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So What's Wrong with Walking for The American Cancer Society?

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From: Suzanne
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 9:52 AM
Subject: breast cancer run

Dear Editor,

I would like to have your opinion of the American Cancer Society in this year, 2001.

I have been working in the natural healing/foods/ supplements industry for twenty plus years.

I am about to volunteer to do the "Making Strides" breast cancer walk on October 14.

I had heard, in the past of some of the things you mention about the ACS being instrumental in blocking alternative remedies.  I had hoped that by now, many organizations were waking up to all the information, studies, public demand, etc. in relation to effective alternative remedies.

I don't like lending my support to an organization that suppresses ways of healing people for the purpose of their own gain.

But something tells me that just as the United States, a free country that is a place where many points of view can be discussed, has a well meaning but imperfect government, so too, many of our organisations (ie. AMS) have done both positive and negative things in their time.

You paint the ACS, and other organizations with the color of evil".

As long as we continue to try to separate ourselves from one another by claiming that certain organizations are the black hats and we are the white hats, we will never be able to resolve our differences.

Solutions? You are in business to make money... and you sell a product that can help people. Find a way to educate others as to the "whys" of the products efficacy. Have an impartial party do a professional, small scale study (funds being limited) and have it published wherever it can be published to spark the interests/skepticism of other competent people of science (not of politics).

This world is so multifaceted, multi-colored, multi-ideological, that to assume and to influence others to assume that the black hats and white hats still exist, is to ignore the reality of the fact that we (humans) all do want the same thing... to be safe, to be happy, healthy, content, peaceful.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now and look forward to your reply.

Yours truly

Suzanne Ernst

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From: Editor
To: Suzanne
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: breast cancer run

Hi Suzanne,
You can believe whatever you wish to believe. I form my opinions based on what I read and hear. If you read the introduction to my web site, it will give you my overview in a very brief summary of the organized medicine game. (

If you take the time to read the many written volumes that expose the background, funding, and true purpose of the ACS, then perhaps you will arrive at a different conclusion. These are just a few books that cover the reality behind the ACS:

The Social Transformation of American Medicine and The Making of a Vast Industry by Paul Starr
The Cancer Cure that Worked by Barry Lynes
The Cancer Solution by Dr Robert E Wilner
Forbidden Medicine by Ellen Brown
Silent Clots by James Privitera and Alan Stang
The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss
The Cancer Chronicles (newsletters) by Ralph Moss (
The Cancell Controversy by Louise B. Trull
Cancer Cure Suppressed by Dr William D. Kelly
The Medical Mafia by ?( I forget)

and many, many other books I don't want to take the time to look up.

Also books and radio shows by Gary Null (, Len Horowitz, Dr Vera Scheibner, Dr Eva Snead, Dr Neil Miller, Dr John Coleman, the list is unending...

When health author Gary Null was a young man and first moved to New York City, he was asked to speak to raise funds for the ACS. He said sure and invested a month of his time in raising a lot of money for them. He believed the ACS cover story like everybody else and wanted to pitch in and help out. It didn't take him long, however, to begin finding out what the ACS was really all about and started to research that organization. That led to a lengthy series of radio broadcasts about the true goals of the ACS and connected institutions like the NIH, AMA, Sloan-Kettering, etc. Why don't you write Gary Null and send him the same E mail that you've sent to me. If he answers you (unlikely), ask him if he would recommend working for or volunteering for the ACS and see what he tells you.

The ACS was organized by the Rockefellers to support and promote the murdering, butchering, and poisoning  of cancer victims by Sloan-Kettering in order to raise vast sums of money and gain a monopoly over cancer treatment in America

The Rockefellers continue to use nice, believing, trusting, good hearted people like you to fill their bank vaults and continue the annual slaughter of millions of trusting cancer victims who are unaware of the deceit and the utter failure of conventional cancer treatment that makes so many already super rich people, much, much richer.

You say that I color the ACS as "evil" and apparently that word strikes you as excessive, but if you only knew, just HOW evil and despicable the controlling echelons (not the secretaries and office managers) of the ACS and all of their interconnecting/cooperative institutions and organizations that make up the Cancer Industry really are, you might think twice about walking a marathon to raise money for them.
Sincerely, Ken Adachi

PS: The United States is not a free country any longer. That's just a bit of propaganda brain washing that's repeatedly drummed into the public so they'll remain passive and not notice that every last Constitutional liberty is being stripped from them almost daily. Within two years, you'll likely be living (if you want to call it that) in a fascist police state under control of the military and without the protection of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The ACS won't be asking you to walk any more marathons then. You'll have other things to worry about.
PPS: I'm not in business, nor am I making money. If I were, you wouldn't be reading the truth about the reality of the medical mafia in this country and the dismantling of freedom in America from my web site.



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