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Follow Up on "Little Tale of Discovery"
Jan. 12, 2004


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From: Steve
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 5:52 AM
Subject: About the "discoveries" e-mail exchange

Dear Ken,

I like your site and it is on my favourites, meaning that I read every single update you post. Amongst others, I am grateful to you for introducing me to the Don Craft saga, which is one of the most exiting things happening at the moment. You have to be fairly far advanced in acceptance and even fairly far along the wake-up path to resonate with his adventures, I think.

However, (and this is an honest question because I rate your opinion and reckon that you come into a lot of contact with valuable people doing valuable things) why do you write off the site and the Jennifer Lee Reports so outright without knowing (as I infer from what you write) them? I know them well, and to read you stating so sweepingly "Whoa! Now I see why I felt suspicious.Another example of the enthusiastic and spunky MC robots produced by your friendly programmers at NASA, Montauk, and military reservations across this once Free Land. Holy Cow!" is a pity, because I don't believe it.These people are definitely not MC robots or baddies!! I hope that was just a lapse into prejudice on your part.

But, of course, maybe you know a few things about I don't about them and I would really appreciate it if you told me anything you do actually know.

Thanks a ton,

Toulouse, France.

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From: Editor
To: Steve
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 12:30 AM
Subject: Re: About the "discoveries" e-mail exchange

Hi Steve,

Very nice letter. Thanks for writing.

I didn't realize that anyone in France was reading my web site. Maybe you can keep me abreast of what you see over there vis a vis the NWO agenda. I presume that the cell phone towers are just as ubiquitous over there as here?

My comment about the newsletter is based on its subjective contents, not the person behind them. I didn't say the woman was a bad person. I'm not judging her in that sense. She's being used to promote an Illuminati deception, NESARA. The woman behind the NESARA promotion, The Dove of One, is-in my opinion- under mind control. I heard a two hour interview she did on a local radio station about 1.5 years ago and she sent up about 80 red flags that told me she was programmed, and heavily programmed. The excessive enthusiasm expressed by your friend for NASARA also told me something.

I won't take the time to explain my views about NESARA here, but suffice it to say that its purpose (in my opinion) is to act as a transitional step to get the American public from a cash based society to the cashless society, which will require the use of smart cards for any sort of financial transaction. NESARA will act as a bridge to get us to that cashless situation with the least resistance or reluctance from the public encountered.

What you may not realize is how wide and pervasive are the ranks of mind controlled individuals in this country. They are found in leadership positions in every major walk of life and are especially concentrated in areas such as the military or New Age groups and religious groups or cults. That's not to say that everyone in the military or every New Ager is under mind control and is a pawn of the NWO. I'm referring to the bulk of influential people in most organizations that involve a substantial population or group of people-such as those who would identify with New Age ideas (and I'm not condemning New Age ideas either). As of 1997, a high level former Illuminati programmer said that she saw documents that indicated there were at LEAST two MILLION people in the USA who were programmed under MK Ultra or Monarch programming. Her info does not include the approximate 10 MILLION young people who were programmed under the earlier phase of the "Montauk Boys" style of electronic mind control programming (1999 information). The Montauk programming takes less than a week for a full blown program install and less than 30 minutes for a typical tune up' or to add new programming. You no longer have to program one person at a time. The electronic method can insert the programming information directly into the subconscious mind for an entire room full of programming victims. The newer electronic method of mind control will work equally well on boys or girls, whereby the earlier phases of the Montauk programming were trauma based and would only work properly for young boys, thus it acquired the name of Montauk "Boys".

Today, there is a Montauk style electronic mind control programming center in EVERY MAJOR CITY IN THE UNITED STATES and they can easily crank out 1-2 million new 'recruits' each year, maybe more-maybe much more. I'm trying to remain conservative. Of course, people who have been subjected to mind control do not KNOW they are under mind control and they have no memory or recollection of being put through the programming. That's because they can erase conscious memories and even substitute false or "screen" memories in their place. The info does exist, of course, very deep in the subconscious mind, but you can't get at it with ordinary techniques of memory recovery because the MC programming is prepared for that and will fool the therapist every time.

What makes the mind control programming even more insidious and secretive is the use of the Montauk time tunnel. They take the kids from a point in time-let's say at 11 PM on Jan. 10, 2004. They will take the kid(s) into the time tunnel and deliver them to a programming center for maybe a week of programming. After the programming is completed, the kid will be REINSERTED in TIME to about one MILLISECOND after 11PM on Jan. 10. 2004. That person has just gone through ONE WEEK of mind control programming, but as far as HE knows, only one millisecond has passed in HIS time frame. Can you begin to appreciate the dimensions of the problem? Al Bielek, who can recognize the auras of people who have gone through the Montauk programming, told me that he used to have to look around in big cities in order to spot the Montauk Boys, but now, he sees SO MANY Montauk boys and girls in major American cities like Denver, that he has a hard time finding young people who have NOT been through Montauk programming!. Al is simply astounded at the number of kids who have been put through Montauk programming.

You can learn more about the Montuak project by reading the books of Preston Nichols and Peter Moon as well as the video tapes and CD from Al Bielek.( )

The Montauk Project & Montalk Boys

Reptilians at Montauk By Michelle Guerin (Oct. 3, 2003)

Alien/Human Hybrids By Michelle Guerin (Oct. 3, 2003)

Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero (Fall, 2000)

Andy Pero, Montauk 'Superman' Programming Victim (June 13, 2000)

Phoenix Undead: The Montauk Project and Camp Hero Today (Part 2) By John Quinn (Nov. 1998)

Montauk Air Force Station-Active or Not? (Part 1) By John Quinn (Nov. 1997)

You can learn much more about the trauma based mind conrol methods by reading the books of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler.

Articles on The Illuminati & Mind Control

The Illuminati in America: 13 Part Interview with Former Mind Control Programmer, Svali (Jan 22, 2001)  

Radio Interview with Cisco Wheeler, Former Illuminati Mind Control Programmer (Jan. 11, 1998)

Fritz Springmeier Radio Interview (Jan. 4, 1998)

Books about Illuminati Mind Control Programming Techniques

The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Of course, I'm expressing my OPINION at my web site and I have never claimed to be infallible. I call it the way I see it, based on a combination of intellectual and intuitive insights. For me, these matters are too important to avoid just in the interest of remaining polite and non controversial. We are being besieged by a blizzard of disinformation, misinformation, and outright deception in this country by a hidden group of planners and controllers who wish to take away our liberties, destroy our republic, and replace it with a nightmare of satanic design. I'm not sure you realize how completely prepared these people are to finalize the dissolution of America. The concentration camps are built and ready to go; crematoriums too. The underground cities are built and waiting for the elites to occupy them when the time is right. They have nearly complete control and domination of all of the facilities required to sustain life including food and water ( those killings of millions of farm animals in England, and soon here is designed to reduce the food supply of course). The only thing we're waiting for is the next orchestrated full bore 'terrorist' attack so they can kick in martial law. Then the fun will really begin.

There is no group to fall back on for 'protection' because the military, the courts, the congress, the intelligence services, etc. have been corrupted and co-opted (and mind controlled) to the point that they are now totally in bed with the globalists and doing their bidding. We only have the American people who have any hope of saving themselves through collective action, but that first requires an awareness of the fact that their country is being stolen from under their feet through lies and deception-such as the NESARA deception. One of the few people who is really making some headway to slow down the Illuminati is Don Croft, but certainly not your woman friend who is waiting so breathlessly for NESARA to save the day.

Regards, Ken


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