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Letter Questioning the Reliability of Leuren Moret

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March 2, 2015

Letter Questioning the Reliability of Leuren Moret (March 2, 2015)

On 3/2/2015 11:08 AM, Diana A wrote:

Hi there!

Haven't written in a while. I was wondering if you have any good information on the depleted uranium issue on the Big Island Hawaii. I know Leuren Moret is saying Hawaii is doomed, but I don't think I believe her based on the fact that I have a friend living on Oahu that says the only people that look sick are from the mainland.

Hope you can give me some information.




Hi Diana,

I haven't looked into the story of depleted uranium in Hawaii and I don't know what she said about it, so I can't comment on that, but I reviewed and critiqued 3 or 4 of Leuren Moret's Youtube videos on Fukushima made in 2011 and I found her to be a constant BS artist and mountebank. She's a propagandist of the first rank, undoubtedly working for our Zio-Illuminated friends (while pretending to be a "truther") to spread the radiation panic button in order to bring an end to nuclear energy as a source of electricity production around the world; exactly what the Illuminati want to achieve.

Here's one of 50 articles I wrote on Fukushima fear mongering and radiation hysteria promotion in which I debunk people like Moret:

Fukushima Radiation Fear Mongering: An Orchestrated Scare Campaign Exceeding the Fraud of 9/11 (May 19, 2012)

If you listen to her videos and then read what I have to say, you can clearly see that Leuren Moret is incapable of uttering an honest sentence, let alone give an accurate assessment on Fukushima "radiation dangers" - which simply do not exist either - in Japan, the West Coast of the US or Hawaii. When you listen to someone who fabricates one outrageous, preposterous statement after another, do you continue to take the time to listen to such a person? Why, therefore, does the public pay any attention to this woman? How dumb can people be?

Arnie Gundersen and Christopher Busby are also radiation alarmists who fabricate, misstate, exaggerate, and mislead, but Leuren Moret is off the chart in all of these subtexts of BS-ing.

In one of her videos made in April of 2011, she said that the entire northern portion of Honshu (the part of Japan where Fukushima prefecture and the prefectures just north of Fukushima are located "...that is uninhabitable now," implying that there was so much radiation in that region that people couldn't continue to live there.

A direct quote from her Youtube video dated April 20, 2011:

Excerpted from

"And also because of that, the whole top third of Honshu, all the way up to the tip of Honshu, that is UNINHABITABLE now. It is THREE TIMES more radioactive on the ground than after Chernobyl. It's uninhabitable. It's over 3,000 Bequerels per second of extremely dangerous radionucleotides that are decaying across that whole top third of Honshu. "

Well, the Japanese aren't stupid people. If there was a REAL radiation danger from Fukushima, the government would have made the people move out of that region, just as they forced people to move out of the 18 mile perimeter around the Daiichi plant and Fukushima city. There are radiation monitors all over the place and every school kid in northern Japan was given a dosimeter in the immediate wake of 3/11 to monitor any possible uptick in background radiation. Radiation was monitored of all water supplies, air, food, fish, plants, seaweed, ground radiation, etc. No one had to move because there was NO radiation uptick that presented any sort of danger to the public, then or in the future for that area. People are living and working in northern Japan just as they did before 3/11 and no one is worried about becoming sick from radiation because there is NO radiation to worry about. Anyone can find out the FACTS by simply searching for them on the internet instead of ACCEPTING the false statements and gross exaggerations on Youtube videos of propagandists like Moret and her ilk.

I have an entire index page devoted to many articles about Fukushima radiation hysteria.

Fukushima Radiation Hysteria: A Well Funded & Calculated Disinformation Campaign, Index of Articles (Oct 26, 2013)

I could have added 500 more articles if I wanted to take the time to review and debunk the THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of contrived Fukushima radiation hysteria BS articles that have flooded the internet since 3/11,

It should be noted that almost without exception, all of the most strident, self proclaimed "experts" on nuclear energy dangers such as Moret, Busby, Yoichi Shimatsu, and even Arnie Gundersen etc., are not credential authorities in nuclear energy. None have the knowledge or credentials to operate a nuclear power plant, for example, including Gundersen.

