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We script our lives before we're born...?
October 7, 2006

Subject: We script our lives before we're born...??
Date: Sat, October 7, 2006
To: Editor

Somewhere in your website I read that we all script our lives before we're born. Those "scripts" then get review and approved by "elders". If this is true, then please tell me which crazy, stupid, insane "elders" approved the life of Hitler?!!! I would REALLY appreciate an answer!!

J. B. Roth,


Hi JB,

It's obvious that you are emotionally agitated by this concept. You're using your left brain and applying logic--alone-- to grasp the meaning and purpose of life. We've been conditioned to use intellect exclusively, but there is more to understanding consciousness than intellect alone. To be balanced, we need to use both left and right hemispheres of the brain equally. Allowing intuition and feelings to help guide us when intellect doesn't provide the answer is a way to gain greater understanding.

However, I'll try to answer from an intellectually position all the same, so you can broaden your perspective.

We plan our lives while still in the spirit world and receive guidance from wise councilors, true enough. But we have FREE WILL at all times. Whether we SUCCESSFULLY live the life we had planned, or we go in an entirely different direction is subject to the decisions we made while in the flesh, and that is always a matter of FREE WILL.

Hitler may have planned to be a painter, or a poet, or a banker, but didn't fulfill that plan. Or he may have planned to be exactly what he was. We won't know until we step back over to the Other Side, but I can still make the argument for a life such as Hitler's, even though it brought chaos, death and turmoil. Sounds strange, right? But not so strange if you widen your perspective.

We are immortal Light Beings. We are not simply human beings who live and die and that's it. You live on after physical death. We are immortal. Every religion in the world accepts the idea that we are immortal and survive physical death. The fundamentalist Christians have you burning in Hell for eternity if you don't get yourself "saved" after you've lived your one and only lifetime, but they STILL recognize that you continue to exist after physical death-if only to get roasted in Hell for eternity. So immortality is a given.

So if we survive physical death, then what is so frightening about death? From a wider perspective, dying is not the worst fate that can befall you. Becoming more distant from God- because you led a life that was filled with evil deeds and thoughts- is much more painful than dying. The loneliness, the lack of warmth and the lack of love is excruciating and unbearable. But God ALLOWS man to choose his path, brick by brick, using his FREE WILL every step of the way. In order to provide a stage where a decision must be made, you must have equal opportunities to do good or to do evil. If you are surrounded by angels, you don't have any opportunity to behave with evil intent, so you need an equal number of demonic types to even the playing field. People like Hitler play the part of the heavy in this play we call Life. He's an actor playing the part of the villain. He may have chosen the role beforehand or he may have fallen into that slot. Who knows? But you still need a villain.

Are you beginning to see a Bigger Picture?

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: We script our lives before we're born...??
From: "James Benjamin Roth" <>
Date: Sun, October 8, 2006
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

Thank you for responding and trying to soothe my troubled heart.

I use the right side of my brain for the music of Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, etc. and for composing similar kinds of music. I also use it for my abstract drawings, but when I look at the horrible, cruel, bloody history of this planet, neither my right or my left brain can comprehend it. I'm told that "God is Love", but ignorance is not a gift of love, and ignorance, when combined with free will is, as history proves, a horrible combination.

I just read that Hitler wanted to become an artist, but because of the way his father treated him, it screwed him up. We have wisdom when we're in the spirit plane, but it is cruelly taken from us when we're born. Were that not the case, Hitler would have understood his father's behavior and not
let it pollute him. He would have become that artist.

If you say "because we cannot appreciate good without bad, darkness without light, etc. I would still say that if we weren't born so ignorant we COULD appreciate good without bad, etc. Ignorance breeds greed, hate and hunger for power. Ignorance is a curse which too few are able to overcome.

If I have any choice in the spirit plane I swear that I shall not return to this place of ignorance no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!
We have to come down here to learn what we already know up there. That's insane. Of course, I speak from ignorance which is why I hate it (ignorance) so.

The worst thing about ignorance is we don't know we're being screwed up by society, and so some people commit horrible crimes and then have to suffer for them in their next [ignorant] lifetime. Crack babies are one example..........HORRIBLE!!!!

Maybe I need a near-death experience so that I can remember what I knew before I was born. I've heard that it changes people's lives - mostly for the better. Don't worry, I'm not going to try anything dangerous. I may be ignorant, but I'm not stupid. Too bad I cannot be hypnotized. Otherwise I would get regressive hypnotherapy and go back to before this life. I've heard that this can give great enlightenment to people. I've read Brian
Weiss' books.

Are you thinking that I had a bad childhood? I didn't - even though my parents divorced when I was 7. My Mom was a super Mom. My Dad was OK - certainly no Alois Schicklgruber. My Father and Mother are both still alive at 95 and 93 respectively. Mom always encouraged me to follow my dreams and developed my talents. Until recently, I didn't see much of my Father, but we wrote to each other and talked on the phone. He helped me financially too.

