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Confusing Conflicts of the Religious Type
Oct. 3, 2002

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 Hi Editor,

 I have followed various factions for years regarding NWO allegations and so forth.  I have been reading up on Ted Gunderson and so on this morning as I was at first researching info on what happened to Bob Beck.

 In any case, I am regularly confused.  Websites such as educate-yourself .org will carry info put forth by writer David Icke.  Besides David Icke there is ample info nearly everywhere that religion and that which is alleged by all major religions is bogus information. That allegations regarding the supposed Jesus and god and so on are at
best distorted historical accounts of real events long ago.  possibly involving alien colonization activity upon the earth...whatever...but the evidence is overwhelming that religion is a bogus distorted lie that control groups regularly exploit to use as control mechanisms.  Religion is regularly used to manipulate an control entire populations.  I can deal with that.  Then you have websites like this that try to warn against NWO activities which is ok fine, yet the warners such as Ted Gunderson imply they are devout Christians which is one of the religions the NWO uses to manipulate people.  Really it can't work both ways.

 My own research of the last 30 years has convinced me that religion itself is an evil manmade construct.  That if there be any substance to the concept of a creative force one could call god, such reality lies in light and magnetic fields and the acts of consciousness upon matter etc.  Religions that are restrictive, and dogmatic, the worst 3
being those of middle eastern origin being, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  All are religions that give lip service to peace while in fact promoting the most deadly military conflicts in the name of god, allah, jehovah, whatever...yawn...

 I am writing as it is confusing to me to see this website promote David Icke and then turn around and promote the fundamentalist christianity of Ted Gunderson.

 Bottom Line.  I think Gunderson is correct regarding the exploitation of children in the world to day.  I think David Icke is correct regarding the child sex abuse rings in high places.  But I am still confused by people who can read David Ickes books and still prattle on about god and a savior.  If there ever was a pattern card for the being most religions call god, it was an evil opressive alien, ala one of the annunakki as outlined in the books by Zechariah Sitchen in books like The 12th Planet and other books by the same author.

 In any case, I just thought I would tell you that at least I, if not others, am confused by this conflict of condemn the NWO and yet embrace Christianity, a religion still heavily promoted by the NWO as a control tool....sigh...


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Hi Barbara,

It's not really that confusing.

I think David Icke has done tremendous research and investigation into the makeup of the NWO and their alien overlords. He's also documented better than most their age old diaboloical and murderous rituals. He's been
convinced, mostly by Brian Desborough I think, that Jesus Christ never lived and was fabricated into existence and onto the pages of the Bible and the history books. However, I couldn't disagree more.

That doesn't mean I can't accept and gain from the fantastic research he has done into exposing for the world the depths of the Illuminati deceit and their genocidal agenda. David Icke is not infallible and is a candidate for
error just as much as any other human being.  I make up my own mind as to what I perceive to be the truth. I always look-and ask- for guidance from within.

As far as the errors of organized religion: Sure, the controlling oligarchy of the Catholic Church cooked the books in the early centuries and was behind the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria and were power
mongers down through the centuries. It was extremely obvious in the Middle Ages and the era of the so-called "Bad Popes". Does that mean that ordinary priests, nuns, bishops and the Catholics in general for the past 2000 years are responsible for that? No way. Have they been hoodwinked by the leaders of the church? Yes. Does that make any difference to God? No.

The idea of organized religion as a way for people to focus on spiritual development and evolvement to higher consciousness is as valid today as it was in the days of Christ and before Christ. God doesn't judge religious
people based on what some corrupt cardinal or corrupt Pope does. He responds to everyone individually and on the basis of the sincerity of their intentions. Anything you do to get closer to God and serve Him will move you
forward in soul development and bring you closer to freeing yourself from the Karmic Wheel of earthly life.

Even if you don't accept reincarnation or karma or any of that, that's still fine in God's eyes. If you try to follow the Golden Rule, you will please God. That's what's important. You will find yourself living in the glow of His grace and you will be much happier and at peace-whether you are part of an organized religion or not. It doesn't matter to God how you get to Him. Just as long as you move in the right direction, that's what counts.

Ted is working for the right side and moving in the right direction. David Icke is also moving in the right direction and working for the right side, despite his beliefs about Christ. Sincerity of intention and personal conduct are what count. David will be in for a little surprise after he passes over to the Other Side. But so what? Big deal. No one will hold a grudge against him, trust me.

Yes, there was confusion in earlier periods in which humans thought that the giant aliens were gods of some sort. Well, of course, they had superior technology and were 12-15 feet tall. What else are you going to think if you
don't know any better?  Does that mean that there ISN'T a real God, the One Creator? Does that mean that advanced prophets and teachers like Christ, Buddah, Khrisna, Zoastra, etc. never existed?

"The Kingdom of God is within". It's really so simple. Look inwards to find God.

To gain information about spiritual advancement, turn your attention towards those writers and individuals who have clearly demonstated their advanced spiritual knowledge by their actions and accomplishment in that area. David Icke would not be a good choice in that regard. Paramahansa Yogananda would (see Mind-Body Connection).

The Illuminati has infiltrated and taken over every large organization in the world that started out with the purpose of doing good. That doesn't mean that they control the growth or spiritual life of the members of that organization though. There is a difference between the political Catholic Church and the Mystical Body of Christ Catholic church. The latter is the spiritual chuch that exists between Christ and its members. The Illuminati can't control or corrupt that.

I don't agree with you that religions are evil or are vehicles for negative purposes. That's an extremely cynical and distorted perception (and works to further the destructive goals of the satanic Illuminati by the way).

Religions are a way for people to move towards spirituality in an organized setting. Evil can only exists in the heart of an evil doer. No organization can thrust that upon you.

Sincerely, Ken

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