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Linda Newkirk and Stew Webb Wowing Them in South Africa!
November 4, 2004

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Dear Mr. Adachi,

I was forwarded a letter on your letters page regarding Stew Webb. For approximately 50 days from 13 Aug 2004, I was closely involved with Linda Newkirk here in South Africa. When we discovered her true colors, all hell broke loose.

Herewith a letter from Stew Webb, the "aspirant candidate for U.S. vice president" to me regarding a letter from me revealing who the real Newkirk is. It could confirm what your reader said about this guy`s erratic and violent behavior.

His website is furthermore used by Newkirk to smear me, my family and congregation. It is so sad, for according to my Scripture, prophets should be the most humble, loving, and caring people in the world.

Thanks for the info in your letter. I subscribed to it.

Regards, Dirk van Vuuren

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Oct. 10, 2004

Dirky Boy,

I suggest you ceist & deceist from any further illegal actions, comments, statements about Prophetess Linda Newkirk. You screw with her, you screw with me. I can bust you in a NY heartbeat.

Got it, or do you need to feel the heat?

Stew Webb
Federal Whistleblower

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Dear Stew,

I am really sad to read this message below. I only search for our Saviour`s truth. I only fear Him who can destroy both the flesh and the soul. I do not fear any man, not you nor Ms Newkirk.

May the love for our Messias, JaHshua lead you to the real truth.

Regards, Dirk


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