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Letter from an Army Private

[Editor's Note: My reply to this fellow came back as "mail delivery failure" I sent it twice, but my reply is being blocked. I hope he can read it here. If he has trouble sending me e-mail in the future, he should send me a letter as snail mail (see my Contact page). I've pasted in some of the details of the mail bounce below my reply, but I didn't want to reveal this man's true identity or his mail location....Ken]
February 9, 2007

Subject: Mr. Adachi
From: Daniel Harrington
Date: Fri, February 9, 2007
To: Editor

Mr. Adachi,

My name is PVT Harrington. I am obviously a private in the U.S. ARMY. I have been reading your website since before I have even been in the ARMY. I don't yet know why I have joined, but I feel like it is for a purpose. My reason for writing this letter is basically to say... I have kept up with this website for a little over three years. I have always agreed with pretty much if not almost everything within its contents.

Just to shed a little light.

The ARMY... Nowadays (don't know how it was back then.) uses some screwed up tactics. I joined to show other people it doesn't have be anything but the way it's supposed to be!

I only want to show the people, within, who have already been subjected to the brain washing BULLS*** that they have a right (and a reason) to stand up to such tyranny. I am praying we escape all this, civillian or military suppression.

I would like to say more but, I have been held back tonight. If you see fit, post this message and I will elaborate a little bit more on some other night. It is my duty to protect the American constitution but, I feel so much more for the SOUL and SPIRIT. I only hope you know what I am relating to. I pray everyone opens their eyes.

Always sincerely PVT Harrington


Hi Daniel,

OK, I'll post your note and send me an update when you have the time. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say, since you are already familiar with the info on my site.

I was just listening to a radio interview with the father of Lt Watada a couple of days ago. He said everything that I would have said. Ehren Watatda refused to deploy for all the right reasons. He is not the coward that the the Pentagon is vainly trying to characterize him as. He has more courage than those who are trying to prosecute him.

He has received a great deal of support from around the world, because he's on the RIGHT SIDE of the issue.

Ehren had handled himself very well at the Tues court martial. They have another date on March 19. The Judge in the court martial-who has already demonstrated his profound lack of intelligence and respect for the Constitution-screwed up big time and called a mistrial, even though the prosecutor didn't ask for it and the defense didn't agree to it. Now the Watada team can set the stage for a Double Jeopardy dismissal.

The US military is suppose to be there for the purpose of PROTECTING the interest and security of the American people. The military is suppose to act in a DEFENSIVE ROLE, not that of an AGGRESSOR.

The US military is suppose to be the Defender of Liberty, not a vehicle for the SUPPRESSION of Liberty.

The US military is suppose to come to the defense of subjugated people, not THEMSELVES to act as murderers of innocent people.

I voluntarily joined the military following high school and believed all the things which I outlined above as being true. I was somewhat less trusting by the time I got out, but I still didn't know what I know now. I was still naive about the motivations and the Players. I started to catch on to the truth of things around 1995.

I lost relatives in World War 2, the Korean War and almost got pegged myself in the Vietnam War. You can accept the loss of a loved one if the CAUSE is HONORABLE and JUST, but NO ONE in their right mind is going to accept the loss of their son or daughter for the lying jackals and traitors in the Executive and Legislative branch of this government who got us into this insane bloodbath as a result of THEIR planning and scheming. Besides the loss of American youth, consider that at least 700,000 innocent Iraqi people have DIED because of these satanic cretins.

The lying and the murdering must stop. The military must represent the virtues extolled in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and not be Nazi storm troopers for corporate, globalist elites.

Kind Regards, Ken

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