One thing that makes me angry is that 15 years ago my mother had a serious stroke. For 15 years now she cannot speak or use her right side. She is frustrated and depressed having been imprisoned in her body for 15 years. In my mind, no "Loving God" would allow such a thing or want such a thing from such a wonderful Mom. It's very cruel.

Ignorantly yours,
J. B.


Hi James.

You're covering a lot of ground here that I could spend much time on, but I don't have that time so I'll give you the Reader's Digest version.

Ignorance is a noun we use to describe a condition of lacking knowledge. It is not a 'thing' that is thrust upon us. No more than "evil" is something 'out there' that descends on us and then we become infected with it, although it is possible for a dark entity to move in and share-or completely take over our body-if we ALLOW it to happen or ENCOURAGE it to happen. We participate in the decisions regarding anything and everything that happens to us. In that sense, therefore, none of us are victims. We decide our future and we decide our reality. You tend to view life a little too much from the victim's perspective. I would move away from that mind set.

We describe men as "evil" who routinely make free will decisions to do something harmful or hurtful to other people. But that's a facet of character that is ACQUIRED through repetition of negative conduct. On the other hand, a good person LEARNS to be good through habituation of loving conduct. First and foremost, when one is the recipient of routine loving when young, it tends to shape you into a loving person. It's not a guarantee, of course, you could go the other way, but most people become loving if their parents were kind and loving towards them. Love breeds love. As we grow older, we notice that we reap rewards of joy, peace and harmony when we act lovingly towards others, so it's self reinforcing. Love is constructive by its very nature, and evil conduct is destructive by nature. Very often, people who had become accustomed to acting in an evil way (you notice I didn't say that they WERE evil, but rather got used to acting in an evil manner) will flip towards the Light because they get sick of the chaos, misery, and stress of doing destructive things.

A man like Hitler acquired the facets of his personality, that eventually shaped the direction of his life, through a combination of the circumstances of his birth, the treatment he received from his parents, and the FREE WILL decisions he made daily to either be loving or destructive towards others. Hitler's father had a bad temper and was hard on young Adolf. So it shouldn't be a surprise that Hitler was greatly feared when he became the head of Germany because of his temper. You didn't want to say or do anything that would get Der Fuhrer mad at you because you might wind up on the Eastern Front, or worst. Hitler's mother, Klara, loved him deeply and doted on him, as a compensation for the hard nosed treatment he got from the father and the fact that Adolf was very much a loner. He didn't take any guff from those at school who tried to push him around, so he got a reputation of being someone that you didn't want to mess with.

Hitler's father, Alois, was born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber and was given the mother's name of Schicklgruber. Later, in 1876, at the age of 39, Alois got the church records and birth registry to acknowledge him as the son of Johann Georg Hitler. Hitler's father was raised in the home of his uncle, Johann Nepomuk Hitler, where he also lived with his wife-to-be, and second cousin, Klara Polzl. Some people believe that Johann Nepomuk was the real father of Alois, as he raised him and left him his inheritance.

Hitler's sexuality did not develop in a normal way. Apparently, he found it difficult to open up to girls outside of his family. He also believed in remaining chaste until at least 25 years old and refrained from drinking alcohol or eating meat. Adolf did not have a reputation for going out with girls, just the opposite. In the 1930s, he might have been intimate with his niece, Geli Raubal, who committed suicide while in her early twenties. I have to assume that she took her life because of some element of tension in her desires or relationship with Adolf, at least that makes the most sense to me.

As far as Hitler's father playing a role in preventing Hitler from becoming a good artist, I would say no. Hitler FANCIED himself a great artist and was greatly crushed -and ANGERED- when he wasn't accepted at the auditions to the Vienna Art Academy, which he ASSUMED that he would breeze through. But that was his EGO working overtime into deluding him that he was more capable an artist than he really was. Hitler was LAZY in his youth. His painting skill was not up to par to enter the academy because Hitler didn't practice painting often enough to become skilled enough to pass the audition. But you couldn't have TOLD that to Hitler at the time, because he he was not one to brook criticism kindly.

I had to laugh a little when you said: "If I have any choice in the spirit plane, I swear that I shall not return to this place of ignorance...." Jim, you definitely CHOSE to be here on earth at this time. No one forced it on you; trust me. When we return to the spirit world, we can choose to stay there as long as we want. It's a Free Will universe for everyone, regardless of which plane or dimension you live in. Very often you have to "wait" for an available body (newborn baby) to enter because there so many "people" who are anxious to get back to living an earthly life.

I didn't exactly say that you couldn't appreciate good without evil. I said that you couldn't be presented with a CHOICE between good and evil, unless both were present in equal degrees. And that's why we have villains to share the planet with us. Earth life is a SCHOOLING experience. We are here to learn SPIRUTUAL lessons.

Did you read the wonderful article I posted from a channeled German general of World War II?

