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An Emotionally Charged, Coarse Rant

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From: Keith Johnson
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 1:30 AM
Subject: An emotionally charged, coarse rant for your enjoyment

Dear Ken,
The following was an e-mail I sent to several of my friends and family. I realize that it is very emotionally charged and that you (as well as many others) might find it offensive. I feel that the subject matter justifies the possible offense because I think people need to be jolted. Although some of the ideas I have written here are inspired by things that I have read, these are my own words. My recent reading includes:

    The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin
    Ishmael and My Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
    Raw Power! by Steve Arlin
    Nature's First Law: The Raw Food Diet by Steve Arlin, Fouad Dini, and David Wolfe

As well as others I don't remember and observations in my own span of 25 years on this earth.

I sincerely hope that you will find this useful and don't take offense to the content.

Best of wishes,
Keith Johnson

--Begin rant--

Life within this consumerist system seems more pointless every day. At my current wages, it would take me 9 years to save enough money to buy this piece of shit! And that assumes that I don't spend money on anything else (like food...or F---ING TAXES)!!!

I could spend 2 weeks at the public library to learn the skills necessary to build a home, 1 week gathering wood, 1 week at a dump gathering various sundries (wire, Plexiglas, shingles, pipe), then 3 weeks for me and a buddy or two to build it (come on, we're only novices). All this assuming that I want a home that looks like everyone else's and has all the "necessary" amenities. And assuming that my friendly uncle Sam won't want any yearly and graduated donations for the "privilege" of planting my home in this land of the "free".

Or I can pull the 9 to 5 gerbil wheel BS for 10 years, enough dues paid for some F---ING P---CK bank SLAVER to allow me to voluntarily don the shackles he hands me to give him 15-30 years of my life.

Progress? Efficiency? Productivity? Standard Operating Platforms? Teams? Action Plans? Morale Boosting Committees? Civilization? BULL-F---ING-S--T!!!!!!


I've got it! Why don't we genetically engineer humans with no frontal lobe, require that all future births have this modification, and use gene therapy to induce this change in the entire world's population with rapid atrophy of the lobe following. Then they wouldn't have to think about the stinking, whirling cesspool in which they are being sucked under. Wouldn't that be more humane?

Or why not simply develop an integrated circuit that intercepts any "nasty" individualist thoughts that creep up, requiring installation in every person on the planet.

Oh...I know! Let's send all the children to a place where they are made to feel all warm and fuzzy and eager about what is mundane and pointless, work. It may come in handy that these buildings also make everyone think the same as well so that later in life, cookie cutter results can be expected when these people are told something or required to produce something. We'll keep them there well past puberty/maturity, tell them that they are not adults until say 18, no...wait, 21 so that all the "adults" won't get pushed out of their incredibly fun, interesting, and fulfilling jobs prematurely. Then when these people have had enough fun for a lifetime and to make room for other people to make stuff (note: maybe have them buy more stuff so more people can work longer!), say around 65 years of age, we put them in a community of their peers where they are taking lots of fun pills and can reminisce about the fulfilling years of their youth.

But why are they living only about half the omnivorous mammalian multiple of their maturation period? must be the concentrated years of "fun" packed into their lifetimes. And these people are living longer every year, except for children that die before 1, no...3, no...5? Well, those little things don't count as people yet, especially those that weren't even born. Those new diseases they keep hearing about always existed, they just didn't have the technology to detect them. Maybe the world is innately a progressively hostile place that must be tamed (it couldn't be anything the people are doing wrong), they just didn't have the technology to detect them. Oh...That makes sense.

OOPS! I forgot about these funny little boxes that tell them that they are happy, and that they would be happier and more complete if they bought more of these boxes and other useless little doodads, and set some of the people to designing more widgets of different shapes, sizes, and colors, then tell them their life wouldn't be complete without them. Yah...and these funny pills that make them forget about how pointless their lives are. Ahhh...what a wonderful plan. What is even better is the more different kinds of funny boxes, widgets, and pills there are, the more "productivity" is required. Hahaha...also, people will constantly design newer boxes, widgets, and pills that do pretty much the same thing and have the buildings and boxes tell them that they need these now, too.

