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A Few Comments on the 'End Times Terminal Madness' Guy
July 23, 2002

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 From: "Bernard "
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 Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 11:30 PM
 Subject: An Order:
K Adachi,
I know tht we would recognize one another, were we to happen upon one another...I attended Bob Beck's Tuesday morning 'breakfasts' occasionally, for the restaurant was only a mile from where I lived at the time.   Interesting man, and Thanks for your report at the time of his passing.  I had a business in Costa Mesa on Harbor Bl (in Commerce Park), and used the same Post Office in which you have a box.

Your website is gripping, and has claimed large chucks of my time.  I'm 76, and supposed to be retired, but I find lots to do, having built a studio apartment on the back of my daughter's lot here in the middle of Oklahoma, Shawnee to be exact.   This daughter has just been diagnosed as having fibtromyalgia.  One day last week I learn this, and the next day I read about Don Croft's Terminator.

So, here's an order:   [snip].         Thanks.

A note:  it is my understanding that one cannot make a concentrated form of CS, for the colloids, standing off from one another in suspension at around 6 ppm, begin to clump together when they are more concentrated.  When I lived in Fort Collins, CO, I went to Denver's medical library to  research the old Lancet the teens of the last century.  An experiment related that the germs were killed in a petri dish in 10  minutes, using 6 ppm.  At 25 ppm, it took half an hour, longer at 50ppm, and go past 100 ppm and it didn't do it at all.  The colloids had clumped and were no longer small enough, and active enough to do whatwas needed--smothering the germ.  Of course, today we make better colloidals, but the same principles apply.  But, then, what do i know...?

You might be interested in the website that is my sun and stars:       My source of Truth.  And he has some predictions about next year also.    Which include WW3, international conflict involving nuclear weapons, etc.

Tell me if you know of the healing powers of Miracle II Soap.


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From: Editor
To: "Bernard "
Sent: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 10:58 AM
Subject: Re: An Order:  

 Hi Bernard,
 Nice to hear from you. Yes, we probably have seen each other at the Beck  group.
 The older info about CS is based on the production method of the times.  Using the electrolysis method, expecially with high voltage AC, you can get  a much smaller particle with higher electron shell activity. CS produces  good results with low concentraion in general. The clumping problem you  refer to is based on the production protocol. My AC model has an internal  power supply that provides 30+ volts when the wall adapter is used. By  reversing the polarity of the electrodes every 2 minutes and thinking about  making a high quality CS while you are making it, will produce a good  colloid. You can modify Dwight's unit and install a DPDT switch for the  electrodes or just hand reverse the alligtor clip connections to the silver  wire every 2 minutes. Of course, you can get my generator too if you want.  Reversing the polarity is the key to preventing current runaway which causes  clumping.
 Miracle II works very, very well. Everyone should have it. Here's a cheap source:
 Miracle II
 Here are two more you should investigate:
 Magnetic Clay
 Magnetic Pinky rings and toe magnets
Concerning , I have a poor opinion of Chiappalone. He is not my idea of a spiritually advanced person. He's a fear monger and exudes a lot of negative energy. His "predictions" are based on the work of others, such as Al Bielek, who have spoken of these end time scenarios long before Dr Happy Face came along.

Yes, it's going to be bad and yes, most of humanity will pass, but I rather read it from Red Elk instead of this guy. I have an overwhelming feeling that Dr Happy Face is mind controlled and is a C -- asset. He sure talks like one. Go to Jeff Rense article archives and read the letters appended to some of his articles that  some people have sent in regarding Chiappalone and read his response. He's an arrogant, egotistical , unenlightened fat  head as far as I'm concerned.  Sorry to dump on your boy, but his message is  FEAR. That's the same message that the NWO wants to perpetuate. Fear is what  feeds and nourishes the negative reptillians who are running the show behind the scenes. It's their power base. Here's a small example:
  " All the Light consciousness has evacuated earth, only the Dark  remains"....."you can't do anything about it--everyone is going to die"....blah, blah, blah
 Here's another direct quote: "As most of the Light has left this sorry globe, the evilness of the non-viables will manifest at an ever-accelerating pace. Madness will consume the plane. Even today that is obvious. "
 Give me a break! C-- mind control horsecrap all the way! This guy is programmed.
 Read this interview with Red Elk from Spectrum magazine. End time message, different energy:
 Red Elk article in Spectrum:
 Regards, Ken


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