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19 Year old Woman with Spreading Cancer

On Fri, 11 May 2001, wrote:

(subject: cancer)
> hi, a friend of mien's daughter has cancer, spreading throught her body (19
> yrs old). and have done some research on the different frequency machines out
> there. i am not aware of long term results using the beck system. any help
> would be great. i wish you all the best. greg

May 11, 2001
Hi Greg,

I'm having trouble using my regular e mail program. I'm answering from the web server. I can't really give medical advice, but just some health info pointers to consider. Cancering is a PROCESS that you can stop cold in its tracks if you take certain steps. Cancer needs a specific environment in which to grow. If you rob it of its environment, it will stop growing and begin to go away. The Beck device has shown some promise with certain types of cancers in some clinics both inside and outside the US, but I wouldn't rely on it as my main line defence. It has a better track record with viral conditions such as AIDS, etc. You should look more to Rife therapy for this situation. Go to for more info. There's a man named Lynn Kenny who sells Rife machines that work. You'll find his web site if you search (I forget his url, but it includes "rife" in the name).

The machines are $5,500, but if you go to his site you'll find out about "chat clubs" where people go to get free exposure to the Rife machine. There's one in Las Vegas and Texas, perhaps other places as well.

There are many alternative approaches to beating cancer, but whatever therapy I chose, I would always follow the Gerson diet recommendations to detoxify the body and flood the system with high energy nutrients (fresh organic vegetable juices taken 13 times a day and coffee enemas) which will deny the cancer the environment it needs to grow. Chemo and radiation will ruin the body's immune system and make it much harder to recover with alternative therapies, but not necessarily impossible.

If I had cancer, I would never consider having chemo and radiation under any circumstances, no matter what the oncologists (pharmaceutical reps in white coats) had to say about the "foolishness" of such a choice. I know too much about the lies and total deceit of the cancer industry and their "track" record.

If your friend wants to save his 19 year old daughter's life, he has to get real busy reading and finding out about the alternative ways to treat cancer and walk away from the chemo boys. 98% of people are afraid to do that because they like their oncologist ("he's such a nice guy") and they wouldn't want to upset him by pulling out of his chemo/radiation routine and trying to cure themselves using Nature as their ally instead of poisonous drugs. But just in case your friend is more concerned about his daughter's life than the doctor's feelings, you might tell him that conventional treatment of cancer is the WORST POSSIBLE IDEA if you're interested in surviving cancer and living a normal life span.

Here's some web sites to get you pointed in the right direction:


Tell him to get Hulda Clarks book "The Cure for All Cancers", Dr Day's Video "Cancer Doesn't Scare me Anymore" and the Gerson home Workbook (we have that for $20 + shipping or go to

Let me know,

Sincerely, Ken

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