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Breakdown Techniques
August 3, 2002

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I'm looking for more info documents etc. on the breakdown of the individual using techniques that breakdown the family unit etc. Sounds like stuff the communists were using. Any websites or related info would be helpful.



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 Hi Brian,

 Your question is rather broad, but generally 'movements' and social 'trends' were engineered into position and made to look like a natural evolvment, when in fact they were planned by the Illuminati to achieve the desired goal of breaking up the nuclear American family unit. This goes back to the 1960's at least with the hippie period and the relaxed attitude towards taking drugs and sexual promiscuity which was promoted by the individuals like Dr Timothy Leary and 'nice' rock groups like the Beatles.

 The birth of the devisive feminists movement in the later part of the 1960's, with the resultant changes in divorce laws, that allowed unilateral divorce is one example of many. Unilateral divorce means, one side can get a divorce without the consent of the other. That cute little manuever is what led to the pitting of ex-wife against ex-husband in custody battles for the kids and court ordered child support, which led to all kinds of misery for all parties involved-which continues to this day. Besides custody battles, you have the huge govenement bureaucracy created to manage child support payments. This added a lot of business to DA's around the country. I guess concentrating on indicting ordinary criminals had to take a back seat to the 'new' felons, Dead Beat Dads. Now they have 'Wanted" posters in the Post offices showing the pictures and description of  Dead Beat Dads. They used to post the FBI's Ten Most Wanted. In the 1950's the divorce rate was somewhere around 10%. Today, it's over 75%.  That's not a coincidence. It was planned.

 Today we have TV shows and radio talk shows that largely act as mind conditioning vehicles for the Illuminati's agenda to destroy America. With the exception of comedy talk shows, most talk shows or 'real life' situation TV shows (E.g. survival shows) are focused on strife, conflict, mistrust, betrayal, disloyalty, and "survival of the fittess" mindset; a jungle mentality. Take your pick: Judge Judy, Jerry Springer, The Weakest Link, etc. The list is endless. Exactly the sort of 'fruits' of  human misery that the Illuminati expected to grow from those seeds sewn in the 60's.

That's how it's done.

 Regards, Ken

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From: Frank Rutten
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Subject: breakdown techniques

Hello Ken.
It's been awhile. I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading your 'current news' updates nightly and along with are enough to keep me informed on the things that I like to read. Yesterday's posting titled Breakdown Techniques was such a classic example of how we are all becoming so divided in all so many ways, and you explained it so well. One thing you could have added is how children are also being manipulated through television ad advertising. We have a very popular TV series here in Australia called 'Home and Away' moulded mainly around teenage children that are either fostered or someone's long lost brother or sister later to find their long lost mother or father and how they control, dominate and even abuse there parents. Advertising, from breakfast cereals to toys and games, show children telling or even demanding from their parents what they want.

Wow, no wonder there's such problems in all age groups today. But as you say, it's all been engineered this way to tear us all apart. I wished  that my X wife understood this.
Thank you

Frank Rutten.

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