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E-mail From Japan re. Fukushima Alarmism & Dumping Nuclear Waste

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December 5, 2012

E-mail From Japan re. Fukushima Alarmism & Dumping Nuclear Waste (Dec. 6, 2012)

Podcast: Ken Adachi, Don Nicoloff, & ZS Livingstone Discuss the Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Agenda on May 25, 2012

Subject: fukushima
From: Neal Perrochet
Date: Wed, December 5, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

re. Tokyo's Daily Radiation Readings Underscore the Fallacy of the Fukushima Radiation Hysteria (Dec. 4, 2012)

Dear Ken:

Writing you from Japan, I appreciate your good faith appraisal of the situation here and also what is obvious, that the exploding reactors were caused by sabotage. Perhaps sabotage is the weakest link in the nuclear power chain. The bad faith diatribes by certain internet personalities are noted, thank you. They should just be ignored.

It may be useful to track the entire history/development of nuclear power and weapons and the intentional use for terror and destruction in the pacific by our country and the European Community, now EU, for over a half century. Few people knew more about this subject, based on personal on site experience, than the late Mark Purdey, who died of a glioma brain tumor the same year [2006] that I "escaped" with my wife from California.

Mark was a colleague of mine, we both worked in the Pacific independently. He is well remembered here in Japan. Brain cancer was one of Mark's warnings relating to heavy metal/radioactive fallout (go figure) . Additionally, it is worth mentioning the EC dumping of nuke wastes along the coast of once pristine maritimel East Africa with UN approval. Chernobyl contaminated European foodstuffs (grain products and dairy) being dumped in the US with not a word from the FDA is another sorry fact warranting compare and contrast with Fukushima. Fukushima being either a terrible accident or sabotage of the most terrible kind. Sorry, my prose is weak today, just wanted to get it out. There is complete ignorance it would seem about what is going on in Asia right now from the other side of the pond

Sincerely, (stalked relentlessly even in the remote area we are living, fighter jets, drones and everything else imaginable overflying us, crash and burn Osprey coming soon, women raped by US special services military in Okinawa to commemorate Osprey arriving there, on and on it goes)

Neal Perrochet


Hello Neal,

Thanks for your note, very interesting.

I was not aware of Mark or yourself until receiving your letter, but I now see with the bit of Google searching that you were both active in trying to assist humanity and apparently were rewarded for your efforts. It appears that Mark discovered too much on the (bio engineered) Mad Cow front and was likely targeted by our covert friends. Heart attacks and fast moving cancers seem to be the most commonly employed vectors (beyond the old standby of "suicide").

The Fukushima radiation psyops is designed, by Zionist Illuminated planners, to create public pressure to get rid of nuclear power plants

(Getting rid of nuclear energy plants is stated plainly in Goals #5 and #8 of 21 Goals of the Illuminati from Dr. John Coleman's The Committee of 300. Listen to our May 25, 2012 radio show with Don Nicoloff, myself, and ZS Livingstone describing the intended psyops behind Fukushima radiation alarmism).

You will discover from their anti nuclear energy propagandists railing about Fukushima that the "best" alternative to nuclear or coal-fired power plants is NATURAL GAS electricity power plants since it's so clean , "safe," etc. As ZS Livingstone mentioned in one of his essays on my web site, it just so happens that Germany's Siemens (a long time player with the Nazi International, going back to the Third Reich) recently developed this really nifty and super efficient gas burning turbine for electricity power plants that will take advantage of all those gazillion metric tons of natural gas that is being extracted with hydraulic fracking throughout America and Europe. Germany's Illuminated Merkle has already outlawed nuclear power plants in Germany. In order to achieve the same thing here (and in Japan), they need a lot more public demonstrations to rail against nuclear power plants, ergo the unending Fukushima radiation brain washing blitz.

Tell me why you had to leave California in a hurry.

Regards, Ken.

Subject: Re: fukushima
From: Neal Perrochet
Date: Thu, December 6, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


Thank you for your reply. Purdy's work, which appeared in Lancet no less, exposed mad cow as highly questionable, not a bioengineered organism and instead related to pesticide use and heavy metal contamination of livestock, especially those kept near large airports. So called "chem trails", which are poison gas attacks, may be contributory when it comes to neurological disease such as "mad cow". Lack of magnesium in the diet was a major component of Mark's work regarding neurological disease. He demonstrated conclusively that Pacific Islanders were suffering from various brain disorders and neurological deficits due to legacy of nuclear 'testing' (nuclear terror) in the pacific many many times more damaging than Fukushima. Specifically, metallic components of nuclear wastes absorbed into brain tissue (electrolyte function of brain requires metal uptake of magnesium and copper, when absent or insufficient, brain takes up other metals, often with catastrophic results - Mark's thesis published in Lancet) The mad cow doomsday scenario has not materialized, as per Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Rense. Much like AIDS, which is more likely a chemical weapons operation combined with injections of known virulent pathogens, Mad Cow disease may not be attributable to any singularity. Autism rates are seemingly epidemic in children these days, possibly the same cause. Brain cancer has now taken two family members of mine and an important colleague, Mark Purdy.

