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Lesbian Crime Cover-Up & Russia-China Attack on America
May 22, 2005

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From: Joanne
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Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2005
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Our Bible study group, of whom the leader, chaplain of the Montgomery County, Texas jail for over 10 years- have recently found your website. the Chaplain did not believe all the conspiracy theories years ago UNTIL he became a chaplain and started hearing all the federal prisoner's stories about mind control experiments, etc that the federal prisoners endured.

Anyway, he has been teaching us a lot about the one world order happenings at this time. So I wanted to let you know one thing I discovered in our state and see if you wanted to investigate it.

I need to preface the information by saying that I have several gay friends, took several multi-cultural classes at Texas A & M and believe wholeheartedly in judging the individual by his or her own merit. However, I am a disability advocate and had to "blow the whistle" on a disability company.

Suffice it to say that the next two years was the most hellacious experience I had ever been through as this million dollar company did everything in their power to discredit and destroy me. Only miraculous prayer results stopped them at every turn (another story) but during the investigation one of the assistants in the attorney general office in south Houston made this comment...

"there is a lesbian network that is stealing and breaking laws all over the place in governmental offices but because they cover for each other, we are having a terrible time prosecuting or proving anything and you are confirming this with your experience."

The Chaplain said that the lesbians in the jail are also becoming much worse in committing rapes, etc on other prisoners.

Anyway, I thought you might find it interesting, and an issue to "keep your eyes and ears open about" the lesbian coverup. She said that the worst crimes imaginable are all being committed by lesbians but are covered up. Of course since the government men have been doing this for years as documented in Trance Formation of America [by Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips] and by Brice Taylor [Thanks for the Memories], .I guess this is nothing new.

Also, we keep having prophecies in the national realm that there is a Russian-China relationship that is planning a surpise nuclear attack on America in less than a year. The reason being that America must be significantly "weakened" so that the One World Order can occur.

I myself who have had prophetic dreams for years have also had dreams of America being attacked and crippled. David Wilkerson considered by most Americans to be one of the true prophets since he puts so little emphasis on the prosperity teaching said that his church feels the threat in the spirit and they are stockpiling beds, blankets, medical and food supplies as fast as they can to prepare for the coming crises in whatever form that is.

Some things to think about that I have not found on your site, but may be there.

Blessings, Joanne


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