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Letters to The Editor

A Letter of Support
January 14, 2007

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007
From:   Dr. A. French 
To: Editor
Subject: Hold your head high


I've got to give it to you, my friend; you are right on it almost every single time. With insights, wisdom, integrity, and passion to boot. You are not 100% correct 100% of the time and most of your readers understand this and don't expect more from you. When trying to understand this vast "Matrix" that surrounds us, there are so many layers, such interwoven complexities, so many agents of disception and misdirection, that you can certainly be forgiven for the few times you may have been off base in your assessments. But, this has been freely admitted by you on many occasions, so bravo. Your site pulls together many important elements, players, and heros within the grande conspiracy (from Clark to Icke to Rampa to Ledoux to Schneider and many more). Just a wonderfully balanced mix and many places to start for the initiate into this bizarre realm.

Keep it up Ken and continue to protect yourself.


Dr. A. French

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