Hey, wait a sec. Aren't we already doing all of this? Then why isn't the spell working on me? Oh...I'm defective, I should have continued to sit in front of one of those funny boxes, and taken more of those funny pills, and stayed in those funny buildings so I could be an "adult" even later.

I wonder what the tribe who started to actually expend time and effort on planting and maintaining crops and raising animals while all their neighbors would simply walk up to a tree and grab a piece of fruit, dig up a tuber, chew on some leaves, raid a sparrow nest, or spear an ox when they were hungry? Or even more of a laugh riot, how would our great civilization look to the guy who convinced other people it was in their own best interest to work his fields for more food than they themselves needed to store for "later use" meanwhile making them work the fields even more to buy some of that food back!

Don't forget about the guy who started doling out chunks of metal when people gave him food and other stuff. Perhaps best of all, the guy who started charging to lend one guy pieces of paper and chunks of metal that another guy had given the first guy to hold for "safe keeping" and maybe a little bit of the profit. This one is rich too, some other guy came up with the idea get a whole group of people to give him these pieces of paper and chunks of metal and then charge for giving them back when anyone needed it for a specific (and progressively narrow) purpose. Don't forget about the guys who drew lines on the earth and started charging anyone who lives inside of those lines for earning some of these pieces of paper and hunks of metal, for building a home within said lines, and for buying anything made inside of or outside of those lines. I'm sure there could be more humorous human foibles that could be added here, I'm just laughing too hard.

I'm going to sleep now, maybe I'll wake up Monday and watch some TV, pop some Prozac, eat a McDonald's cheeseburger, work for 10 hours, save some money to go to an institution of higher learning, and go to bed that night thinking how great progress is.

--End rant--

Live well,

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From: Editor
To: Keith Johnson
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 12:30 PM
Subject: Re: An emotionally charged, coarse rant for your enjoyment

Hello Keith,

I've read your letter and will repost it under Letters to the Editor, so other people can see what you have to say.

Here's a few ideas. You can regard them as you see fit.

Your happiness and inner sense of peace is created or diminished by your thoughts. You recognize that a system has been intentionally created by the Illuminati types to essentially enslave the public (without the public knowing it) and take the fruit of their labors. It's mostly a modern version of feudalism. Fine, you are aware of the game and now see how it's perpetrated.

You feel entrapped by these forces and want to verbally lash out over the injustice of it all. Fine, you've done that, but what do you do now? Go back to the 9-5, low paying job and continue to feel miserable? Well, if you want to eat and have a place to stay, I suppose you' ll have to keep your job, but do you have to be miserable ? No.

Regardless of what physical circumstances we may find ourselves, inner feelings of rage, chaos, anger, resentment, etc. are emotions that we ALLOW to take seed and grow within our hearts. If we cultivate that garden long enough, those seedlings will grow into adult plants and bear their own fruit of anger, rage, chaos, etc. and you will disseminate those negative seeds to others, just like you picked them up from other planters.

When we read certain books (movies, TV shows, radio talk shows, etc.) or associate with certain people, we will tend to be influenced by the attitudes and emotions possessed by those books and those people. You see this all the time in other people don't you? A nice teenager from a good family starts hanging out with a bad crowd at high school or meets a good looking, but delinquent boyfriend, and suddenly she starts dressing like a punk, acts like a slut, and let's her school work and the family relationship go to hell in a handbasket. She will tell you that she's doing exactly what SHE wants to do, but is that the complete story? No, she's being influenced by the thoughts of others because she is now sharing those same thoughts and they change her inner world to match the vibrations of those thoughts. It's called the Law of Attraction, a universal law.

Why don't you read my Mind-Body connection page? I've got a lot more to add to it, but what is there will give you an idea of the direction I'm going in. The Raw food diet book you mention below sounds like a good book, but I don't know about the other two. The Dispossessed sounds a little dark. Fascinating perhaps, but what sort of thoughts and emotions does it project?