My colleagues in both Kenya and Fiji Islands were taken out as well, one died of "AIDS" (neglect in the hospital, probably suffering from malaria and associated collection of poverty diseases, prominent member of Kenya ministry of Agriculture). One was shot dead outside his home in front of his family, no investigation (prominent engineering consultant and founder of NGO in Kenya). My most important colleague, Nicola Nemani, died in a"boating accident" after establishing, with some small help from the writer, the only independent community self help rural development organization not tied to any foreign government or religious establishment in Fiji.

I respectfully disagree with the idea that oil and natural gas interests via the "illuminate" are primarily responsible for the discipling of Japan over its traditional good relations with Iran and various Muslim countries and its once open opposition to Israel, which is now history. The Israeli involvement in the attacks here is not some big mystery, they controlled the security at Fukushima. Talk about fox in chicken coop! TEPCO is managed by Isareli and British government backed quislings. The Isreelis already blew up one reactor in Iraq if you recall. There was no talk of contamination regarding that during the time. Who cared, it just drifted toward Iran! Of course, Israel, the policeman of the middle east, does not operate in isolation. If Israel is the policeman, then who or what is the judiciary? The term "illuminati" is unfortunate in describing genocidal religious doctrine and practice coming out of certain European institutions, colonialism and imperialism.

Important, however, it is not worthy to necessarily associate the people of a region with their respective "states".

I do not hear from any alternative news sites the significant history of nuclear power and weapons. If you take time to connect the dots to see where it was developed (Europe, not America), where it was first tested (New Mexico and the western USA adjacent to significant native American communities that were never defeated and kept their own lands) , where it was further "tested" on Pacific Islanders (Bikini, Inewetok, French Polynesia) and of course the nuclear attacks on Japan after it was defeated, aimed specifically at women and children, you may find a common thread. That thread is that nuclear weapons, including depleted uranium munitions (contaminating much of Okinawa due to "practice rounds fired") are used against the women and children of non white, non christian nations that stood up and fought back against British /American /European imperialism. Not that anyone is squeaky clean and pure, we are all human and capable of bad behavior and killing, yet I urge you and others to take a hard look at the Manhattan project and who was behind it, not necessarily the "illuminati", a catch all phrase, but the same old world powers/ institutions predominantly out of Europe. FDR was sold the secrets with A. Einstein as the band leader for public consumption (the kindly old professor type) and the rest is history. The British and French states have been using the Pacific as their nuclear toilet for half a century. No blowing up atomic bombs in the Atlantic? Think...

1939 is given as the date of Manhattan project's beginnings, but it is safe to assume that it came to attention of FDR administration much earlier than that. Indeed, the Manhattan Project may have been much more a cause of WWII than any other and this legacy continues.

Ken, it is virtually oil-less western Europe and oil-less Israel that promote nuclear power over oil and gas. Arabs, africans and south east asians have all the oil and they are predominantly muslims! Their women and children are being slaughtered and nuked with depleted uranium. Depleted Uranium travesty was exposed by a Japanese national nuclear physicist who characterized it as a crime against humanity! I respectfully suggest review of the motivations behind the attack here in Japan vis a vis Isreal, its controllers and allies and the hatred for non white, non christians that still abounds from the "old world" in Europe and European America. One should be open to the idea that nuclear power is not as deadly and dangerous as often is said and it is a legitimate line of inquiry, certainly, I think toxic chemical wastes building up in the environment and our bodies are just as bad if not worse.

One last thought on the issue of cancer and toxic pollution, including nuero-degenerative diseases. It has been suggested by pioneering medical researchers who are not necessarily mainstream that it is not radiation that "causes" cancer, but rather the destruction of immune system by excessive radiation and/or toxic chemicals (often derived from petrochemical sources, to be sure) that leads to proliferation of pleomorphic bacteria/viruses that overwhelm the body and result in Cancer. This is worth considering.

Cannabis is now proven preventative and treatment for cancer. The people in western Japan could be juicing raw flower tops from cannabis right now (no psychoactive effect) to fight off potential for developing cancers associated with the various contaminants attributable to the tragedy (why Japan AGAIN.).

Thank you for setting record straight on Fukushima. Moret, Rense and others seem gleeful in creating hatred and animosity toward Japanese people, which seems to be a large part of this operation. I believe it was this character Moret who advised that the west coast of USA be abandoned because of Fukushima! Was western Europe abandoned after Chernobyl? What a joke, some foreigner parading around the states with this kind of fear mongering? This is not, I suggest, mere stupidity, but part of the agenda that is being played out. Please suggest to readers to compare and contrast the legacy of deliberate nuclear attacks and also the aftermath food export scandal from Europe after Chernobyl, additionally, the old EC UN approved dumping of radioactive wastes off the coast of Somalia and Kenya.