Moret has a degree in geology as far as I could determine. Busby calls himself a nuclear physicist but I find no academic credentials to support that. Busby is an outrageous BS artist and tells one whopper after another. Shitmatsu was a columnist for the Japan Times. Gundersen was a TEACHER at a high school and only had a license to operate a 100 watt nuclear reactor used at that school for teaching purposes.

Leuren Moret is currently scapegoating the Jesuits and the Vatican as the source of All Evil in the World, along with Alfred Webre, which makes me suspect that they're both working in the interest of The World Conqueror, like Eric Jon Phelps and Kevin Annett, to demonize the Catholic church because scapegoating the Jesuits and Vatican (with zero evidence to support their bizarre accusations) are at the very top of the Zionists psy-ops "to do" list.

Her statements are so absurd, it's hard to believe that any rational person with a modicum of education would actually listen to her. For example, she says the Jesuits were established in ancient Babylon and are the progeny of "Sephardi Jews," undoubtedly around the same time Alexander the Great was overthrowing Darius III, easily 330 years before the birth of Christ. Beyond claims of originating in ancient Babylonia, she also confidently asserts on Youtube that Jesuits aren't even Catholics; they're atheists don't your know (I am not making this up).

For the record, the Jesuits, also called the Society of Jesus, was founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, as any search engine will reveal (at least for the very few who USE a search engine or encyclopedia or library to check facts) .

Sincerely, Ken

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Articles commenting on Leuren Moret's dishonesty and fabricated assertions:

Leuren K Moret, Gamma Scout Meter, No Depleted Uranium In Hawaiian Air

by Blaine Howard, formerly Certified, now retired, Health Physicist

Topics Leuren K Moret, Depleted Uranium, Hawaii, KITV, Fake, Gamma Scout Meter

Leuren K Moret, Berkeley, California, activist, claimed on KITV that she measured above normal radiation using the Gamma Scout Meter and further claimed that this was proof that Army was actively using depleted uranium on that day in Hawaii. Blaine Howard, an expert in radiation instrumentation, analyzes the Gamma Scout Meter and discusses its ability to measure depleted uranium dust in air. He concludes that the meter is incapable of measuring DU dust in the air and that Moret's performance on KITV was just that a performance, not factual reporting. KITV subsequently requested that YouTube remove the video. Moret, however, still the con artist and show woman, shows the video at public appearances and still falsely claims that she was measuring DU in the air that morning. If you see her video, you will note that she is not being pelted by falling rocks. This article will show you that this is the only way that the Gamma Scout Meter could have been measuring falling depleted uranium.


Leuren K Moret - Real Job at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Topics Leuren K Moret, Depleted Uranium Expert, Nuclear Scientist, Marion K Fulk, Manhattan Project Scientist

Leuren K Moret often asserts that she was a "nuclear scientist" at two DOE National Laboratories. This letter, obtained from the University of California operated Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under the California Public Records Act shows that Moret was not a "scientist" and worked very briefly at the Laboratory. Moret was a Senior Scientific Technologist in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing for less than a year from 1989 to 1990. Moret also claims to have been trained in radiation detection by Manhattan Project Scientist Marion Fulk. Fulk's employment from 1964 to 1984 as a Chemist at the Laboratory is also addressed in this letter. While Fulk did have prior employment, it is doubtful that he was a "Manhattan Project Scientist". It also is clear that Moret never worked with Fulk at the Laboratory since Fulk retired in 1984 and Moret began work five years later in 1989.

Rhotel1 [Comment from Roger Helbig]
Re: Leuren Moret Vancouver 911 Truth Speech
« Reply #18 on: December 21, 2010

Quote from: Francisco on July 12, 2007

" Leuren Moret is a whistle-blower from Livermore National Laboratory, expert lecturer on the health effects of depleted uranium

President, Scientists for Indigenous People
City of Berkeley Environmental Commissioner
Past President, Association for Women Geoscientists"

The only thing factual is that Moret is a past President of the Association of Women Geoscientists. She is a superb organizer and self-promoter. Scientists for Indigenous People is not recognized by the US IRS or the State of California and probably only exists on Moret's business card and letterhead; she appears to have made it up to appear more important. Moret was a member of the nine member Community Environmental Advisory Commission. That entitled her to be called "Commissioner" but she was not the "Environmental Commissioner" and was merely one of nine members of a group that met about two hours per month. Moret is not a whistleblower and is not an expert lecturer on anything, but does put on a very good show if no one in the audience knows any of the basic underlying science.

