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More Conversation on 528 Hz, The 'Love' Frequency, Part 2
October 19, 2011

More Conversation on 528 Hz, The 'Love' Frequency, Part 2 (Oct. 19, 2011)

[Editor's Note: The writer of this letter, "PORMICA", had sent in a brief comment when I posted a letter on October 14 titled:

528 Hz, The 'Love' Frequency (Oct. 14, 2011)

I re-posted his first comment here so the thread could be read in its entirely. I believe more information will follow from PORMICA on this fascinating subject. The power of sound goes far beyond what most of us imagine. John W. Keeley tapped into the secret of sound technology at the turn of the 19th to 20th century, via musical interbvals, and was able to cancel out gravity and achieve other marvellous feats using his knowledge of sound relationships. In the 1930s. a group of Tibetan monks were filmed elevating huge boulders, literally flinging them up to a mountainous ledge high above them, using only sound energy coming from a group of 16 or 18 monks playing Tibetan musical instruments. ..Ken Adachi].

Subject: 528 Hz, The 'Love' Frequency
Date: Sun, October 16, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Regarding your comments on the 528 (LOVE) frequency as opposed to the 432 frequency.

You are correct in your observations - as is Jamie Buturff in the videos you suggest. I am an acknowledged "world-"expert in spatial localization (both 2D and 3-D) and psychoacoustics and am an advisor to NATO among other things. The 432 frequency is CORRECT.

Do not be mislead by others that say they know the "real" Solfeggio Tones.

Bless you



Thanks for writing. I appreciate your comments. Perhaps you can tell me more about your work in this field. I'd be interested in reading what you have to say

Kind Regards, Ken


Subject: RE: 528 Hz,- MORE - in conversation
From: Pormica
Date: Wed, October 19, 2011
To: Ken Adachi


Please pardon me for not getting back to you sooner. I am very busy and now have business associates staying with me at home while we have a 4-day conference, so, alas, my time is not necessarily my own for a bit.

The work/study/understanding in the field(s) of psychoacoustics (including spatial localization) is rooted firmly in the knowledge of how humans experience and translate such experiences through the sensory systems of the body (this, of course precludes a study of "consciousness" and its' inherent manifestation in a human body). As you can understand, there are reactions of the conscious/unconscious organism to sound - and the reactions of (and"across") a complicated creature like a human being are many. Then there is the additional recognition of the physics of waves, resonance, etc. - the understanding of how sound waves propagate through not only the various mediums, but acquiring the ability to generate, capture and re-play or re-produce sound for analysis. Anyone embarking on a study of these fields or even recognizing a sensitivity to "sound" will soon be led to the nature of consciousness itself. Thus, it is almost impossible to separate the analytical analysis from the anological observances. It demands both aspects of study.

For those who do not understand the "power" of sound or of hearing, they can look at stories of levitation or of transmutation of material(s) - supposedly done using sound, which is the physical properties of the waves/resonance/etc.; but should really start their understanding of the human consciousness by examining the Surangama Sutra (part of the Pali Canon) - which is the transcript of a meeting that Gautama Buddha had with 54 different Boddhisatvas. (Unlike the current favorite Western Teaching example of the figure known as Jesus, Emmanuel, Ymannuel, Ibn-Ben-Yusuf, etc., Gautama's many years of teachings were well documented by a series of scribes). There is a recent (excellent) translation done in the past 10 years or so: see

This is an interesting place to gain insight.

As far as work with the US Military or with the NATO directorates, it is only as a (very) part-time consultant and for the use (sale or lease) of my previous electronic(s) and recording instrument designs. I do work as a contractor "into" the federal government in the US as one of my focuses, but this is not, in the majority, based around acoustics or psychoacoustics.

I am one of those who recognized an early sensitivity to sound, music, waves, pressure differences, etc. etc. and later developed this in ways that would or could be marketed and/or recognized as valuable. Internally, I have to recognize and agree with the findings in the Surangama Sutra as well as the related Chan and Dzogchen studies as being the basis for some very interesting and powerful advanced meditation techniques.

I have to break off and move onto something else right now, however we could continue this at a later date, if it is of interest or use to you. Once again, many thanks for your "dogged perseverence" in pusuit of the "truth" and your archiving so much useseful information.


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