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Letters to The Editor

Letters From Annie Apple's Mom (and Annie Apple)
September 14, 2005

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From: luana
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 12:46 PM
Subject: POWERFUL , Mother, Priestesses

Dear Ken,

Just to let You know, that I have assembled a POWERFUL cloister of High Mother Priestesses and We are meditateing on Ophelia, round the clock, here in N.W. Arkansas. (Fayetteville)

We have our maps, and some of Us are wailing and crying. My Daughter Delilah, She is here. She is a POWERFULL Human, Orgon generater.

I can see the Golden Rays generateing from Her Loveing Heart as they spread all throughout creation, Her/Our intent ? to save Our Beloved Children from this evil.

I can't talk any comes those tears again, and with them POWERFULL blasts of Orgon

I/We Love You


forever.and Ever

Luana (annieapplesmom)

(Annie Apple is dead....and working INTENSLY with all of Us here, form beyond the vail)

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From: luana
Sent: Sunday, September 11, 2005 1:32 PM
Subject: the last time we were assembled

God speaks to Me, Luana

He says, the last time We were assembled was when We were fleaing the romans in Delphi Greece, we were on a boat going to Britania (Avalon)....the storms were threatening to dash Us into the cliffs, The boat master was threatening to drop us off in the nearest port. We were useing the gold that We brought with Us from the temple as Orgon, We were also bribeing the boat master to take Us farther, with it.

IT WORKED and We were able to calm these storms and make it safley to Avalon, where We became the Priestesses of Avalon there

We are holding Orgon, in Our little hands, and We have on Our Gold rings.

Oh Heart

Oh My God Do We Pray

This Day,

As We Did On That Boat To Avalon

So Long Ago

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From: Educate-Yourself
To: luana
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2005 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: POWERFUL , Mother, Priestesses


I just read your e-mails. Glad you got involved in this.

Tell me more of Annie's story. She was your daughter and she died I take it.

Regards Ken

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From: luana
To: Educate-Yourself
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: POWERFUL , Mother, Priestesses

Yes, Miss Annie Apple Van Marm, "The Rainbow Dancer"

She was the vegan, tye dye queen, and stage dancer for the Greatful Dead, She danced with beautiful rainbow scarfs that She dyed Herself.

Hit on a bridge by a Wal Mart truck, the cameras immidiately started rolling right after the accident, so I saw the whole thing from many angles....a hundred times....including the part where She looked into the camera and whispered "mamma" ....and than, with the speed of insanity, She gasped and died.

500 people showed up for Her funeral and She is still to this day a local, and even an international legend......

Annie was Jerry Garcia's and Bobby Wier's favorite tye dye artist and stage dancer, singer and 12 string guitar player.....they came to Her funeral and payed for did Willy Nelson and members of his family

The article of her death and life was on the frount page of the Arkansas newspaper and they refered to Her as a "national Treasure"....Her beauty and power and art and dancing and music were also mentioned.

Her Father is Bernard Petar Van Marm who is a multimedia artist in Chicago

She never went to any school....She was a raw food vegan all of Her life. She studyed music and art since She was 5 years old

To say that She was physicaly beautiful, that would be an understatement...Long Golden Hair and big fat lips and boobs, and dazzeling blue eyes.

That is how She was in Life

This is how She is now

Hi Ken,

This is Annie, I read a lot of Your posts with My Mom, and of course She reads aloud all of the very amazing letters and s.a. s that are written in from others. I am here just outside of a warp from my Mom, I am here with a group of very cool and informed dead people and we work like You in-body do, we help pull everything together. I stay here with my mom and sister, Delilah, a lot, and I do many things for them because I am now able to go in and out of them, so I sometimes lend them my perspectives, and to gather we have been doing a lot of magic with our work to increase the Heart vibration of Earth Humans both dead and living.

Just like where You are there in body, there are also MANY dangers here, and MUCH work to be done....the lower levels here are choked with fumes and little pieces of Our Mother's Heart that just drift aimlessly without much consciousness ...My Mother and I have opted to go to these places and magnetically pull these tortured and confused magnetic particles into Our Loving Hearts, bring them to "the Light" and figure out what they need to live and be happy and sweet....again.

I very much appreciate it that You are curious about Me, very flattered and I Love the Miracle of being able to talk to You.

Annie Apple Van Marm

Wow !

Luana here, Why did You say that You were "Facinated"....was that a typo? cause if it wasn't....OMG !!!

I'm still on storm control duty so I gotta get back to that now.


Dont worry if I say "I Love You" My clan here at My cottage we use "I Love You's" like comas and periods....just not the fake kind of "I Love Yous" rather We say I Love You in FULL stress not ....We REALLY DO, "Love You"

so sue Us

Luana, Delilah and Annie Apple

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