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Commentary from an Englishman on the London Bombings
July 9, 2005

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From: Paul Davies <>
Sent: Saturday, July 09, 2005 5:30 AM
Subject: Response to London bombings

To Ken Adachi

I have been a reader of your site for several years, and although I don't agree with a lot of what is written I think it is important to gather unto yourself as much varied information as possible so as to make up your own mind, and for this I thank you and your contributors.

I have here what I think is a message of hope, and if you agree I hope you will show it on your site.

It is obvious to me in looking around at the world that previously stable holding patterns such as family life, law and order, employment and technology, to mention just 4 of many, are becoming more fluid.

This fluidity can cause breakdown and chaos or alternatively a liberation of freedoms and a new way of proceeding.
This melting can cause instability in the magnetic aspect of people's lives, especially those who rely more upon external holding patterns than upon internal reasoning, value, purpose and intention based on the enduring qualities inherent in humanity.

This instability has repercussions throughout our bodily systems especially the nerves. Another symptom of this could be the rise of fundamentalism and intransigence, not just in religion but in all views and opinions and even unto nostalgia and retro fashions, as people strive to hold ever tighter on to ever diminishing certainties.

I cannot comment on such matters as the N.W.O., Chemtrails and Reptilians, although as I have said before I have an open mind. The purpose of this Email is to say to people that whatever happens in this evolutionary time the basic standards and qualities of the human design will hold true, seek them out in yourself and in others, and cleave to them, and be the change you would wish to see.

From an Engishman who wishes to respond to the London bombings with something other than hate and fear.

Thank you

Paul Davies

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