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Learning More
May 5, 2011

Learning More (May 5, 2011)

Subject: Learning more
From: Katherine
Date: Wed, May 4, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I have been reading through the information on your website for a couple of months now - I find it fascinating and informative. I do admit to taking some things with a grain of salt however, I do find it difficult to trust, and with a lot of the research I have been doing lately I really don't know who to turn to. I do however respect your opinion greatly.

That said, the reason I am contacting you is to try and get your opinion on some of the things I have read on other websites. On a side note, I did read on your website an article on how to protect yourself - I can't seem to find a link to it at this precise moment - I found it comforting.

I have been experiencing a lot of paranoia and fear - which I know is unhelpful to me, but not something I can flick off by a switch. I am trying my best to think positively, and find comfort in a lot of your articles, which state that the NWO will fail.

- What is your opinion on the prophecies of Nostradamus? I apologise if I am asking questions which there is already information regarding on
your website. - Do you believe, that humans are a product or creations of aliens combining their DNA with that of our 'evolution ancestors' the apes? The aliens, being the Atlanteans/Hyperboreans/Annunaki originating from the star which is implied through various methods of identification being near the Pleiades?

Wayne Herschel on his website -

believes that he has deciphered various symbols throughout ancient beliefs, religions, maps and other sources - the location of our ancestors. I find his theories about our roots very compelling, and I don't think it necessarily conflicts with other beliefs of Sylphs, reptilians, or our 'frequency' plane of existance. Disturbingly though - he believes that Earth (having suffered far fewer meteor impacts than implied on the surfaces of other planets in our Solar System) that we have been protected by Extraterestrials. And that if humans do not visibly 'mend
their ways' that they may withdraw their protection, resulting in a catastrophic impact event.

- Regardless of what may have influenced him, do you think Hitler authorised the construction of a base underneath the South Pole? Where they may have sent thousands of Aryan people - and which is currently being 'dug for' by the USA? The Russians recently stopped the drilling into Lake Vostok, for 'political' reasons - allegedly because they did not want to contaminate the potentially pristine eco-system contained there.

I was initially encouraged to begin my research, when I discovered the game being created by Funcom - The Secret World. It is based on a reality where Secret organisations and societies exist. I am positive they really do. What concerns me however, is the ARG 'games' (Alternate Reality Games) that are being pursued via the forums. I am not convinced that all of them are being run by the game developers, and I wonder whether there are people trying to push us into researching 'secrets' in an effort to discovering Truth.

I feel lost and alone. My husband is a very cynical and skeptical individual, he believes my research and inclination to 'believe the impossible' is not helpful. I feel that I want to help, and that 'believing' is not enough for me. I applied a few weeks ago to your yahoo discussion board with my other email account - - and yesterday created my hushmail account. Whether that is as 'secure' as they say is debatable. But my permission to view the discussion board has not been accepted by the group moderator yet.

Thank you for your work - I wish you the best.

Kind Regards,
Katherine C


Hi Katherine,

There's a lot of fascinating and remarkable information on the internet that wasn't available to most people even 15 years ago. Because the internet is such an amazing repository of information, there are also many outlets of information that are created with the intention of misdirection or misinformation or disinformation. The intelligence services and the military are heavily involved in this arena, along with other alphabet agencies dedicated to misleading the public. It's clear now who's doing what, but it wasn't always clear to me in the 1990s when I was first discovering info about the NWO and secret this and secret that.

The sort of web sites you mentioned and the predictions of Nostradamus etc. are the information sources that are causing you to feel anxious and worried. They are influencing you in a negative way; the same way that those sort of web sites (and radio shows) influenced me in the 1990s when I wrote a long synopsis about the Great & Terrible Tribulations to come. I called it Coming Attractions. I sent it to all of my friends and relatives and later posted it to the internet. I thought what I wrote there was true and I thought we were headed for End of the World stuff in late Spring of 2003.

Happily, it didn't happen as was predicted by Zeta Talk, a CIA/NASA psyops intended to produce a sense of dread and foreboding in those who were suckered into their psychological web of deceit. There are many web sites devoted to sucking you into a belief that an End Times/Armageddon scenario is just over the horizon. I was just sent an e-mail yesterday that embraced this very theme. I might post it as an illustration of the technique used to convince people. This type of deception web site combines religiosity and Armageddon/Tribulation/Revelations talk, with much reference to Jesus and "going home" and similar soppy remarks, to pull in the naive and gullible into buying the End Times story line.

Naturally, it's a "dream" and dire prediction written by "Sister" blah, blah. who very concerned about you and doesn't want you to succumb to fear and foreboding about facing the coming catastrophes, upheavals, and "final battles"; even though she's doing everything possible to INSTILL fear and foreboding in those dumb enough to believe her BS.

Of course, that's assuming that 'she' is a "she". "Sister" Blah blah could be a CIA or Army psyops dude sitting at a computer spitting out these themes. If fact, it's highly probable that that is the case. As I type this, I'm looking at a glossy cover, descriptive program guide magazine sent to me telling me who is to appear at the Conscious Life Expo at the LAX Hilton in Feb. of this year. It's filled with the smiling faces of all our well known Expo lecture celebrities and guests on Coast to Coast radio like Steven Greer, Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock, Jason Martell, William Henry, and of course Zecharia Sitchin (among many others, including Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and Papas!). Most of these people have something in common in their backgrounds. It begins with the letter "C"

The guy you mentioned is re-hashing the Zecharia Sitchin material which Sitchin presented in his Earth Chronicle books including the 12th Planet. I bought them all in the 1990s and early 2000 era, both literally and metaphorically.

Sitchin's books are absorbing and fascinating and hard to put down, but you should know more about Sitchin before you accept his info (or his interpretation of ancient artifacts) as the unvarnished truth. He has an agenda. He's a Russian born Jew who spent much time in Israel and is a dual citizen of the US and Israel. He studied at the London School of Economics. Both those facts should tell you something if you know anything about the Illuminati and their players. According to Arizona Wilder in her 1999 video interview with David Icke, he's also a satanist who has participated in satanic rituals with well known politicians and other powerful people.

Your guy's nonsense describing protective aliens about to withdraw their benevolent shielding oversight unless we "mend out ways" is about as moronic as it gets and you should see a bright red flag right there. The Nostradamus prediction people that show up on Coast to Coast radio are part of the doom & gloom psyop promoters. Don't waste your time and allow their BS to influence you.

Yes, Hitler built a huge underground base in the South Pole, it's called New Swabbenland. The government isn't digging for it. They know where it is. Admiral Byrd found out where it was in 1947 when the Navy sent him down there to investigate and he got his butt kicked by advanced anti-gravity saucers that Hitler had built.

The Russians didn't stop drilling because they suddenly got a conscience about environmental damage. Something else stopped them. They might have been using nukes for their "drilling" as ZS Livingstone has pointed out in many of his essays.

You have more of an open mind to the realities of the world than your husband who is brain washed into believing the Establishment's cover stories. Don't doubt yourself. You are being guided towards the truth. However, don't allow yourself to be influenced by the doom and gloom crowd who have been inserted into your path in order to KEEP you from discovering the truth of things. Ask for divine guidance to help you see things as they really are.

Regards, Ken

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