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Golden Ratio Holy Handgrenade (HHg) Construction

By  Dennis E. Newkirk  <>
August 2, 2002

Last weekend I made our first HHG.  I had been collecting materials for a traditional CB, but after reading through most of the posts, I couldn't wait any longer before pouring some resin.  It seemed like many folks agreed early on that the golden ratio pyramid and cone shapes are the way to build if you want to get the most output using basic ingredients.  I opted to make a scale model resembling the Giza Pyramid, which is based on the golden ratio.  Its sides make an angle to the base at 51 degrees and 51 minutes.  So at that angle, if you took 1/2 of the length of the base and then divided that into the length of the side (going from base corner to the apex), you get the golden ratio of 1.61803xxx...

I wasn't that accurate, but here's how I constructed mine:

Using corrugated cardboard from a typical shipping box, I drew and cutout the four triangular sides.  I decided on having base lengths of 6 inches on a side.  So, one-halve of that, or 3", times 1.61803 equals 4.854", or a little less than 4-7/8"(four and seven-eighths).  If you draw out a right triangle having a 3" base with a 4 7/8" hypotenuse, then you can determine the height as about 3.816", or about 3-13/16".

Now knowing the dimensions, you start with a 6" baseline, and at midpoint you measure up a height of 3-3/16". From that point, draw each side down to the end of the baseline points. Each side will be real close to the 4-7/8" golden ratio measurement.  Make three more triangles like the first one and you've got the four sides of your pyramid ready to cover with tin foil and tape together.

Good ole Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil smoothed out just fine on one side of each triangle.  Bend over about a half-inch on each edge and scotch tape it down on the other side. Loosely lay the four triangle sides together into the pyramid shape and put a small piece of tape at the middle of each edge to temporarily hold it together while you make adjustments to get it aligned tightly.  As you pull each side tight against the next, you can seal the seam down its length. While you do this, keep eyeballing the apex inside to keep a sharp point and try to maintain a relatively square base. Lastly, put several small pieces of tape around the point to seal it so as to prevent leakage when you fill it with resin.  It might sound difficult at first, but when you finish you'll be pattin' yourself on the back.  It's a real eye appealing shape you've just made.  And scotch tape is easy to handle and allowed me to easily remove the sides of the mold after the HHG resin setup.

   I took someone's suggestion on another post about lubricating the mold with WD40.  It worked better than I expected.  I took it outside and misted the foil-coated insides. It doesn't take much, because it started to run down the sides into the apex.  No problemo; just turn it over and let any excess drain away. ( I was doing all this inside a garden shed just after sundown, when all the mosquitoes and gnats seem to reach critical mass.  So I ended up with some extra "organic" material deposited in the HHG.)

   The resin utilized was from the gallon can of fiberglass resin bought for $22.80 from Home Depot.  It called for 12 drops of hardener for each ounce of resin.  I used 7 drops per ounce of resin.  In the end, I had used approximately 18 ounces of resin. Didn't have a clue as to how much volume would be needed, so as it turned out, I mixed an 8 oz batch, followed by another 8 oz batch, and topped it off with 2 more ounces to fill to the base.   Of course, I first filled the mold with all the crystals and metal. I used 7 DT quartz crystals and BBs and metal springs like ballpoint pen springs.  Someone gave me a quart jar full of the springs to use as battery contacts for electronic projects.  I think they have been put to better use as a reflector in the orgonite mix. The BBs were the copper coated type, but I had to add more filler, so some more zinc-coated types were put in the mix.  And I threw in some 3/8Ē shot balls to finish the bulk fill.

   I started with a few springs and BBs slid down the seams to the apex so the vertical crystal had a place to stand on. Then put in more metal to support it.  Now comes a nifty additive; the copper coil.  I took a 13" length of 12 gauge copper wire striped from a piece of typical indoor house wiring cable.  (next time I am going to try a 26" length of wire)   I wound it clockwise from bottom to top around the outside of a plastic funnel that has a 5.25" base. I tried to space the turns evenly about  3/4" apart.  Don't know why, it just felt good at that spacing.  Anyway, using that method makes for a lovely turned coil that fits beautifully inside the HHG.  It gave it a living "integrity".

   More of the metal mix was placed inside to bring up the level towards the pyramid base. (Oh, I forgot to mention that I turned the mold upside down into a large coffee can with about an inch or two sticking out of the can.  I put a small machinist level across the top to plumb it up before I poured the resin.) Next the remaining six DT crystals were arranged evenly about the center. Two DTs were situated perpendicular to two opposite baselines and the other 4 DTs were added in to make a circle with each spaced about 60 degrees apart.  No perfect measurements were done, again it was just eyeballed in place.  Then I covered those up with more metal until some of the springs were just about even with the base.

