "society".

The criticisms leveled against her are obvious in their use of disinformation and the subjective use of language. Anonymous sources and emotional verbage have no place in serious discussion. Instead they tend to inflame and justify the thoughts of those who have already reached their conclusions and close what open-mindedness they may still possess. Those who are offended by the Cassiopaean's use of objectivity in describing possible futures and present day events are seemingly not averse to using subjective descriptions of their own opinions without the use of any facts what so ever. That's called propaganda and it has no bearing in meaningful discussion of any type.

Your sideways condoning of such an "opinion" is disheartening in it's revelation of ...well, I'll leave that one to you. I have no intent to insult and I do not know you personally. The mixing of the excellent information on your site with disinformation such as this article is prevalent on the internet today. But it does make it fun and interesting in the pursuit of knowledge. Please do continue with your site. It does have much useful infomation in more ways than one.

Take care, Craig Thomas


Hi Craig,

Good letter.

I did not write the piece about Laura, another woman was the author. I have reservartions about Laura, but that doesn't mean I can't find value in her info. I like much of what Montalk has to say and he's a big fan of her stuff. However, Montalk isn't infallible either and I've noticed that he can drift off the mark too.

Laura is a mixed bag as far as I'm concerned and intelligent people can come to their own conclusions.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Laura Knight Jadczyk/
From: Craig Thomas
Date: Tue, May 15, 2007
To:   Editor


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm glad you took my letter in stride. I love to write and internet sites are a handy venue.

I agree with you about Laura. I often observe their forum and the long term members are quick to pounce on new members who don't agree whole heartedly with her. Ark has become cold and lacks a natural easiness in his comments and is instead too stern and lofty. Laura's criticism of other authors is often impatient and lazy. She seems like another person compared to her early dialogues with the Cassiopaeans and as far as I know there are no further releases of the channeling except for books which are a bit pricey. I also wonder about the ongoing request for donations to keep the site alive.

Laura replied on their forum to the person who wrote the article on your site and did it quite well but fell into the emotional well of anger by doing so. She also comments on politics regularly and often vehemently while the Cassiopaeans had advised her to not get involved as nothing happens in politics that has not been planned. I seem to have written a critique of that which I had earlier defended. I feel more rounded already.

Take care, Craig Thomas


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