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"Did You Know?" ~ A Letter from Shawn
February 7, 2009

"Did You Know?" ~ A Letter from Shawn (Feb. 9, 2009)

Subject: May 20 2012
From: Shawn
Date: Sat, February 7, 2009
To: Editor

I wanted to share these facts with you. They are hidden truths and effect us all.

You know that the NWO speech by G.H.W. Bush was on Sept 11, 1990 You know that we were attacked on Sept 11, 2001 exactly 11 years later You know that if you add 11 to 2001 you get 2012.

Yet, did you know that the Georgia Guidestones are built on sacred Cherokee ground which in Cherokee legend states that the world will end as we know it on June 6th 2012? When the rattlesnake constellation is aligned with that monument?

Did you also know that a crop circle with a binary ASCII code gives the two dates of May 20th and June 6th 2012? This is alien intervention.

Also May 20th is a Saturday. It is also the day of Jerusalem in Israel.

Did you also know that Dr. Bill Deagle has stated that the start of the final end of all wars will originate in Jerusalem?
Did you also know that the book Ezekiel 35-39 describes this war and it is between Magog and Gog.
Did you know that G.H.W. Bush took the name Magog when sworn into the Skull and Bones?

Did you know that in IRAN people say "first there is Saturday and then there is Sunday" to describe that they will attack 1st Israel and then USA?

Did you know that the man Mr. George Green has stated that the World Gov are planning a massive depopulation plan to reduce the world down to 500 million people? He says it will be a choreographed war. He says the collapse of our economy is directed at disarming the USA as well as removing undesirables.

Did you know that the book Global 2000 helps make the justification case for our population being unsustainable?
Did you know that the Club of Rome has given plans for managing this decline through war?

Did you know that FEMA has rebuilt detention camps in the USA through Bechtel/Halibut on.

So, I ask did you know all this?



Hello Shawn,

Can I ask you a few questions?

Did you send this e-mail with its 'hidden truths' which "effect'" us all to David Icke? How about Dr John Coleman? Tex Marrs? I hope Alec Jones got his copy. I'm sure that they would feel as gratified as I in receiving this communique

Whew, who knew?

Did you ever read "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley? Did you know that a central theme of the book is the repeated instances, going back hundreds of years in Europe and America, of attempts to MANUFACTURE mass hysteria--and FEAR--in anticipation of an "End Times" scenario? Do you know how many times the End of the World scenario had been predicted in the 20th century alone? Bramley strongly suspected that aliens, negative aliens, had paid a big role in bringing on the Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages along with other instances of deadly mass hysteria, such as the Salem witch trials .

Ever heard of Albert Pike and what he "predicted"? How about Adam Weisshaupt? The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion? The British Round Table and the Milner Group?

Did you read my web page entitled British Israel?

How about Planet X, The Sequel?

You quote George Green as your source for the depopulation agenda down to 500 million. Do you think that George Green was the first one out of the box with that info, from his "inside" Illuminati or alien sources? Besides, what do you really know about George Green anyway? Perhaps you should ask Dr John Coleman about George Green.

Did you read Dr. John Coleman's analysis of The Aquarian Conspiracy; and the idea that the entire New Age movement was a MANUFACTURED construct of the Illuminati to tie in and REINFORCE-- in the mass consciousness-- the equally stunning End Times/Armageddon scenario in order to build up a tremendous ANTICIPATION--in the mass consciousness--of a world wide ascension or epiphany transformation (Mayan calendar, etc) which is suppose to occur in 2012?

Did you ever hear 'Major' Ed Dames on the Art Bell show over the past decade proffer a nearly endless stream of Doom & Gloom predictions based on his "100% accurate" Technical Remote Viewing technique, that so far, have gone bust in just about every instance ~ except his 2012 "predictions"?

Do you realize that the "Christian" fundamentalist promotion of the Rapture, as touted by TV evangelical brain washers like Jack Van Impe (and most of his brain washing colleagues) is essentially the same sort of "escape" from the End Times that is just around the corner?

Did you ever read the mind bending "End times Terminal Madness" gnosis clap trap from Dr. Joseph Chiappalone and Amitakh Stanford? They too have a lot to say (or said) about the terrible destruction just over the horizon.They, however, have already confirmed that all of the truly worthwhile folks of this world, the "viables" according to them, have already been taken off planet by alien "rescuers", so too bad if you're still here because you're going to wind up as worm food following the Great Destruction of planet earth ~ according to them. .

Did it ever occur to you Shawn, that you're being played and helping to install the NWO by promoting their psyops for them by instilling fear, anxiety, and anticipatory dread in those who read your 'hidden truths'?

So, I ask did you know all this?



-----Original Message-----
From: Shawn
Sent: Feb 11, 2009
To: Ken Adahci
Subject: Re: May 20 2012

Hi Ken,

I am truly sorry about this email. I see now what you are saying. You are right I should ignore these negative facts. This information was all new to me and I only learned of this topic in December 2008. I would say that all of this information that I just read was so disturning that I have been having nightmares about this topic ever since. The date may 20 2012 was in one of my dreams and at the time of this email I thought it was a premonition.

My anxiety from this dream was so high that I wanted to reach out to someone for feedback. No I did not send this to Icke. I now see that this topic is an old one and many other people have been preaching it for years. Again it was all new to me as of recently. Yet as a result of this new information exposure I have come to learn that what happens in other countries effects us all. Gandhi has said that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. So, in my heart of hearts I truely hope that all of humanity finally sees this connectedness and we will all finally live in peace.

Your response was very helpful in helping me see this. Thanks you so much. I will not send emails like this again.


Very nice reply Shawn.

Thanks for your understanding and desire to help.


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