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Re: Coming Attractions

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From: Geoffrey Bax
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 2:23 PM
Subject: coming attractions

Hi there,

Your synopsis Coming Attractions reminded me of an essay I sent out to my relatives and some friends dealing with similar type things. I kind of skimmed the surface on several topics; NWO, MAI, UN, NATO, cashless society, microchipping, physical reality as vibration, hemp - why is it outlawed as tens of thousands of things can be made out of it, tv and school being conditioning bullshit and some other things. I wrote it with an excited, urgent but happy style, to let them know some things about my outlook and info that they may not have come across, and invited them to reply with their thoughts and feelings often throughout the text.

I sent out 30 first to see how it would go, i received no replies. This did not encourage me to persue this way of providing open minded information. I realised that a mind conditioned to view anything other than the status quo would react in a skeptical manner or not react at all. But it saddened me because I presented the info as a 'what do you think' piece and none of them seemed to think at all.

I read coming changes and feel that although you are obviously impassioned by the material you presented to your folks, your folks were simply inundated with reality smashing info, which was obviously way beyond anything they have ever thought or felt.

But i do know why you sent it to them coz i felt the same and did a similar thing. I think it's going to take this information being read out on the tv news before people will listen ( which of course is not going to happen) and even if it did it would be met with numb conformity and indifference. You have to be searching for the truth in the first place and most people, unfortunately, can't even face the truth in their immediate lives let alone the truth of the way the world and thought is controlled.

Good on ya, It will all come out in the wash.


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From: Editor
To: Geoffrey Bax
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2001 11:25 PM
Subject: Re: coming attractions

Hi Geoff,

You must be Australian because I only hear the expression "good on ya'' from my Aussie friends. Thanks for your thoughts. You're right, it will all come out in the wash. The majority of people will simply panic when martial law kicks in. It'll be Nazi Germany overnight and they're all be screaming why didn't anyone tell them.

I feel the worst atrocities will occur in America. They have many concentration camps with big crematoriums set up all over Ameica including Hawaii.  There are enough Gunderson railroad prisoner cars with shackles to transport 15 million people at a time and that's based on 1995 information. The secret govt has an "A" list and a "B" list with millions of American names on them who will be picked up immediately after martial law kicks in.   The "A" list people will be exterminated immediately. The "B" list will be re-educated and re-evaluated (meaning mind controlled or exterminated) .

For those who remain and are not on the pick up list, they have these GWEN microwave towers springing up everyday all over the country. They suppose to be for cell phone communications, but that's the cover story. They're really be used for mass mind control.  By 2003, the very electrical lines going into people's homes will be used for very sophisticated mind control technologies.

In 1995, Phil Schneider said at his last talk before he was murdered, that "it's all over except for a bunch of screaming". He was absolutely correct. If you know people in America who will listen, advise them to get out of the country and stay out. America will be a killing ground for many years to come I'm afraid. It's going to be worse than Nazi Germany, much worse.

Regards, Ken

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