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Fears Live Virus in Medimmune Will Spread from Nasal Spray School Children
to Family Members at Home
October 5, 2009

Fears Live Virus in Medimmune Will Spread from Nasal Spray School Children to Family Members at Home (Oct. 6, 2009)

Subject: WAFB Ch 9 in BR, La.admits live virus in Medimmune now being given to school children
From: Keith R
Date: Mon, October 5, 2009
To: Editor


.I was talking to my mother earlier today when this story came on Channel 9 WAFB in Baton Rouge,La. Nurses were giving small school kids Medimmune nasal spray.

Mom, who is an RN, was shocked to actually hear Channel 9 state that the LIVE VIRUS is in the nasal spray.I stopped for a loaf of bread on the way home and spoke with a Baton Rouge Police Department off-hours guard. I asked him why is the virus in the nasal spray and his response was it has something to do with making the immune system stronger.

As I reasoned with him, I rhetorically asked how do you catch the flu when someone sneezes on you? By contracting the LIVE virus! I taught him about GSK, Novartis and Baxter's patents on forms of reverse engineered virus,squalene,and mercury - and that GSK has a vaccine in Canada for pregnant woman with no squalene and his eyes got big asking "why would they give that to pregnant woman here?"

"Exactly." I said, "I submit to you that we are in DEEP and need to work together" When I came back to the register, he had gone out to his patrol car.Tonight and all day tomorrow, I will continue calling every one I can think of including Channel 9.It seems no one wants to touch the story. I am friends with someone at Channel 9 and have sent several unanswered emails to him.

I have to tell you I am frustrated. From the governor on down, I have not received a return phone call or email.As far as I am concerned, they all know and must realize the implications of it all.To be in a position of authority and not act to protect your citizens when you know they WILL be HARMED is crime of the highest order

.As far as I am concerned they are just as guilty. Even the news station says the virus is in the vaccine now. The kids will take home the flu, infect the family, increase the number of infected ,and allow forced vaccines in if we comply.

We must lock arms and refuse this at all costs.Tell every body now - why are people so shy?

It is far better to risk ridicule and embarrassment doing the right thing than to sit on your hands and watch people you could have saved from dying. So what if it creates friction here and there like it has for me?

We are being attacked and must fight this by resistance and education

Keith R.

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