Wed, Apr 6, 2011


"The radiation effect of this false flag global radiation war intensified this week as radiation maps produced by the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) now confirm that the Midwest of the United States, all of California, the states of Oregon and Washington and the western part of Canada are under a radiation threat with radiation levels as high as that in Japan in areas adjacent to the six units of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that started in melt-down on March 11, 2011."

This from the website completely turned me off from viewing the video. The "false flag" and "radiation levels as high as that in Japan in areas adjacent to the six units of the Fukushima nuclear power plant" indicated that this was an outright lie.

Any real problems should show up here:

Leuren Moret, Doug Rokke and Others Mislead Public on Depleted Uranium by Robert Holloway (Orig. 2005, Update, June 2009)
There is a great deal of false information on the Internet about depleted uranium. One such retailer of false information is Leuren Moret. Let's take a close look at an instance where Ms. Moret has had ample opportunity to correct false information, at my request, and has failed to do so.

Some good information on Leuren Moret and Doug Rokke (August 4, 2008)
For those who might not know, Leuren Moret and Doug Rokke are a couple of extremely dishonest and generally dishonorable and self-serving individuals who have been perpetuating some ridiculously inflated fears of radiation and especially depleted uranium. They’ve managed to just about make careers over going around and showing pictures of dead babies and claiming that George Bush and the United States are the greatest genocidal, baby-slaughtering, imperial, tyrannical force of evil… EVER

A Critique of Leuren Moret's Work on HAARP by Roger Helbig (November 12, 2010)


[In forcing myself to listen to this video, so I could comment on Leuren's inane absurdities, I came across at least two Youtube commenters (among a majority of congratulatory fans) who still possess a few brain cells:]

I-Leuren Moret: Jesuit's origin in Babylon; Are Satanic Knights Templar for one world govt
Published on Aug 20, 2014
Part I - Leuren Moret: Jesuits (“Society of Jesus”) originated in Babylon; Are Satanic,rebranded Knights Templar seeking One World Government

1. petervan333 1 month ago
Of all the moronic claims on YouTube, this must be the most ridiculous.
A Catholic Order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola is supposedly linked to Babylon??? What have you people been smoking?

2. MrSul3 6 months ago
Absolutely ridiculous interview. Are we really supposed to believe what she says, to ignore what our eyes are showing us, and our minds are telling us to be truth? Who are the Wall Street Bankers, the City of London Bankers? Who owns and controls most of the Western Media, and use it to propagandize for their own goals? Who do most Politicians have to align themselves with in order to be elected ? It isn't the Jesuits, it's the Zionist Jews who control things, and are leading the World to war and ruination.

And it was they who gave to us the French Revolution, the Jewish Bolshevik take over of Russia, WW1, WW2, they financed both sides throughout the Cold War, etc..

What this woman is saying is pure bull shit, a diversion. I don't doubt she believes it, but she shouldn't be allowed to get away unchallenged. I suppose she thinks the Jesuits are forcing Israel to murder Palestinians, to steal their land, etc.. And that the Jesuit order controls Congress, the Senate, the President, the EU, and so on. Look, I have no doubt that the Jesuit order are an evil organization, they were after all formed by Marano (pig) converted Jews, and have left a legacy of destruction, evil deeds. But, compare that to the combined power of organized world Jewry, Zionism, they are insignificant today compared to the Zionists, and are busy destroying Catholicism from within. While Zionism is busy destroying the world financial system to further enslave humanity, and preparing for the possible Apocalypse, which could result from an escalation of their war with Russia. I say their war, as America is a possession, a tool which they use to wage their wars for them. Just like the so called fake '' War on Terror '', a war where all of Israels enemies are now in Americas cross hairs.

Far too many people are afraid to even allow their own thoughts to condemn the Jews in the absolute privacy of their own mind. Feeling it, the truth, to be hateful. The truth is ugly, no doubt, but to not condemn evil is to condone it. To blame others for the evils done in the name of Zionism is wrong, she'd be better off keeping quiet rather than serving the interests of Zionism by diverting the blame they so richly deserve on to others. Once again, I know the Jesuits are a no good bunch of evil misfits, and have never done a good deed throughout their history. So, I'm by no means defending them. My intent is to place the blame where it belongs, on the shoulders of Zionism and their minions like the Freemasons.


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