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Letters to The Editor

Letter to a Crackpot
March 13, 2007

Subject: horrible shame
Date: Tue, March 13, 2007
To:   Editor

I really think you ought to be ashamed for the ammount of lies you spread with your website. There really is no point whatsoever in pointing out which things are lies, but I'd just like to stress my ultimate disgust with your anti-vaccination propaganda. Shame on you. If there were no vaccines, this world would be crawling with sickness, and there probably wouldn't even be the Internet for your lies to spread, though the
society would surely be so "developed" that your "alternative cures" would be a standard procedure.

You're nothing but a crackpot, a hardcore crank, with too much time on your hands and your website is one of the best examples of "dangerous web" that can kill someone. There are websites that give information about explosives and toxines, but there is always a disclaimer "this can and problably will make you sick or even kill you".

But your page encourages kook-fans and regular, innocent civilians to spend money on stupidities such as Joe cell, orgone, chembuster, to ingest silver and ozone (do you know what "enegetic chemical radical" means, and do you know what does it do to a cell and its genetic material?), hydrogen peroxide. And there isn't just that, there is planting a meme into reader's head "not to trust EVIL doctors and EVIL science". I mean, can anyone be a better crackpot than you? I suppose you're soon going to write about flat Earth. Mind control waves, death towers? OMFG.

Shame on you. I only wish that as less people as possible develop some sickness cause of your stupidity.

I do not expect any reply from a human being that has absolutely no moral sense.


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