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Are you Really an Insane Idiot?
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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 10:04 AM

 Are you really an insane idiot, or just having fun scaring people?  EVERY school shooting to date was orchestrated by the same sinister Illuminati (or whatever)?  Because you say so?  Or because you have direct evidence in EVERY one of these cases?  If so, where is that evidence?  Put up or shut up.  I'm not talking about theories/opionions, but real, physical evidence. You have none and never will.  I can't believe a person would systematically either 1) intentionally make up all your lunacies just to scare/confuse ignorant people, or 2) actually believe it all (as if that's possible --  there are so many logical contradictions, fallacies, etc.).  Obviously you  are 1) angry, 2) have had a life full of half-starts, failures, slights,  etc. which has so frustrated your need for efficacy and control that you  have found some kind of Jim Jones-like self-status vis-a-vis the perceived  "control" you think you have over those in your mailing list.

 What a loser.


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