Channeled WW2 German General Sets the Record Straight on Nazi Motivations (July 7, 2006)

That article is an excellent example to illustrate the idea that earth is a schoolhouse for acquiring greater spiritual insights. The German general makes the point that Germans of Hitler's era, especially those who joined the Nazi party, were too committed to viewing life from an INTELLECTUAL perspective and as a result, Nazis repressed and smothered the emotional and feeling part of human consciousness. As I mentioned to you in my first reply, when you go too far on the left brain, or intellectual side, you become unbalanced and that leads to problems, as we saw with Germany in World War II.

Divorce is bad for children, very bad. I feel sad for everyone who was raised without both parents being there and part of their daily life. The Illuminati has worked very hard at destroying the nuclear family structure. They have largely succeeded in that endeavor here in the United States. Thank God, they haven't been nearly as successful in Japan, although they're working on it! The love, harmony, and mutual interdependence that we used to have in the American family of the 1940's and 50's is still the norm in Japan, I'm happy to say. Japanese women are so much more feminine and gentle than are American women of today, but I can well remember when American girls were much sweeter in earlier decades. By gradual conditioning, American girls are turned into competitive, hard hearted, "hard body", caricatures of  themselves. They have their femininity and gentleness driven out of them by their environment, schools, their friends, TV, movies and the media. That didn't happen by accident, it was planned. The feminist movement of the late 60's and early 70's was engendered and funded by the Illuminati. Of course, the female abominations who were hailed as the "leaders' of the feminist cause like Betty Freedan, or Susan Brownmiller, or Gloria Steinnem were merely the useful idiots that the Illuminati USED to install their family-destroying agenda.

I will occasionally get an e-mail or hear a remark on the radio made by a middle-aged or older woman who will say that she is now regretful to have been taken in by feminist propaganda when she was younger. She will say that she is now alone, having "dumped' the "loser" husband. The kids, who she thought she could raise by herself without any 'interference' from the "biological" father, are now grown and gone, and they don't feel quite as close towards Mom as they did when they were children because they now realize that there is an empty place in their heart that COULD have been, and SHOULD have been, occupied by their father. The reason you say that Mom is great and Dad was "Ok" is because you're mother was with while growing up and your father wasn't. Who was responsible for that separation taking place, your mother or your father? It could have been your father, but the likelihood is greater that it was your mother who wanted the divorce. And if that was the case, then it's even more likely that her "decision" was shaped by feminist propaganda.

The psychological and spiritual turmoil that you carry around in your heart today, indeed, the reason you wrote this letter to me, is in no small part due to the divorce that you suffered at seven years of age. All things require an equal dose of both polarities to be balanced and in equilibrium. You need an equal amount of yin and yang to be whole. You need the love and PRESENCE of both parents to become a balanced adult and be capable of fathering a cohesive and loving family of your own.

If you can still communicate with your father, then you should try to get as close to him as possible while he is still alive. You need to try, as best you can, to make up for the lost years between you and he  Your Mom got more than her fair share of your affection while growing up with you, so you have an obligation to true up the account with Dad and to fill in the holes that exist both in HIS heart and YOURS.

Your mother's stroke is not the results of a non- Loving God allowing it to happen. She is also not "imprisoned" in her body, unless she CHOOSES to see it that way. Remember that little line I keep mentioning, Free Will? We CHOOSE our reality. Hard to accept, I know, but true all the same.

All events happen with the PURPOSE of teaching a spiritual lesson. There are no accidents in life. A poverty existence, cancer, blindness, early death of a spouse, etc. are SET UPS arranged as pre-birth agreements by the individuals involved THEMSELVES before they enter the body.

It's perfectly OK for you to think of your mother as "wonderful" because that thought is an outgrowth of love. And who could deny an adjective bred of love? However, while you still have the opportunity, you need to come to the same conclusion about your father, before he passes to the other side. Get close to him Jim, you will not regret it.

God Bless, Ken


Subject: Re: We script our lives before we're born...??
From: "James Benjamin Roth" <>
Date: Wed, October 18, 2006 7:07 pm
To:   Editor

Well, this President [by rigged election] has now killed habeas corpus. Do you know that is? Do you know what that means?!!
All your flowery philosophy is now moot.

Freedom shall soon be dead in this country. Satan's New World Order is upon us.

Since God never interferes, the evil ones shall have full reign. The innocent whom Bush disfavors shall be incarcerated or executed.



Hello James,

I took a substantial amount of time to provide metaphysical insights and information that you inquired of me. It's not really very polite of you to dismiss my reply to your questions as "flowery" or "moot". I won't be giving you my time again. You can't separate politics from the subject matter you questioned me about.

The latest unconstitutional action taken by the Commander in Thief is only one of many such unconstitutional acts that he and his predecessors, going back to Woodrow Wilson, have taken in their attempts to bring down the U.S. Constitution and the liberties that accompany it. He has not succeeded yet in destroying this country and if enough Americans pay attention, he will not succeed in the future. His conduct is more an act of desperation rather than that of advancing success.

Your pessimism and defeatism are rather apparent. I'm glad to report that other Americans, unencumbered with the Armageddon scenario that dominates your thinking, are waking up to the treason at hand and will not meekly succumb to the NWO jackboots and traitors in our land.

A new day is coming.

So long, Ken


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