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Asthma Relief Using Natural Therapies
Oct. 6, 2002

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Dear Ken,

Id like to share how I have stopped being dependent on using an asthma inhaler. For about the past six weeks I have not needed to use an asthma inhaler after being dependent on using them nearly all of my adult life.

A large part of it has to do with following advice presented at your website.  I can think of five factors that are involved.

1. Moderate exercise
2. Improvement of diet
3. Use of sound frequencies at my computer
4. Use of a zapper
5. Use of an orgonite pyramid.

I have been doing #1 all along, but not until I started regularly using numbers 2-5 have I been able to put aside my asthma sprayer.

I have had a few occasional instances of light wheezing, but it always subsides and has not been prolonged enough or severe enough to cause me to return to a sprayer.


1. Moderate exercise
I have been using occasional swimming and basketball to get moderate breathing/cardio exercise. If the exercise results in me beginning to wheeze, I discontinue the exercise until breathing becomes relaxed again.  I also get additional breathing exercise by playing a brass instrument in local music groups.

2. Improvement of diet
After reading the nutritional information at this website, I made the effort to significantly reduce my intake of processed foods, including sugar.  I also increased my consumption of fresh vegetables and whole grains.  I take occasional supplements of flaxseed oil, which helps with cell oxygen assimilation. I still eat red meat occasionally, although I rely mainly on other sources of protein: fish, natural peanut butter and cottage cheese.

3. Sound frequencies at my computer using the NCH Tone Generator

I have noticed positive effects with frequencies above and below the lowest audible frequency.  For the sub-audible frequencies I keep the speakers positioned a few feet away and facing me.  I have noticed positive effects even when playing a background CD on the computer through the same speakers.

My main source of frequencies is this list that you referred me to:

Not every frequency listed above has consistently had the specified affect on me.  It takes some personal experimenting to see which ones have an effect (and deciding how long to use each frequency).

Examples of frequencies from the above list that relate to breathing and asthma:

5.35 Hz

For anyone reading this who is skeptical of the value of frequencies generated through their computer speakers, why not experiment with a few frequencies listed at the above link?  For example, 38 Hz is associated with endorphin release.

I have also successfully used the following frequencies copied from the website of Karl Welz, the inventor of orgonite.

7.83 Hz -- Earth Resonance for Invention, Creativity, & Energy
7.0 Hz -- To Enhance ESP (Extra Sensory Projection), & Intuition
12.0 Hz -- For Centering Yourself And Balance, & Greater Harmony
3.5 HZ -- For Super Learning, Especially Of Languages, & Retention
6.3 Hz -- For Super Learning, To Boost Memory, & Mental Confidence
14.1 Hz -- For Efficiency In Daily Activities: Emotional, Mental, & Physical

Another Educate Yourself reader explained how he cured himself of asthma with the aid of frequencies.  (URL to this letter - The Best Things in Life Are Usually Simple and Inexpensive (Sept. 2, 2002)

4. Use of a zapper
I use Don Crofts zapper daily.  Its one of the best investments I have ever made.

5. Use of an orgonite pyramid with crystals

I have been using an orgonite pyramid (  )
to clear away negative energies at home and at work.  I was feeling negatively affected by the electronics equipment in my cubicle at my job. Bringing the pyramid to work has cleared up my workspace very nicely.

Don Croft says how breathing with one's nose just above the pyramid is like having an ozonator in the room.

Don's report:
"Carol and I are experimenting with Kristina's new models now. I stuck the krypton model between our pillows and Carol said, 'Hey-- this is just like breathing pure oxygen!' when her nose contacted the point of the pyramid. I stuck my nose over it and noticed that when I did my lungs expanded like I was, indeed, breathing pure oxygen. That happened with each of the three models the Kristina sent us (we trade a Terminator for each one and I gild the top third of each pyramid, which makes them even more powerful). I hope everyone will try that trick. I slept with my nose close to the point of the pyramid and woke up feeling like I do when an ozonator is in the room."
I personally have tried this and do it for breathing relief.  It works even though I just have a regular pyramid - not the krypton model.  Knowing I can always inhale like this when needed helps give peace of mind.

And by the way, I have been able to discontinue using the asthma inhaler while living in Bakersfield - a
city with poor air quality.

Jerry Fallenberg

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