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Leaving E-Y Forum Due to "Racist" Posts & "GOP Trolls"
October 29, 2008

Leaving E-Y Forum Due to "Racist" Posts & "GOP Trolls" (Oct. 29, 2008)

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From: MS WK
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Subject: leaving this group


In the last 3 weeks or so this group has been taken over by GOP trolls. My mailbox has been flooded with all of this Obama nonsense. Most of all I'm tired of the racist post. I thought better of you and you group. I thought someone would stand up and put a stop to all this. I'm a member of Sherry Shriner groups and even those rednecks don't post about Obama nearly as much. I loved you group before for all the good info and alternative health info. But even this is not enough to want me to stay. All this negative racist energy is wearing me down.



Hi Wanda,

I don't participate in the E-Y forum as you must have noticed by now, so whatever is being said there that bothers you, is not by my hand. If you are referring to the articles that I've posted about Obama at my web site, you need to tell me specifically which article you object to and why.

I've never composed a "racist" post. So you'll have to be more specific. I find it a very odd claim that GOP ideologues would join my forum. I don't think they are the types who read my web site.

Is anyone who objects to Obama's candidacy now to be considered a GOP troll? I seem to hear that a lot these days from Sonali Kolhatkar on KPFK.

If you are emotionally attached to Obama, then perhaps you should actually read the article posted on my site, especially the two part expose by Don NIcoloff and consider the possibility that you've been had.

If you think he's great, then you have to have legitimate and solid reasons for that opinion, and not base your opinion on feel-good, Oprah Winfrey style inspirational speeches that contain ringing words and phrases, but doesn't address the real issues of the day -- which are:

1. the unjustified wars in the Middle East,
2. the Patriot Act and similar constitution-busting legislation,
3. the bankers bailout,
4. the militarization (and barbarization) of American police into Black Shirt Nazis,
5. the imposition of police state control mechanisms against citizens by Homeland Security, FBI, FEMA, NSA, etc
6. the monitoring and surveillance of law abiding, non-criminal citizens,
7. the repression of political dissent and street protesting by Gestapo police tactics,
8. chemtrail poisoning of the entire population,
9. Acting as a military proxy in the middle East for Zionist Israel
10. Holding anyone the President declares to be an "enemy combatant" indefinitely without proof of any wrongdoing or crime and torturing those individuals
11. The abducting, by CIA and FBI, of American and non-American citizens and delivering them to "rendition/torture" palaces in different parts of the world where they can be tortured and brutalized. And for WHAT? Usually nothing. They are typically completely innocent individuals that got on some government "list"
12. the 9/11 cover-up and the need to indict those responsible for this act of treasonous sabotage and murder
13. the unconscionable use of Depleted Uranium in the Middle East and the long term health effects on newborn babies

etc, etc, etc.

You have not heard ONE WORD by Obama or McCain concerning these REAL issues. Not one. That should TELL YOU SOMETHING.

Obama is a mind-controlled, groomed-from-childhood puppet for Rockefeller and family. He was NOT born in the United States and is therefore ineligible to run for President or for the US Senate. If he was born in the US, he would have PROVEN it long ago, long before the controversy ever hit the news. It should be obvious to even a moron that the only reason that the issue is even in the news is because he CAN'T prove his US birth. That's why his web site posted a FALSIFIED, PhotoShopped bogus "birth certificate" back in August.

Having been caught red-handed in forgery in August, his Rockefeller minions are now trying to claim that there are newspaper clippings announcing his US birth.

As if it's impossible to generate a false newspaper story; or even manufacture a clipping from an "old" newspaper. Of course, the CIA, or FBI, or military intelligence, or NSA, or private contractors working for Rockefeller, have no ability whatsoever in the art of manufacturing bogus paperwork. None. We can be sure beyond any doubt that a newspaper clipping from 1961 announcing Obama's birth will provide satisfactory proof and the issue will be closed.

Now, if you want to take off the rose colored glasses:

Obama is an NWO infiltrator who will carry out the SAME acts of aggression and expansion of IlluminNazi war efforts in the Middle East as his soon-to-become predecessor, George Bush, whose family is another faction of the same Illuminati cabal that is in the process of destroying this country.

NOTHING of substance will change between the current regime and the Obama regime except costly, Democrat-style socialist spending schemes-with greater taxation.

The facts are plain and abundant for anyone with the eyes to see and the intelligence to discern fact from fancy.

The only people to consider voting into office in November are Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, or Chuck Baldwin. The other two are puppets working for a cabal that is planning on destroying you.

By all means, unsubscribe yourself.

Regards, Ken

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