Good luck to you Ken


Hello Neal,

Glad to read your take on many things of interest to all of us. I see that we concur in many areas. Articles covering many of the things you mention here are already posted to this web site, including Jim Stone's allegation that Israel planted the mini nukes inside a large, cylindrical security camera system inside the Daiichi facility and crippled their system on 3/11 using the Stuxnet virus to send erroneous signals to Daiichi plant operators. I can defend the use of the term "Illuminati" as a useful and appropriate word to identify the individuals who are planning and orchestrating these heinous acts of destruction and mayhem to bring in their One World Satanic Order. We all understand that Zionist Israel is a major player in most of these destructive operations, including 9/11, and we recognize the apartheid mentality of Zionists.

I have no fear of nuclear power plants that are properly built, maintained, and managed to the highest industry standards. If any country can be mentioned as having the reputation for maintaining the highest possible standards in nuclear energy safety, it would have to include Japan. The idiocy served up at concerning Fukushima radiation would have the world believe that Japanese people are the most unaware, naive, unsophisticated, stupid, dumped-down retards on the face of the planet who simply aren't "smart" enough to recognize the "great danger" that the Fukushima "disaster" has saddled them with, when the truth is quite the opposite.

The Fukushima "disaster" has been intentionally blown all out of proportion to what actually occurred and Japanese people are one of the most careful, meticulous, safety-conscious, and intelligent societies in the world.

I can guarantee you that northern Japan will continue to thrive and live life as usual with no spike of radiation-triggered cancers in the coming decades, nor will it become "uninhabitable" as reckless, mendacious, fear mongering Leuren Moret and her hysteria-promoting colleagues have gravely predicted.

Royal Rife in the 1930s and Virginia Livingstone Wheeler in the 1970s identified the connection between cancer and pleomorthic organisms. The books of Dr Hulda Clark contain the best information in print about the genesis of all cancers, including the definitive role of radioactive nucleotides in cancer genesis and the role of gold in prion disease proliferation. ZS Livingstone has posted many articles at this web site that may be of interest to you including another take on why Mad Cow, AIDS, SARS, Bird/Swine Flu, etc. had not taken off and met their intended genocidal goal.

Good to chat with you.

Best Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: fukushima
From: Neal Perrochet
Date: Fri, December 7, 2012 3:41 am
To: Ken Adachi


Thanks for all your clarification, please excuse me if I am not a little on edge. I truly appreciate your comments below. I have been coming to this country (Japan) for over 30 years and concur with much of what you recite below about the character of the people here. The country is being divided and reconquered, I am afraid. I understand your use of the term illuminati and apologize for my flippant quotation marks around that term, there's enough triteness on the internet these days. From the US west coast perspective, Japanese Americans are the founders of modern agriculture in California, starting out as field hands under very difficult conditions and inventing modern truck farming, the backbone of California Ag. Chinese Americans, workers and unsung engineers also had a major if not equivalent role to play in Ag, especially in irrigation, canal building and difficult roadway ngineering through steep mountainous terrain. This Fukushima propaganda is spoiling the atmosphere in the west and certain rats are coming out of the woodwork to take advantage of the situation, with a lot of new angst for some of our most valuable citizens.

Again, I appreciate your comments.

Sincerely, Neal Perrochet, Shikoku,


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Mark Purdey

Purdey, Mark

Born on Christmas day 1953 to a family of noteable rifle makers, Purdey studied Zoology and Psychology at London University and pioneered an organic farm in his early twenties. His methods, which involved the use of pedigree jersey cows, a self-sufficient arable/legume-grass rotation system and a minimal reliance on concentrated feed, led to high yields.

Purdey had a second highly successful career as a researcher after cows he purchased developed BSE, something his own cows had never suffered from. Purdey’s research led him to challenge the mainstream hypothesis and focus instead on environmental ratios of copper and manganese.

In the year or so before his untimely death, Mark Purdey had become an outspoken critic of the gerrymandering of scientific data relating to clusters of CJD that had become a feature of the mainstream hypothesis, which was, to his frustration, most often disseminated as if it were established fact. In particular, Purdey had begun to focus on the piezoelectric properties of chemicals like Lyddite, which he described as “the common component of the chemical detonators found in the TSE cluster“.

Mark Purdey died of a brain tumour on Sunday 12th November 2006. He is survived by a wife and 8 children.

Born in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire, he was a scion of the famous Purdey family of gunsmiths – a bizarre irony since Mark was incapable of harming any living thing, let alone shooting it.

- Guardian obituary

[Purdey] did not accept the assurances given to him by MAFF and, in 1985, sought a judicial review of the Warble Fly (England and Wales) Order 1982. Following an out-of-court settlement, he was exempted from treating his cattle with OP compounds.

- Extract from the BSE Inquiry


Mark Purdey accepting the Weston A Price Integrity in Science Award 2002

Mark Purdey accepting the Weston A Price Integrity in Science Award 2002

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