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Some Thoughts on Chemtrail-Laden skies Over London
March 19, 2010

Some Thoughts on Chemtrail-Laden skies Over London (March 19, 2010)

Subject: chem-trails
From: Adiyah
Date: Fri, March 19, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

I live in East London, England and last night the 18th and today the 19th March there has been constant flying of aeroplanes releasing what I think maybe chem-trails. From yesterday afternoon and all of today, the sky has been just white and grey. There are no clouds in the sky and the sun cannot be seen. All day, it has been grey without any difference in the morning or afternoon. Just wondered if any of your readers, especially in England, have noticed the same or if you have any information as to why this may be happening.



Hello Adiyah,

The overall genocidal, population-reduction intentions behind chemtrails are explained in numerous articles found on my Chemtrail index page,

While chemtrails are sometimes sprayed for other reasons, such as to obscure the sky so you can't observe space battles which are taking place right over your head between terrestrial and extraterrestrial space craft, the overall chemtrail agenda is to poison the air, food, and water in order to induce chronic debilitation of the immune system and to introduce laboratory-engineered "diseases", such as Morgellons, to quicken the culling of world population down to "manageable levels", which for the controlling Elites equates to about 500 million people on this planet-and no more.

I realize that the chemtrail overcasts may appear grim from your London perspective, but the world wide chemtrail spraying agenda is not succeeding as planned. By that, I mean that the chemtrails themselves are, in many instances, being neutralized and transmuted into harmless substances by legions of Sylphs as soon as they exit those chem-planes. In regions where the density of atmospheric DOR (the negative, destructive, or degenerative) polarity of orgone energy is dominant, then chemtrails will linger much longer (spreading out into overcast skies) and you will generally see far less Sylph activity When the level of DOR concentration is reduced or transformed into the OR (positive) polarity of orgone, then chemtrails will disperse more rapidly and Sylphs will be seen in greater abundance.

To elaborate a bit, if you live in a region of relatively low population density, where life-affirming activities are the norm; and where destructive, life-destroying activities are minimal or non-existent, then the atmospheric OR density of that region will be high and chemtrails will have a very hard time trying to "stick" in that area. You will also see Sylphs show up very quickly to neutralize any chemtrails they are being sprayed. A city like London has many life-destroying activities taking place, many of them unseen by the public. Some obvious sources of DOR production are auto emissions, factory exhaust, factory pollution, and nuclear power plants, for instance. Less obvious sources are destructive psychic energy from people's thoughts and motivations-and criminal activity . And even less known, are the murder rituals taking place routinely in London among elite satanists which involves the killing and evisceration of babies and sometimes adults. The summoning of demons and dark entities in the course of these satanic rituals also adds to the overall DOR 'signature' of a given region. The satanic NWO crowd routinely uses Black Magicians (in conjunction with satanic murder rituals) to summon demons to insure that chemtrails, or Swine Flu "pandemics", or aerial disease induction schemes, or killer earthquakes, or killer hurricanes, or killer tornadoes, or killer tsunamis, are successful and are not 'interfered' with. Our resident essayist, ZS Livingstone, recently posted an essay discussing this very topic with reference to Black Magicians, satanic rituals, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

We can collectively neutralize these destructive plans by calling on higher divine assistants to abort these evil plans and thwart the NWO's genocidal intentions. Some people are working together in groups or teams using psychic detection and astral projection techniques to directly spy upon and intervene with these diabolical agendas on the etheric plane. A particularly adept and courageous team of Etheric Resistance Tyranny Control agents threw an ENORMOUS spanner wrench into the gears of the smooth running machinery of the super high-tech chemtrail spraying operations on the weekend of March 6-7, and this is the reason I wanted to obtain more feedback on the spray pattern activities in the immediate wake of that spanner wrench tossing event. During their visit to the Belly of the Beast, a great deal of important information was gleaned by our intrepid team about how chemtrail re-fueling and re-filling operations are conducted, how the planes are controlled, and who is controlling them (more information to soon follow)

Anyone who is interested in joining the Etheric Resistance can begin by studying the excellent tutorial guide put together by Jack London called: How to Fight Monsters & Win" (

On the physical plane, we can transmute DOR orgone into the OR polarity, by dispersing small orgone generators wherever we see mobile phone towers. Normally, mobile phone towers are DOR transmitters which radiate a large DOR field around them (out to many miles), but we can convert those towers into OR transmitters by simply "gifting" them with muffin-size orgone generators. This reduces the overall DOR density in those areas and will cause more Sylphs to enter that region. You will notice that the chemtrails can no longer "stick' so well and you will begin to see Sylphs show up and start munching on those chemtrails like Doritos Corn Chips. Another good idea is to go for the Big Guns and either build or obtain a chembuster and see what happens to those overcast chemtrail skies.

There are 6.7 billion of us and a mere handful of them. We can win this game. We only have to apply ourselves and not remain passive as spectators. .

Regards, Ken

Reader Comments

Subject: chemtrails over London 18th/19th
From: Sarah W
Date: Sat, March 20, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Since moving to North London 2 years ago,  I have noticed an increase in chemtrails and annomolous objects (cigar shaped ufo, near spray planes) etc, which can be seen almost daily if one chooses to look up! I am amazed that this has not been mentioned in any local or national press, albeit NOT surprised. The immense grids and markings in the blue skies makes one wonder what it would actually take, to get a response on a 'national' media level?

Yours sincerely,


PS. thanks for your hard work and website.


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