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Horowitz Gone Nuts
february 7, 2013

Horowitz Gone Nuts (Feb. 7, 2013)

Subject: Horowitz Slander Continues
From: True OTT
Date: Thu, February 7, 2013
To: Ken Adachi

Sadly, whatever credibility Len Horowitz EVER had, is now irretrievably lost. Such continuous, and crazed rants described below really discredit the entire"alternative" health arena, and the entire alternative media truth movement as well. What honest-in-heart American will listen to the truth about vaccines, (or the attached anti-nutrient paper) when they hear such mean-spirited, baseless, psychotic dribble? Maybe that was always his job from day one?!

Here's an excerpt of a personal, unsolicited, e-mail text to me from one of my clients.

"Speaking of keeping track of things, I stumbled upon an interview of Horocane on Blogtalk yesterday regarding Sandy Hook, and was surprised to hear them ranting for the whole time I listened (about 30 minutes) about how you are leading the disinfo campaign regarding actors being used in the shooting psyop. He claims your esteemed collaborators are Dr. Deagle, Alex S., Ken Adachi, Cliff R., Anthony Hilder, Dr. Rima, the Church of Satan, George Bush, the Rockefellers and numerous others. In fact he stated that you are the most evil person on earth. Wow, I hope you are getting paid as well as he claims for leading this effort. I turned them off after 30 minutes, shaking my head.

Whew, I find it hard to believe anyone can stand listening to such insanity and arrogance for very long. I hadn't heard Dr. Horowitz on the air for many years and was surprised how crazed he has become......or maybe I'm just more informed now. A good friend of mine who used to live in the Boston area told me she went to a Dr. Horowitz who fit Len's description for a dental exam way back in the 70's or early 80's, and her impression of him was that he is a delusional egomaniac. She didn't go back to him for any more work. I'm not sure if it was Len or not, but she is convinced it was when I showed her his picture on some anti-vaccine info in the 90's.

It sure is tragic that such a deceitful loudmouth is apparently devoting his life to creating as much confusion and wierdness as he can with you as a key target. And it's also very tragic that this is going on in the field of health, which is already eyeball deep in disinformation. But of course, this war on health has been going on a long long time as testified by the late Dr. Royal Lee and others. (Historical tidbit below.) My prayers certainly are with you.

In appreciation,



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