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Letters to The Editor
Blue Senator ?
Part 2
October 9, 2002

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 Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002
 Subject: Blue Senator  

 Hi Editor,

You talked about in one of your letters a blue senator because of silver, but you never explained why he is blue in the first place. Please explain.

Thanks, Wes.

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To: "Wes Bean" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Subject: Re: Blue Senator

Hi Wes,

Well, I can only speculate, of course, but I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to find a substance that would react with skin tissue to tint the skin if it was your intention to do that. There are specialzed cells in the dermis that could be targeted with a chemical that could tinge the skin for a time.

There is a condition called Argyria that could cause your skin to turn slate grey or bluish. If you took colloidal silver PROTEIN (CSP) for many many years, you might get that condition, but it's still extremely rare. Taking plain colloidal silver does not produce this condition. It can't.

In this case, I think it's a scam. ( )  I think the whole stunt is designed to scare people away from colloidal silver. No one in their right mind would run as a candidate for a senate seat with blue skin; no one. It's too easy to cover over with makeup and avoid risking redicule and gawking that automatically would go along with having blue skin.

The secret govt has portable invisibility units that secret service agents clip on their belt which makes them completely invisible. I've seen a photo of same from Al Bielek. The secret govt also has all kinds of antigravity spacecraft and high tech beam weapons that can shoot ufos out of the sky. They can time travel to anywhere in the universe. There have been bases on Mars and the moon since the 1950's They can create a time tunnel right into your bedroom and take you with them for examination or anything else they wanted to do to you. Do you think it would be very difficult for these guys to come up with something as simplistic as a skin colorant if it served their propaganda purposes?

The govt. is involved in a genocide campaign. That's what the chemtrails are about and that's what the mandatory vaccination programs are all about. When the bio plagues hit, colloidal silver could possibly save your life. They don't want people finding out just how well colloidal silver does work, so they use people like Rosemary Jacobs (in the past) and now this new senatorial 'candidate' to frighten people away from trying colloidal silver today.

Remember, the Illuminati are running the show behind the scenes and the Illuminati are MASTERS of deception. They've been practicing it for THOUSANDS of years.

If you want to know more about colloidal silver, send me an E mail requesting same.

Regards, Ken <Ken Adachi, Editor>

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From: "Wes Bean" <>
To: "Editor" <Editor>
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Subject: Re: Blue Senator

 Hi Editor,

 Ok, I suppose that makes sense. Thanks for your time  and good luck to you.
 Thanks a lot-Wes

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