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Fighting Fluoride Water Blinders in Wisconsin and Intelligently Fighting the NWO

March 8, 2012

Fighting Fluoride Water Blinders in Wisconsin and Intelligently Fighting the NWO (March 8, 2012)

Subject: WWW Form Submission
From: Matthew
Date: Wed, March 7, 2012
To: Ken Adachi


Greetings. I have a few thoughts to share and would also appreciate your thoughts in regard to my thoughts.

Ron Paul. Mainstream media. Just like our govt., media's role is supposed to be to serve the people; to inform, to very simply convey nformation. Clearly, they have become untrustworthy. My question to anyone who cares to respond is this: Is there anyone who has the authority to not only hold them accountable, but to criminally prosecute their crimes? And when?

Secondly, chemtrails. When I look up, I see clouds that look different from my memory of what clouds look like, I see planes spraying exhaust that fans out into shapes I don't remember seeing before ~2001. However, it seems that everyone around me thinks they've seen these all their lives. I live in NE Wisconsin, and spraying is a common sight now. Last September, I watched as a crystal clear blue sky became a solid grey cloud deck after dozens of trails were sprayed. This morning I saw one little break in the cloud deck with two chemtrails visible beyond it, and within 5 minutes the trails had effectively patched the hole. I believe 'sylphs' are a type of 'angel', and used to see them often, but no longer. I have two questions on this issue: 1. How is it possible that intelligent human beings can't even see what is so blatantly obvious to me? And 2. Is there an authority who can make them stop and when?

Barium and aluminum, I believe, will ruin our agriculture and choke off our food supply, which, I think, is the true purpose of chemtrails. Isn't there a hero somewhere who knows where the planes are kept who can drive a big truck through and wreck them? (This would also be a good weapon for wrecking FEMA camps by the way - 5 large equipment).

Communicating with one another is good, but our enemies are literally killing us, so it is time to retaliate. If anyone out there is in a position to do so, they should begin now. Yes, we are winning the infowar, but that won't stop their actions for years.

There are not too many people on this planet. The Rothschild family alone could feed everyone on earth. Every human on earth could fit inside France. Texas alone could grow enough food to feed the world. Earth does have a problem - global government. Who do you suppose is at the top of the pyramid? Who did the historical person Jesus Christ say is the current ruler of this world? I digress.

In summary, I believe that if WE can (1) literally depose our corrupt media and replace them with truth-tellers AND (2) stop the chemtrails, those two aspects will equal victory. I believe it is time to act. If you believe in God, then there is nothing to fear. We WILL live forever.

In truth and in love,



Hello Matthew,

After you fully realize that the congress is top heavy with NWO sellouts and fifth columnist, the most egregious being Zionist-owned traitors like Joseph Libierman or John McCain, you have to take some sort of ACTION to thwart the NWO takeover and dissolution of America, but not the sort of suicidal, desperate acts of action-movie bravado that you suggest. That sort of fantasy may make you feel better emotionally, but any thinking person knows that sort of action is extremely immature at best (nfantile really). No intelligent person is going to throw his life away by ramming a truck into the front gate of a FEMA camp. I'm sure you already know that.

The action that I'm talking about is action which will bring about a CHANGE in people's thinking or behavior that will act to slow down and reverse the NWO takeover of America. If the people you talk to can't plainly see that chemtrails are being sprayed in your skies everyday, then you have to set up a video camera on a tripod early in the morning while the sky is still blue, and set it to record a frame every 15 or 30 seconds, so when you play it back, you can see the chemtrail smog being laid down and watch it fan out.. You then put together a web sit and call it "Chemtrail Spraying Over Wisconsin" or something similar, and then post it to various blogs that Wisconsin people read, such as farmer and dairy blogs, or social networking groups etc. Don't waste your time trying to talk one neighbor at a time into "seeing" chemtrails. You'll exhaust yourself and only pull in three people. Put up a web site and start enlightening your neighbors.

Another thing we all must do is to NOT COOPERATE with ANY government dictum that tries to force us to do something that we know is a violation of the US Constitution or of our personal sovereignty, or privacy, or morality, or human rights. Two years ago when that Chinese-American NWO sellout, traitor, and communist China gofer, Gary Locke (who Amermcanized his Chinese name in order to avoid the appearance of being the communisst China agent/ NWO sellout that he actually is), who was the Secretary of Commerce in 2010 (and currently US ambassador to China, his mother country) tried to make REAL Americans citizens think that they would be fined or taken to court for not providing the answers to that UNCONSTITUTIONAL 2010 Census questionaire, I didn't cooperate with NWO tyranny by not answering the door when the census taker came to my house, on 5 or 6 different occasions and knocked for maybe ten minutes each time he came. I had already sent in the census form and just marked how many people lived in the house --AND NOTHING ELSE--as authorized by the US Constitution. .

Get involved with political grassroots organizing and build a local group that has ONE unwaving standard that is inviolate: you only back people who will vow to fight against the NWO takeover and dissolution of America. That's the "platform."That means they will vow to help to repeal NWO legislation like the Patriot Act, Military Comminssion Act, etc.

it's simple. This is common sense thinking that will cause the NWO agenda to stumble and eventually fall if enough people get involved and take direct, intelligent action.

Regards, Ken

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