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Letter From Janos Re. Zetas & Planet X
May 17, 2003

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Sent: Friday, May 16, 2003 6:08 PM
Subject: zetas and planet X

Dear Mr. Adachi, May 17, 2003

Thank you for your recent posting on the subject of global catatrophies as predicted by ZetaTalk. I have been wondering during the past weeks, whether Planet X was disinformation. Or about the entire Zeta site. As you say, there is so much on that web site that seems to be accurate and to the point, that one simply supposes the truth line will go on and on. And some of the scenarios are undoubtedly correct. Now I have just participated in translating two books by Gregg Braden, and felt them a little too optimistic about the pole shift. Naturally, I and people like myself will be all too liable for a more negative vision of the same scenario after such a perspective. Also, I sometimes cannot help myself but wish that this deceptive warmaking consumer civilization which kills all traces of human decency would be shaken down by some natural force. Then again, I am not entirely ready to step outside of civilization next week, I am thinking about basic things like glasses, medicines, not to speak about the fact that I know very little about subsistence farming, and am allergic to mushrooms, which are practically the only thing you can grow underground.

I was scared, not of death, for I also believe in the immortality of the soul, but of a type of drawn out poverty and sickness and a ceaseless paying of attention to mere phísical survival, eating bug soups etc. My wife never being able to go to a dentist. I have a family, my children are 14 and 1, and I think from dreams another third one will also come. I have been for returning to nature's bosom, and phasing out of consumer life (like I have not watched TV for years, I prefer to play Iranian music), but I was frankly not ready for the Zeta descriptions. I had been getting ready for 2012 anyway.

I have been experimenting with remote viewing myself, and have methods from NLP and shamanism to go investigate. So I believe I got into a shamanic communication with several "space brothers" who are behind ZetaTalk one night this past week. Some were different physically, taller and more energetic, and they did not like my communication to them at first. The small ones were very friendly, though. Possibly my great emotional upheaval was partly responsible for this breakthrough.

They basically "told" me that Nibiru is not coming this year, and that they themselves are not the source of that line. They also told me that Nancy is of good faith, but there are other forces like several layers are communicating through her as well. Their attitude was like "we've never said this ourselves, do not blame us." They were not accusing anyone else, either, other aliens, or any particular government, although I caught the feeling that the world gov was involved in this deceptive layer. ("Talking" is done more in feelings at this stage). Thinking back on my experience, they did not seem to realize the emotional effect of this false layer. They also maintained that anyone can find out if they take the effort to set up telepathy.

Another strange point was their purported stance against homepathy in the ZetaTalk texts. I was told in my vision that that was not accurate, either, but that someone deliberately had placed it in their messages. Again, no one was angry, I basically got the feeling that it was important to sort out information through our own means, and it is lke radio sometimes cracks and has noises. They did as much as they could, so they were no longer anxious. The info on hybrids ws verified by them very strongly, though. Another thing: the human words for their key terms on ZetaTalk: service-to-self and service-to-others are a gross simplification of their original alien thought context. I could elaborate on that.

By the way, the channeled info I liked best so far was Barbara Marciniak's 'Bringers of Dawn,' on the Pleiades. That came out quite early.
We are fighting radio towers here in Hungary, thank you for the other messages on the cell phone subject.

Sincerely yours,

Janos Melocco


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