If you read a book like " Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda, you will understand that the entire game of good versus evil, pain versus pleasure, peace versus misery, slave versus enslaver, etc. is a game that God allows us to play because most of us are unaware that it's only a game and that we can withdraw from that game whenever we wish by adjusting our thoughts to higher planes of vibrations. The ancient Hindu texts call the game of worldly life "Maya".

If you're doing destructive things like booze or drugs, shelve those bad habits and start treating your body (and mind) as the Temple of God that it is. Because God resides within you as surely as He does within Christ.

Read Yoganada's book. I think you will find it engrossing and enlightening and open a new door for you that will lead to freedom. Start cultivating a new garden, perhaps more to your liking. .

Sincerely, Ken

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From: Keith Johnson
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2001 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: An emotionally charged, coarse rant for your enjoyment

I appreciate your kind words and will definitely look into the books that you have suggested.

Regarding happiness and inner peace, I agree with you totally. Recently I have slowly made some changes in my life that have given me that happiness and inner peace (at least as close as I have ever come), but I want other people to know that they can achieve this for themselves. But it is frustrating that some people are blind to what is going on around them, some say they are happy, although anyone with any rudimentary perception can see that they are not. Perhaps I am just falling into the fallacious view that my way is right, theirs is wrong. At the base of it, I want the optimal compromise between what's best for each individual and what is best for the community of life (not just homo sapiens sapiens).

I have never drunk alcohol (except in medication when I was younger and MORE naive, and in communion when I actually subscribed to Christian view of life) and I have never tried any drugs (again, except when I used to rely on the crutch of modern medicine.) Recently I tried a raw vegan diet which made me feel the healthiest I have felt in my entire life, but my body was letting me know in no uncertain terms that I needed something else, so I have added raw "clean" eggs and a small amount of raw wild seafood. I'm still deciding whether the animal products should be cooked, so far raw is working incredibly well. A prodigious amount of sunlight, exercise (weight lifting and outdoor activities, and a little yoga(The Five Tibetans)) have improved my disposition, health, and appearance to a very noticeable degree (I get frequent comments from those I know, and even some I don't know). Most recently, I have taken steps to decrease the invasiveness of my workaday life by switching to night-time hours, allowing me to enjoy the daylight hours. As I stated before, though, I am not satisfied to just do for myself and let those I see around me suffer, if for no other reason that viewing their suffering diminishes my own happiness.

I see life in the modern world as a vast mud puddle. Until I find my way out, I'll deal with the mud I'm getting on myself. Some people I see seem to be content to stay in place, as moving could put them deeper in the mud. Others choose to wallow in it, since getting somewhat muddy is unavoidable, they say, "I may as well get muddy all over. And you there! If I am all muddy I will not allow you to escape the mud." Others gradually sink, thinking no point expending any effort in escaping that fate. But most often, masses of individuals in groups, with most of the individuals simply following the one in front of them, depending on the good intentions of those leading them, saying "They have gotten me this far, may as well continue to follow, they must know better than I." Meanwhile I see these so called "leaders" simply trying to attract more followers so that they have a constant supply of individuals on whom to step on in order to stay out of the mud (not even concerned with the possibility of leading anyone out of the puddle), while all of the followers inevitably sink to their miserable deaths.

I do not wish for anyone that does not want to be in the puddle to remain there. From my own experience, ignorance is not bliss, those who do not see or ignore reality may claim to be happy, but I see a different story.

I may have given a false impression by what I have written. I am not full of rage, although perhaps it shows its ugly head on occasion. I believe(d) that rage is a tool that can be used, but now I am wondering if any good can come from it. Every revolution that succeeded through hate and violence inevitably placed in power individuals who maintain that power through hate and violence. I suppose that as Frank Herbert put it, power doesn't corrupt, power attracts corruptible people. Of course these same people are the ones responsible for portraying their heinous acts as furthering truth, justice, and freedom for all when it comes time to write the history books. After all, the end justifies the means. Doesn't it?

FYI. The Dispossessed is a story detailing a proletariat society that built and maintained a peaceful and functioning anarchic civilization. A worthy read, certainly not dark. And I believe I have read everything on your site (multiple times), including the mind-body connection section.

Keith Johnson

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