Okay, here's what I learned about pouring the resin:

I used a 32oz plastic yogurt cup as a mixing container.  I put in 8 ounces of resin with 52 to 56 drops of hardener, then stirred it up until it started to get warm and was just beginning to thicken.  When it was poured into the mold, it easily made its way between the constituent parts and filled every crevice beneath its level.  As it began to cure, it really put out the heat; but all the remaining metal above it acted as a heat sink, and it also had initially gave up heat as it moved through the entire metal matrix.  This was setting up as I mixed up the next 8 oz batch. Again I added 52 to 56 drops of hardener.  It was somewhat difficult counting the drops when the lighting is bad and you're excited as a kid with a new toy. But it sure was fun!     (I'm an eighteen year old in a fifty-two year old body).   Now this second batch just about covered the remaining metal, and I realized that some more resin would be needed to fill to the base.  So I guesstimated that 2 more ounces should top it off.  Like the first batch, the second was curing with metal still exposed.  It was hot enough to raise a blister on your skin, but the exposed open metal allowed it to cure without any cracking going on, at least not yet.

If I had waited for the first two pours to almost fully cure, that is, if they had released most of their exothermic heat before adding the final smooth 2 oz topping, then the finished product would have been crack-free.  But alas, I had mixed it so I thought that I needed to pour it right then.  With no more metal exposed, a tightly closed surface wouldn't allow any more of the heat from the two larger pours to escape from the surface.  Cracks began to form right before my eyes in slow motion!  It was like watching an earthquake movie.  Some of the cracks went down the sides about 3/4", but no deeper. But as it turned out, the rest of it was absolutely solid with crisp, straight edges and a perfectly shaped point.  I absolutely love the appearance of my 'Little Giza Hug'.

   I kept pushing a screwdriver against the surface until I thought it was hard enough to chance removing the mold.  Again, as a kid with a new toy, I lost all patience.  I had to see how it looked.  When I removed the hhg from the can, I saw that about a five or six-drop puddle was all that had accumulated in the bottom.   The scotch tape easily yielded and very little resin had leaked through the seams.  It was a site to behold.

   The first thing I did was set it on its base with nothing close to it.  I slowly moved my hand over the apex to see if I could sense any type of energy at all. Darn, I didn't feel anything!  But then again, I was numb with excitement.  So I immediately whisked it off the bench to take it inside to my wife, who is energy sensitive.

I asked her what she thought about it.  She said it looked like a ball of light with a vortex of light coming straight up out of the top of it.  We just sat there and marveled at it for what seemed the longest time.  I left it on the floor to see if the cat would react to it in some noticeable manner.  She did settle down next to it, but didnít appear to me like it really affected her.  Maybe it was soothing.  Later that night, when we got ready for bed, my wife and I both thought about putting the hhg under the bed. It was placed in the center area, pointing up at our lower backs.  We were both a little tired and expected that maybe the little pyramid would give off a relaxing energy that would help us get a good nightís sleep.  I have to be at work early in the morning and always try to get 7 or 8 hours of sleep to feel rested.  Incredibly, at 2 a.m. both of us had seemed to open our eyes at the same time.  Instead of turning over and going back to sleep, both of us just laid there with our eyes open.  When each of us realized that the other was awake, we remarked that we were no longer sleepy and felt like we needed to get up.  Believe me, this was totally out of character for me to get out of bed after only five hours of sleep!  By the following evening, I had had a full day and was eager to climb into bed.

 That second night with the hhg tucked under the bed, we sleep soundly all night for eight hours and awoke refreshed.  I began another routine workday.  When I got home, my wife remarked that she became aware of the fact that some tick bites that she got two days earlier were already beginning to heal.  What had always been a seven to ten-day ordeal for her had now begun to clear up in two days.   Did sleeping over the hhg have anything to do with it?   She also takes one or two naps during the day.  She only needs 10 or 15 minutes and she has always gotten up.  But she remarked how she actually had taken a two-hour nap that day.  This third night of sleeping over the hhg found us both feeling a bit groggy in the morning and neither of us wanted to get out of bed.  I managed to get off to work in time and had a typical workday with the normal amount of energy.  When I returned home, my wife was still declaring about how fast her insect bites were healing.  We sleep soundly that forth night, but by morning I absolutely didnít want to get out of bed and ended up late for work.  I was all right during the day, but still had the feeling like I needed more rest.

By the fifth day, both of us were reacting the same way.  We jumped to the conclusion that perhaps the subtle energy from the hhg was cumulative during the night such that it was causing a healing crisis in our bodies and thereby driving out toxins that were heretofore hibernating.  Who knows?  Itís just a thought that makes sense.  Iíve increased liquid intake to help flush out the varmints and donít feel as hazy in the morning as I did after nights four and five.  Also, the little hhg doesnít seem to put out as much energy as it did at first.  Maybe itís because it has less DOR to work with, or it has reached equilibrium within its field environment.   I can only speculate and do not have an informed opinion.  But regardless of what anyone else thinks of our little hhg, we feel that it is almost animated and has become like a family member to us.  I know that probably sounds wacky to some who havenít experienced one of these little wonders.   All I can say is that what I have reported to you is real and honest.   It is my hope that I have presented the right amount of information to encourage someone reading this to build his or her own HHG.

--Dennis Newkirk          August 2, 2002

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