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Thoughts on Healing Emphysema

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Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 5:09 AM
Subject: emphysema

 I have emphysema and been on oxygen for two years now and it does not seem to get any better. I am 81 years old and was in fairly good health untill 3 years ago, was a heavey smoker for 55 years, quit in 1987 and not smoked since. Is there any advise you could give me on trying to over come this sitution?
 Thank you
 Albert E. Withey

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Subject: Re: emphysema

Hi Albert,

I'll try to do my best, but realize this is not medical advice. It's merely educational information that I'm am freely providing to you at your request. Consult the healer of your choice for medical advice and medical care.

Most people are under the impression that emphysema is a one way street. Once you have this condition, the best you can hope for is to slow down its progress, but you can't reverse it or cure it. However,  I don't agree with that common conclusion.

The vast majority of people believe that conclusion is true because the entire country is under the domination of allopathic medicine (drug medicine) and allopathy has proven to be a dismal failure with emphysema, cancer, etc. So our allopathic doctors tell us that nothing can be done, but is that true? No, not necessarily.  Those conclusions only mean that there's nothing that ALLOPATHY can offer to cure the disease, but that doesn't mean it's isn't curable. By the way, do you know that there is a law on the books that says that only ALLOPATHIC doctors can use the word "cure" in describing the end or complete reversal of a disease condition?  Anyone else, other than a licensed allopathic doctor, can be prosecuted for using the word "cure" even if just TALKING about reversing disease in a public forum. Such is the control of the medical mafia in this country.

I'm firmly of the belief that any health condition is curable because the body and mind possess an unlimited capacity to heal itself. It's necessary to do a number of things to allow that healing to take place though. A long term, chronic disease takes a lot more work than a short term, new affliction. You have to work hard both on the physical level and on the mental/spiritual plane to bring about desirable changes, but it is possible to improve-sometimes dramatically. It depends on how much effort, sincerity, and devotion you apply to this work.

1) Physical: There are supplements and foods that you can take which can have the effect of rebuilding the leathery membranes of your lung avioli into softer and more pliable cells. These will then expand more and allow more intake of air. I need to look up which supplements work best in this regard. I can't remember off the top of my head, but MSM does come to mind. I'll check. There are other therapies that can help as well.  Hyperbaric oxygen for one, but there are also possibilities in electromedicine as well. I'll get back to you on these.

2. Mental/Spiritual: The most effective manner of healing can be accomplished through the mind and the heart. Most people would not believe this, but it's true. Non belief and doubt are the first obstacles to overcome if you expect to achieve anything here. Thoughts are AGENTS OF CREATION. You need to remember that. You can create disease and disharmony through the mind and you can also create health and harmony through the mind. It cuts both ways.

 Most cases of cancer, are more due to mental disharmony and negative thoughts than a purely physical  basis, although a physical irritation can get the ball rolling and trigger the cancer that was waiting to break out due to the negative  mindset of the individual.  Of course, you can still get cancer if you go overboard to irritate the body like being a heavy smoker for many decades, but even then it's POSSIBLE (but not easy) to pull out of it, if you do the work that's required.

You should try to obtain these books and read them very carefully and thoroughly:
A) "Scientific Healing Affirmations" by Paramahansa Yogananda. This small booklet is only $4.50 , but worth its weight in diamonds. The true source of the healing power within is explained better in this book and any other source on the subject. You need to read and reread every page of this book to truly absorb the wisdom and techniques to be learned. Available from: Self-Realization Fellowship, 3880 San Raphael Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065-3298 Tel. (323) 225-2471 Fax (323) 225-5088  Web:

B) "The Science of Psychic Healing" by Yogi Ramacharaka. This was first printed in 1904, but the truth never gets stale with age. There is 4,000 years of ancient wisdom within the covers of this book. Read it carefully and apply the info. You will find the the info in this book merges perfectly with the info from "Scientific Healing Affirmations" . Available from: the Bohdi Tree Bookstore, 8585 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90069-5199   Tel. 1-800-825-9798  Web:

C) "The Miracle of Metaphysical Healing" by Evelyn M. Monohan (Library of Congress cat. # RZ401.M74  625'.851  75-12721) Printed in 1975, likely hard to find. Try used and rare book stores or do a search at Here's a source for out of print books: "Harvest Book Search" 1-800-563-1222. Also TR McTeer Hard to Find Books Tel. 1-800-373-4943

There are many other books on the market about metaphysical healing, but these are the three that I've read and studied from. You won't have any trouble getting books A or B above. Do it today and start reading. You can do this, but YOU have to do it. No one else can do it for you.

Keep me posted (and keep away from that airport!).

Sincerely, Ken

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