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Banning Lead Paint in the 1980's: A Hidden Agenda?
May 4, 2007

Subject: Caution About Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL)
Date: Thu, May 3, 2007
To:   Editor

I thank you for all your efforts and visit your site a few times a week for updates..

This week, I just got done reading this article about CFL and I find it strange that my intuition is just screaming that this will ultimately be used to "confiscate" homes under "imminent domain" thru "toxic cleanup" to clear the path for the proposed NAFTA/North American Union Super Highway......Screw grassroots when you can just by-pass the effort. Seems like standard M.O. to me.

Much like my thoughts about lead paint being tagged as overtly hazardous, when it may have provided a barrier to stop certain frequencies while in your home, this whole mess screams set-up for disaster.....especially for those in the path of"progress."

If Wal-Mart promotes it, it can't be good for our future.

Boris E


Hi Boris,

I too feel that the over-reaction to lead paint in the 1980's was to get it banned and removed so it wouldn't block the mind control coming in from microwave towers. Grinding up lead pipes into a fine powder (wearing a mask) and then adding it to oil based paint and then double coat your walls and ceilings may be a way to cut down on microwave infiltration. One could take it a step further and get tight fitting vertical window blinds and double coat them as well with lead paint. It might be a cheap way to shield your house from EMF. at least to some degree..

Regards, Ken


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